Last year the Dallas Stars had a mid season crisis. They sucked, their stars were not producing, and they couldn’t win. Then the owner said some shit and wallah they made the playoffs. Hell they even won a round. This is a welcomed change to a middling Stars organization. Who seemingly never managed to open their window with Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin. That is until July 1st when the Stars window flew open.

TSN Singing Tracker had Matt Zucurello had signed with Dallas for the better part of three hours. I apologies for the mistake.

On Monday the Stars re-sign Matt Zucurello, and gave him two new linemantes in Joe Pavelski and Corey Perry. Creating a top six that any team would take in a heartbeat. I know what your thinking, man that second line is old as dirt. Which you would be right, but that second line is hungry.

Joe Pavelski and Zuccarello have both been to a cup final and lost. Perry has one ring on his finger, but after being bought out by the Ducks you would imagine he is full of piss and vinegar.

In the addition of Joe Pavelski you add leadership and a regular thirty goal scorer. Plus the guy goes to another level in the playoffs. The chills I got in game seven vs the Avalanche when Pavelski came back to score the opening goal of the game rivaled that of Paul Kyria.

Keeping Zucurello around adds speed, and about fifteen goals tops. However, having a guy like Zucurello is what a Cup contenders has. That guy who brings the invaluables, the things that can’t be measured by numbers.

The addition of Corey Perry is an interesting one. It is obvious to everyone that the never nimble footed Perry has lost a step. However does he need to be fast to play on a line with Pav and Zucs probably not. Nope he has to just sit in his office in front and tip pucks. If he can add twenty goals this season his hit of one point five million will be a steal.

You have to keep in mind these three are joining a Stars roster that boasts one of the best young defensive cores, a stacked first line, and a Veninza candidate Benn Bishop.

I’m not saying they are a lock, but they are going to be a team to contend with. In a western conference that has no true top dog, the Stars are aligning. So circle the wagons hockey fans and jump on the Stars are winning the cup.

Plus lets be honest, don’t we want to see what the Golden Brett would do for an encore?