Let’s just start this off by saying this is just flat out not, I think every Steelers fan came into this season hopeful that the drama was gone since Antonio Brown and Lev Bell were bot off of the team. For what it’s worth, I really never thought Bell as a major “Drama” guy, more that his self worth at the position caused rifts. AB on the other hand doesn’t need oxygen to live as much as he needs attention.

On June 9th, the Steelers Depot (my favorite Steelers resource by far) posted an article saying that the Steelers buy and sell options could weigh heavy on the special teams side of things.

I don’t know your opinion of DeAngelo Williams as a person, but as a Steeler the dude was solid. As a twitter troll, he seems to have found his second wind. Buy Or Sell: Steelers Need To Weigh Special Teams Heavily In Roster Decisions To Replace Losses https://t.co/nzVFl55PXO pic.twitter.com/Jo1frxNiFC— Steelers Depot (@Steelersdepot) July 9, 2019

First off….what? Is this guy mental? Switz is arguably the most important piece of our Special Teams unit (return man) as well as a very nice security blanket for Big Ben under the middle week in and week out. From my understanding, the Steelers Depot was getting more into the roster bubble players on special teams.

Why on God’s green earth is Switzer even brought up? Well because Williams has found a life as a troll pretty relevant since his playing days.

I won’t post every single tweet from this dramatic and completely not needed offseason drama between our WR4 (no disrespect on that, I love Switz and all he does for the Steelers) and our former backup running back. Switz did respond, and it seems the twitter war got a little bit personal.

What’s a Steelers Offseason without some ridiculously stupid drama?