From the Desk of Deke :

Every once in a while, you’ll get lucky enough to find a group of guys who want to be a part of something. It’s extremely impressive the amount of work that most (not shots fired, we just got some guys who have lives(weirdos)) the guys here at TFTB produce. I’m not here to brag about all of the content creators today. I am however, here to brag about the Thoughts From The Bench Cornhole team.

The Corn Hole Team came about when TFTB MVP Josh Elsass brought up that there was a team he was on in the PSL that could use an identity and gather some content. Little did I know what these guys are capable of.

Week in and week out, these warriors prove that peak level athleticism isn’t measurable by the amount of weights you can lift (even though I believe Ryan and Tom could easily lift cars for fun) but by the amount of alcohol that can be consumed at an extremely high successful rate. I have, to this day, never seen a drop of alcohol wasted amongst these men.

I remember watching their first video, A game in the Winter League where they played a very loud and incredibly scary female opponent. She yelled, she screamed, and when it came playoff time she actually beat the teams rival. This video, and the passion this team had made me fall in love with the sport.

Tom, Ryan and Josh weren’t just a group of men who wanted to toss corn filled bags. This was a brotherhood that made me proud of the day Josh and I sat down at Six Penn Kitchen and I presented my idea for TFTB.

Then came the playoffs. I can’t always make it out to Social on Tuesdays sadly, but I wasn’t missing that run for anything. I can’t say I had been that nervous for a team since my college playing days (I played college soccer, No Big Deal) But guess what…

The team did work. Nickles. Dimes. Nickles. Dimes. BDE left and right and when it was all said and down, this moment right here brought TFTB full circle. Then of course, came the celebration.

I’m proud when people ask me what TFTB is. I’m proud when people write me asking to join or how they can be a part of the bench. I’m proud to call the TFTB Corn Hole Team a Championship Caliber Organization. But what am I most proud of you ask?

Week in and week out, these men are proud to wear the colors.

Nickels. Dimes. Championships.

P.S. – These are for the wives. Apologies on the tardiness (I was scared during the phone call last night for the record)

Your Fearless Leader