You may have noticed over the past few weeks a lot of wrestling content gracing the TFTB Instagram Stories. This was the beginnings of what we are calling “The Wrestling League”. It’s an odd mix of fantasy booking (aka predictions) and fantasy sports. It is really the closest thing that we can get to in Wrestling that mirrors traditional fantasy sports.

The rules are simple; guess what is going to happen in every match on the PPV. The winner gets to carry the title till the next PPV and the losers argue over how they got screwed. This was something that a group of friends started independently from Thoughts From The Bench and has grown into can’t miss content. Whether it is the normally milled manner Greg Malek yelling and screaming at the television because he guessed wrong or the intense and sometimes personal promos being cut on each other.

We hope to bring you content that is some type of mix between The League and traditional predictions shows. Every major PPV for WWE and AEW will be covered. We will also cover select New Japan, Impact, and Ring Of Honor PPV’s. The best part is every week we will tweet out a link for you the fans to play along with the guys in the league.

Thanks to our league commissioner Ryan we have a very realistic look at predictions and how to address them. All of our content will be brought to you on the Thoughts From The Bench Instagram Stories. That way it is live and in the moment. We will also likely start to do watch alongs on the TFTB Twitch Channel.

So now that you know the premiss let me introduce to you the players.

Commissioner Ryan Thompson

Ryan is a lifelong wrestling fan. His knowledge stretches from WWE to the deepest and darkest corner of the Indies. He loves knock off and bizarre wrestling merchandise. His ability to walk the line between Heel and Face allows him to make friends, but stab you in the back at a blink of an eye.

Top 5 Wrestlers of all Time.

5) Finn Balor

4) Kevin Owens

3) Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose)

2) Shawn Michaels

1) The Undertaker

Greg Malek

When Thoughts From The Bench first started, Derrik introduced Josh and Greg under the premise they were both giant wrestling nerds. With that, a friendship was born, and that friendship is the catalyst to The Wrestling League. Greg’s background though all encompassing is mostly founded in WWE. His intense knowledge of WWE’s history is like no one else you will ever meet.

Top 5 Wrestlers of all Time.

5) Marty Scurll

4) Daniel Bryan

3) AJ Styles

2) The Undertaker

1) Chris Jericho

Josh Elsass

The resident Heel of the Wrestling League was a closet fan in the 90s, often sneaking out of bed after his parents went to sleep to catch a glimpse of Stone Cold and The Rock. It wasn’t until 2013 when a friend gave him the Ring Of Honor DVD “Summer of Punk” was this lapsed wrestling fan re-engaged. Since then Josh has scene every and anything possible. The highlight of his wrestling fandom came last year when he and Greg Malek attend All in.

Top 5 Wrestlers of all Time.

5) The Rock

4) Adam Cole (Bay Bay)

3) Joey Ryan

2) Sasha Banks

1) C.M. Punk

Justin Reidenbaugh

Justin is the groups toy expert. From the classic Mattel line to creating his own figures Justin has a passion for this very special part of wrestling culture. His background is heavily based in WWE but since the birth of the internet has explored all of the other wrestling avenues.

Top 5 Wrestlers of all Time.

5) Kurt Angle

4) Stone Cold Steve Austin

3) Triple H

2) Seth Rollins

1) Shawn Michaels

Greg Scelp

Greg was born in the ECW arena. Attending ECW events form an early age in rural Pennsylvania. If there is blood, chairs, and barbwire Greg is there. He is also the resident snark of the group. His comments generally leave the group in tears on a nightly basis.

Top 5 Wrestlers of all Time.

5) Ahmed Johnson

4) Sid Vicious

3) Sandman

2) Bam Bam Bigelow

1) Bray Wyatt

Kaeli Hood

Kaeli is the “newest” wrestling fan in the group. Kaeli’s background is mostly WWE, but they do venture into the indies if asked nicely. Kaeli’s prediction sheets are guaranteed to expose one detail that the rest of the group over looks.

Top 5 Wrestlers of all Time.

5) Sami Zayn

4) Rubby Riott

3) Becky Lynch

2) Kevin Owens

1) Aleister Black

Josh Conroy

Josh is the guy who has read everything before you. If you bring up a rumor or angle that you think you were the first person to hear about, Josh has already heard of it. Seriously it’s F*CKIN Annoying. Josh has a soft spot for Tag Teams and more importantly big guy tag teams. From the Road Warriors to Heavy Machinery the bigger and uglier the better.

Top 5 Wrestlers of all Time.

5) Heavy Machinery

4) Road Warriors

3) The Brain Busters

2) The Dudley Boyz

1) The Revival

Austin Moorhead

Thoughts From The Benches’ RankKing forced his way into the league this year at WretsleMania, where he accurately predicted The Iconics winning the Women’s Tag Team Titles. He also is here to ruin the day for Josh Elsass and Greg Malek.

Top 5 Wrestlers of all Time.

5) Bray Wyatt

4) Stone Cold Steve Austin

3) Triple H

2) The Undertaker

1) Shawn Michaels

The standings bellow are reflective of where everyone is to this point in the year. The next PPV is June 23rd. We hope you enjoy the content and feel free to play along with us.