Hey my fellow dudes and dudettes, how yinz been? Good? Good. Let’s get straight to the point on this one, cause I’ve put a lot of thought into this topic after our savior, Deke, asked about it.

Is Fortnite an eSport?

Well…in my opinion…I guess? It’s a stretch to me. It technically is, but not in the sense of most other eSports. It’s…like a half baked version? When you think of eSports, you probably think of teams facing off against one another, 1v1 essentially. That’s not really the case in Fortnite. Honestly, it’s not even really a battle as much as a survival anymore. Let’s go into detail on this.

Is it a team vs team game? Sort of. Yes and no. Do organizations have players/teams? Yes, FaZe, 100 Thieves, Team Liquid, etc, have players playing under their organization, but there aren’t really events that have “teams”. It’s more solo or duo than anything else, which brings me to another point. There is no like 100 Thieves vs FaZe Clan, which I feel is a big part of eSports.

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Events. Honestly…this is one of the biggest reasons why I have issues with Fortnite being considered an eSport. They have little to no events, outside of the World Cup. They don’t have a pro league, they don’t really have anything. Which blows my mind, for a game so big. At the same time though, it’s not really an overly entertaining game to watch either, in my opinion.

Is it fun to watch? To me, no, not at all. To others? Maybe?? The general gist I get when it comes to Fortnite is that you either love it or hate it. Something I’ve noticed is that if you’re a fan of other big eSports, such as Overwatch, CSGO, League of Legends, you don’t like Fortnite or at the very least care for it. It’s sort of in it’s own niche. Me personally, I feel there is no action, at least with the way the game developed, with late game just being people tunneling themselves in with building, and just moving when the circle moves until there are just a handful of people left. It’s just plain boring, there is no clutch factor, no real outplaying. You just hide and survive after gearing up for a little bit. That’s about it. Take a look at Call of Duty, those games are all action, high speed intensity the WHOLE game, it’s riveting to watch honestly. Another thing, take a look at the League of Legends scene. This weekend, there is a HUGE event, called Rift Rivals, pitting North America vs Europe. I’ll go into more in-depth details on that in another article, but just give that a look, that’s what an eSport is.

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Fortnite is a different animal, highly unique and in my opinion drove the gaming industry to up their game. I don’t think it does much for the eSports industry, though. The World Cup is awesome, the fact that anyone can qualify if they are good enough is amazing. You don’t have to know someone to get into the elite of the elite, you just have to be GOOD. That’s awesome to me, but outside of the World Cup, the competitive aspect just isn’t there. There’s no ranked league, there is no pro league, there is nothing to keep the competitive drive going.

Overall, technically you could consider it an eSport, but in my mind, it’s barely that if at all. You love it or hate it. More often than not it seems, if you enjoy the other big eSports, Fortnite ain’t it chief. I’ll stick with OWL, CSGO, CoD, LoL, all those with consistent events and opportunities to root for my teams. #C9WIN #OPTWIN #AnteUp and most of all #100WIN, honor among thieves babyyyyyyyy.

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