Charles Barkley wants to fight Brad Marchand

In a recent interview Charles Barkley was talking about Boston Bruins star forward Brad Marchand. In the clip that has gone viral he stated a number of times he would like to “punch Marchand in the face”. THat’s right folks, NBA legend Charles Barkley wants to punch the NHL’s favorite rat Brad Marchand in the face.

Marchand was asked about the clip and to further his Rat King title responded by saying, “I think he wants to be my friend.”

If there is a god, this has crossed the desk of Eric Fogel famous creator of Celebrity Deathmatch. As if there super star status in their sports wasn’t enough these two are prolific trash talkers. The build up to this match would be better than the actual fight.

The fight itself would have some serious value as well. Barkley lumbering around attempting to catch the faster Marchand. While Marchand does borderline Looney Tunes techniques like licking Barkley, stepping on his feet, and tying him in the ropes.

So I putting this into the universe in hopes that it happens. Please Eric Fogel we need a Celebrity Deathmatch of the The Round Mound of Rebound vs The Rat King!

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