Ryan Thompson Commissioner of The Wrestling League addresses the fans headed into Stomping Grounds.

The Wrestling League Official Rules

(All Rules are subject to change with consent of the commissioner Ryan Thompson)


01 – The Wrestling League Season is from WrestleMania to WrestleMania.

02 – Summerslam will serve as the “Mid Way Point” of the season.

03 – You must be invited to join Wrestling League. All requests must be approved by the acting commissioner.

04 – If you are in the Wrestling League, you must submit a pool for every PPV in the Wrestling League.

05 – Which PPVs are pooled will be decided at the beginning of the month.

06 – The acting Commissioner will prepare all pool sheets at least three days before the PPV.

07 – Cards are subject to change. If a change on the card is made the Commissioner will decide to either throw out the match or adjust the answers.

08 – The Commissioner’s ruling is final on points. (If there are discrepancies about an answer the acting Commissioner will pull the group and make a final decision)

09 – All pools must be submitted an hour before the Pre Show starts.

10 – When multiple PPV’s occur on the same weekend the champion will be crowned at the end of the weekend in an over all score. (If a PPV in that weekend has a stipulation attached to it then the winner of only that PPV will get the stipulation.)

11 – After WrestleMania you will be able to drop your three lowest scores. This will serves as a way for you to miss 3 pools through the season.


Money In The Bank – The winner of the Money in the Bank PPV will be able to make one change to any answer on their pool. They must ask to make their change that night after the conclusion of the PPV.

Elimination Chamber – The winner of the Elimination Chamber will be able to keep one other contestant from filling out three questions on the next PPV Pool.

Royal Rumble – Every Wrestling League Member will be given a random number. If their number wins the Rumble they will be awarded an extra 50 points.

War Games – The Wrestling League will randomly be split into two teams. The winner and loser will be determined by overall team score. The losing team will lose 50 points each.

Summerslam – After Summerslam you will be able to place a futures bet. Predict one thing that will come true before or at WrestleMania. The prediction must be concrete and provable. If your futures bet comes true you will get a bonus 100 points.

Survivor Series – The Wrestling League will randomly be divided into teams. The winner and loser will be determined by overall team score. For the winning team each member will be awarded a bonus 50 points.

Xtreme Rules – Each Wrestling League Member will predict the number of tables broken. If you predict the correct number +/- 1 you will receive 50 extra points.

G1 Climax – All of the wrestlers names go into a hat (THE HAT). Each person will be given one wrestler from the A Block, and one from the B Block. Every time your wrestler wins, you’ll get an additional 5 points added on to your score. If one of your wrestlers make it to the finals, an additional 20 points, and if one of your wrestlers win, you will receive 50 bonus points.