November 13th, 2018 Nia Jax threw a potato that would launch a revolution that ended up on the front cover of ESPN Magazine. The unsuspecting victim of that potato was Becky Lynch, what came from it was Becky standing atop a flight of steps gushing blood out her nose. This is undoubtedly the catalyst to “The Man” which would be come Becky’s moniker over the next few months leading to WrestleMania.

The story line leading into Manina that year circled around Becky and her pursuit of Ronda Rousey’s title. With the brilliant move of the WWE inserting Charlotte Flair to make it a triple threat and put both the SmackDown and RAW Women’s titles on the line.

Her eventual victory at Mania gave her a new moniker “Becky Two Belts” but by this time “The Man” was already bigger than wrestling. The Man had done what few other had ever before. Becky had transcended Wrestling. 

From UFC Fighters, to late night talk shows. She became a featured image in sports. The Man in her signature leather jacket making the rounds. All while not missing a beat on WWE weakly programing. This has now reached a boiling point as she dawns the cover of ESPN Magazine. The first WWE Superstar to ever do so. 

Not The Rock, not Stone Cold, not John Cena, not Hogan, Flair, or HBK. Nope the first WWE superstar to reach this level of notoriety is The Man. She is the biggest draw in the company, she is the reason to tune in every week. She like all the big stars before her is “The Man”.

The importance of wrestling being featured on a major publication can not be understated. Whether you watch it or not ESPN is unanimous with sports. They are a household name. You notice things when their name is on it. Now when you walk by the magazine stand at the gas station right next to the name ESPN will be “The Man” standing there looking as badass as ever.

What this means for Becky going forward who knows. Her current storyline tied to her real life boyfriend Seth Rollins has been weak to say the least. However it is hard to not be excited to think about the WWE’s future with Paul Heyman at the helm of RAW. It’s hard to imagine the ECW creator not pushing “The Man” to the moon. Paul Heyman created names that lived on in Wrestling History forever. However he never had anyone with the star power quite like Becky’s.

No matter what the future holds, one thing is for certain, “The Man” will be there and she will be making her rounds.