Beyond the Arc

by Ben Fiore


There are so many potential moves coming this season.  We’ve already seen quite a few that will shape into form this year, but man oh man is there SO much more to come.  I’ve broke it down to my 5 most important moves, but let me warn you that these truly are BOLD predictions.


1. KEMBA TO BROOKLYN: First, Kemba was “never leaving Charlotte”.  Then he was the “top target” for the Lakers, and now most recently is expected to sign with the Boston Celtics to replace Kyrie Irving.  But the Brooklyn Nets also need a point guard if DeAngelo Russell leaves.  I think Brooklyn is a better systematic fit for Kemba and with the addition of one more star, it could be a very appealing spot for him. Don’t forget that Walker is also FROM the Bronx.  Maybe it’s time for Kemba to come home.


2. JIMMY JOINS KEMBA AND THE NETS: Hear me out, with LeBron our west, and a majority of East stars moving around, the East is an attractive landing spot for second tier superstars like Jimmy Butler.  In Brooklyn, the location and cap space is just enough to get him there. Kemba will get a good deal, but probably not a max deal.  Jimmy can reap the reward, and start fresh with a solid foundation around him to hopefully soar through the playoffs into the finals.  If the trade with Houston doesn’t happen, I’m eyeing up a number 21 Nets Butler jersey.


3. KD, THE CLIPPER: everyone is aware that Kevin Durant is one of the most prolific names in basketball and arguably the best players in today’s league.  The only worry is his injury status, but the Clippers have quite a bit of cap space and WILL land a superstar.  I feel that’s Kevin Durant.  He will be the guy again with a strong supporting cast and one of the best coaches in sports, Doc Rivers.  KD is gonna get BIG MONEY and start a new threat in the west with LAC.


4. KYRIE AND LEBRON REUNITE: Kyrie will be an LA Laker. With cap space they provided, the big three they would have with James, Davis and Irving would be the best in the league.  There has been a lot of talk about them joining forces again.  The Lakers need a point guard, and the pressure is on to win a championship.  Kyrie is the piece they need, and LA is the destination he truly wants.


KAWHI CATFISHES LA, STAYS IN TORONTO: Since last year, everyone has been expecting Kawhi to land in LA considering his want to do that is what got him out of San Antonio.  He just requested to meet with the Lakers the other day but I don’t see a deal getting done.  What I do see, is the fact that now that Toronto got their first championship hand delivered by Kawhi, he is immortalized in Canadian culture.  He’s a legend.  Their savior.  He will be THE guy in Canada for all basketball forever.  Why not solidify that legacy and stay there.  They will continue to make him the focus of their cap space when the time comes, and could build a dynasty.  He’s got a great team and great community with great success and great potential.  Kawhi staying with the Raptors would be GREAT.

I’m probably wrong on all of these, but there are strong signs for each one as a possibility.  This year, 40% of the league is free agents.  We are in store for a BIG offseason and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.