Because there’s nothing else to do in Sports right now, we turn to ESPN for every slight bit of information they could possibly shove in front of us. Today though, we got a good piece of info as sources say the Celtics are the front runner for FA Kemba Walker.

In the most dad joke way possibly, I love to remind Greg that there’s a reason the NBA is on TNT, and that’s because that’s just where the drama happens. I love the NBA off season more than any other off season, mainly because of the platform these players have all built their identities since Bron Bron’s original move from Cleveland.

Todays NBA fan is not just a fan of a team. Most fans follow players due to the every turning ability for these guys to turn down 60 mil to play for a winning situation (circa KD this year). Free agency is awesome for a few reasons, but to cap off two of the biggest its unpredictable and meaningful.

I LOVE Kemba Walker. The man single handedly destroyed Pitt’s basketball hopes and (although there isn’t a direct correlation) set the school back in basketball decades. That might not exactly be true, but since joining the NBA, Cardiac Kemba has been a top tier guard.

This Boston Celtics team as it stands right now has a great young core that we saw excel two years ago. Last season, we watched a weirdly cancerous Kyrie Irving not add much to the team and arguably wasting a year of everyones lives with mediocre team play.

Kemba Walker has already said he would take less money to stay with the Hornets, but it feels like that was said as a “I should probably say this” type of situation. I love the fact that the NBA is moving towards a new era of pride for your current team, but Kemba could get a max in the open market.

If Kemba joins the Celtics, I fully expect them to win the East next year no questions asked. This comes from a barrel of hate I have for the 76ers continuing to underachieve, the belief that this Raptors season was a “Mavs in ’11” miracle, the fact that the Nets have no clue what to do with success and that KD has night signed with anyone yet.

Kemba to the Celtics means the Celtics to the finals. @ me.