Beyond the Arc

by Ben Fiore


It finally happened.  Holy shit it’s real now.  After all the speculation and attempts, Anthony Davis is a Los Angeles Laker.  Many have waited for this for a long time and the day has finally arrived.  The Lakers traded away Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and 3 first round picks to include the Lakers first pick this year (#4 overall) to the Pelicans in exchange for Davis.  There are many pros for the Lakers but also some very serious cons.  Let’s take a look.


  • The Lakers Get the Most Complete Player in the League: Anthony Davis’ skillset is no doubt the best in the league.  He is a 7 footer with a beautiful arching shot, he can dunk, rebound, defend, pass and ball handle with the best of them.  He is by far the most diverse and purely talented player today.
  • The Lakers Don’t Have to Worry About Multiple Future Long Term Contracts: At a minimum, Ball and Ingram would need better contracts after they’re rookie one is up and possibly Hart too.  But now with all that space free, they won’t have to worry about that.  All they need to focus on now is LeBron and Davis’ contracts primarily.
  • LA Front Office Pulled Through: As much scrutiny as the Lakers organization has taken especially this year, they proved they could get it done.  A lot of fans were upset about how team chemistry was disrupted without even landing the primary reason for it.  But now they finally did.  They set a goal and achieved it.

Now for what is going to scorch some Lakers fans feelings…


  • They Gave Up Too Much: Three very talented young players and 3 future first round picks equals 6 players.  Davis is an animal but 6 players and 3 already showing promise is quite a bit for one guy.  My next few cons will prove that point.
  • Loss of Youth: Though Anthony Davis is only 26, the Lakers gave up all their youth with the exception of Kuzma and Wagner.  As a team, you want to be focused on the future, but to go from a team with a future to one player with a future, that just won’t have the same effect.  And now they won’t have any new youth from the draft for THREE YEARS hoping this works out.  Now a majority of the team is in their 30’s banking off a chance of supreme impact from one lone athlete.
  • The What If’s: What if Anthony Davis gets injured?  Then they are back to square one again with just LeBron, but now less of a supporting cast.  What if for some freakish reason, the Unibrow just isn’t the same player anymore and has a Dwight Howard effect in LA?  Then they gave up half the world for one guy who didn’t pan out.  It’s a VERY serious risk.

I personally believe that AD will play great alongside Bron.  I think they will be more successful than they were, but there definitely are some concerning factors.  But now that the biggest 2019 free agency story is off the board, we get to just wait and see how it all turns out this upcoming season.