As TFTB’s resident “Massive Baseball fan, Huge” guy, it really felt as if there was a gap in our baseball coverage outside of the bi-annual Heart of the Order Podcast (shameless burn / plug).

With the MLB Draft happening right now (I guess? The shit is 40 rounds how are we supposed to actually care?) I wanted to just unload some general thoughts about the draft.

For me, drafts are the pinnacle of drama in sports, even past the free agency circus we normally see. The draft is emotional and raw, and shows off the hard work these young (bigger than me) men have done the last couple of years. It’s emotional and raw at times, and you get to see what makes players tick.

The NBA draft is obviously a bit smaller in scale, but still has its amazing moments. You can tune into this years draft and watch arguably the most impact draft era player ever in Zion, or look back on some amazing human beings drafted to the NBA, not to a specific team. The Isaiah Austin story still brings me to tears.

Enough talking about emotional stuff. Let’s get down to some stick ball. My first major issue with the MLB draft is plain and simple….how can you give us 40 rounds and expect me to know a single persons name. Trust me, DDG (Data Driven Greg) is a mediocre baseball fan compared to my greatness, but although he has shown his amazing brain to be powerful, his insight into these kids is kinda borderline weird. There are around 1200 guys taken in this draft. 1200. I can barely do an NFL first round mock draft. RIP to the guys social life who did a full complete mock, because you can’t convince me he didn’t go “Meh F*** it, he goes here” at LEAST 34 times.

Another aspect of the MLB draft that drives me insane is that each kid is just in their parents house. I LOVE the green room, I love watching players get all swagged up (I know lingo) and jump on stage, basically crushing Rodger Goodell’s hip in the process. (I love Wilkins even more for this)

Let’s take a live look at the first round reactions of the MLB draft this year compared to this amazing attempt to kill the commish.

…….ok low key, that wasn’t so bad. I like this kid. I’m not a HUGE Adley Rutschman guy now. MASSIVE.

I will say, it doesn’t carry weight to the greatest stay at home reaction of recent memory.

As a massive baseball guy, I guess it’s not SO bad. I just think they should instantly have a homerun derby or something. Or maybe just a foam finger. Or a beer chug. All I’m saying.