When All Elite Wrestling was announced the first signings outside the big three were Scorpio Sky, Frankie Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels the trio known as SoCal Uncensored. Their popularity skyrocketed after making weekly appearances of Being The Elite. Creating three characters that are some mix of Rocky meets stuck up Californians, but more importantly they immediately created a viable midcard of AEW.

It seems that the role SCU’s will serve in the company is as the first feud for any talent coming up the ranks. Thanks to their diverse skill set they can function as individuals, tag teams, and as a three man team. Also creating a tiring system for the young star to go through. Working highflying matches with Scorpio, hard hitting technical affairs with Kazarian, and finally getting the rub from the 26 year veteran Daniels.

This system will prove to make new stars, while allowing the members of SCU to hold their street cred. Their resume is as extensive any anyone on the card and their characters and catch phrase will help keep them over.

The role SCU is playing is exactly what is missing from WWE’s current format. There are seemingly no midcard guys in place to help put over new talent.

About a week ago the twitter account @FozWretsle made a suggestion that it was time for a new Four Horsemen stable. A mixture of EC3, Robert Roode, and The Revival. When I first saw the tweet I was all for it, considering all those guys are great hands, good talkers, and have the look WWE traditionally pushes. Than on further thought I realized this faction would simply become a joke and resemble something closer to the League of Nations then the Four Horsemen.

That is if they were pushed. What if they weren’t pushed. What if they were left in the mid card. Maybe collecting a title here or there but fundamentally they were there to get people over. Both EC3 and Robert Roode are getting a little long in the tooth and WWE’s tag division seems to insist on carrying on without The Revival.

So why not use them in a new way. Why not stick them together, give them a cool entrance theme and essentially have boost new talent. Surly the four of them would have the ability to get over organically. Pair that with a young exciting call up from NXT and you have a win win. Creating a mid card solely off of that faction?

Any number of new NXT stars would be able to come up and have heated rivalries with the likes of Roode and EC3. Allowing their babyface status to grow and elevate them to the next level. The best part is, because this faction is full of fan favorites the same thing could apply for a Heels. Allowing the faction to gain sympathy while the new Heel conquered them. It would also be the perfect way to introduce The Undisputed Era (just saying).

It might be fantasy booking, but it’s a concept that I believe would work. It’s also something that would be a fresh concept for the WWE. Creating useful midcard talent, that helps generate new stars and bring stability to the middle of the card.

Think about it Vince, and give us a call if you want some more thoughts on this idea.