Tell Me Which Mock Draft Is The Best

We’re about a month away from the start of NFL Training Camp. But don’t you dare say it’s too early to do a concerning amount of Fantasy Football mock drafts at 11:30 PM on a Thursday.

I conducted three separate mock drafts, each with a different draft strategy: (1) WR Heavy (2) RB Heavy and (3) Balanced — i.e. mainly just taking the best available.

I completed the mock drafts on and would definitely recommend for all your mock draft compulsions. In this experiment, the other mock drafters were robots who made some a couple David Gettleman decisions: picking Isaiah Crowell (out for the year), Gronk (currently retired), and Sam Bradford (body made of glass). But nonetheless, I recommend the tool since you can completely customize the draft settings.

Take a look below and let me know what squad is the best in your opinion.

Draft Settings:

  • 12 team league (me and 11 robots)
  • Standard scoring (6 pts throwing TD and 1 pt PPR)
  • 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX (W/R/T), 1 K, 1 D/ST, 6 Bench
  • For continuity’s sake, I put myself drafting 6th overall each time.

WR Heavy

My thoughts:

  • I was pleasantly surprised that going WR in the first three rounds didn’t leave me in a huge hole selecting my starting running backs. I feel good with Lindsay and Carson anchoring the starting lineup. Two very run heavy teams.
  • I was stuck between Diggs and Edelman, but regardless I felt so empowered having three of the top 15 WRs in my pocket. Especially having Brown and Adams anchor my top-two spots.
  • Like my combo of QBs: good, safe choices. Matty Ice numbers will be strong as he gets more acclimated with the Offensive Coordinator and Ridley gets more experience.
  • I felt really good about adding Robinson as my fourth WR. He has WR1 upside on the Bears, but it’s no big deal if he dips to WR2 because he’s my roster’s fourth receiver.
  • As you would guess, RB depth is a huge weakness. Lindsay is the only one I feel super confident in definitely getting the lion’s share of carries. I may need to go RB by committee without much confidence week in and week out.
  • I like Ekeler, but I feel like my other RB decisions really limited my potential ceiling. I wish I took a flyer on Miles Sanders or Ito Smith.
  • Took a chance on Devante Parker because maybe the only reason he never reached his potential was because he hated Adam Gase. Time will only tell…

RB Heavy

My thoughts:

  • Feel great about my first two backs. Both will definitely get heavy volume. Would feel even better if it was 2-3 years ago.
  • I’ll admit, I started to get a little stressed seeing 12 WRs come off the board before I even picked one. I felt a lot more calm throughout the draft in the WR Heavy scenario.
  • Instinct wanted me to go back to WR in round 5 and get Lockett or Williams, but I have to do RB Heavy for the blog. I am so selfless. So I doubled down and went RB in both round 5 and 6. Feel good about both of those selections given the circumstances. Coleman is a good high floor guy and we have seen what White does catching balls out of the backfield. He is good for one 11 reception game a year.
  • Yup – I picked the same exact QBs. Brady was in the 11th round both times, but somehow I got Matt Ryan a whole round later in this simulation.
  • Shepard, Jones and Westbrook are all decent/borderline sub-par FLEX plays in a 12 team league. I think I could get away with making my decisions here based on opposition each week.
  • Threw in the towel early for TE when Njoku went off the board. I feel pretty good about the upside for the Herndon pick though.
  • In hindsight, I wish I would have gotten Robbie Anderson in the 6th round and went with Freeman or Howard in the 8th instead of Shepard.


My thoughts:

  • I wanted Hopkins on my WR Heavy team, but he was off the board by my pick. I was thrilled to get him here. Feel good about Conner as my top back.
  • I picked very out of character here, but that’s what mocks are for. I never go TE that early, but it feels good to have a plug and play guy at that position. He is guaranteed to finish as a top three TE.
  • I thought about going Luck in the 4th round, but decided against it as I already picked a TE early. I needed to bulk up on WR.
  • I am curious to see what Cooper Kupp’s return will do for Robert Woods’ production.
  • I was thrilled to pick up Aaron Rodgers when I did. My decision to hold off on QB in Round 4 paid off. Take that, Dave Gettleman Robots.
  • In the 6th round, I had my eyes on taking Tarik Cohen. When he fell off the board, I didn’t see much difference in the Henderson, Guice, Miller, Penny group so I went with another WR pick. Feel good about having Boyd in my first flex spot.
  • Needless to say, after this I needed to go RB for the next three rounds. Given the rest of my lineup (strong QB/TE, well above average WR), I feel good about going RB by committee here. Unlike my WR Heavy draft, I took some RBs with a potentially higher ceiling (Sanders and even Peterson).

So I have done enough talking about these mocks. Comment below with what team you’d feel the best about having. Or go to Sleeper and make some mock draft squads of your own.

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