In the off chance you don’t have a friend who “randomly” decided to pursue a career as a Liverpool fan, you might have missed the most important game of the year for club soccer. CHAAAAAAAMMMPIOOOOOOONS!

The Tottenham Hotspurs and the Liverpool… Liverpool bird people? Whatever, when you’re champions you can call yourself whatever you want. The spurs and the pool’s faced off in the final for all of Europe’s pride, a pretty impressive feat for two teams in the same country to do so.

To completely understand the implications this match had, we have to take a look at the 2018 final between Real Madrid and Liverpool last year, which is wildly impressive considering Liverpool went back to back in attendance of the final.

Last year, Liverpool felt their chances slip away through the hands of goalkeeper Loris Karius, who made two crucial mistakes in the game that lead to Liverpool losing 3-1. Two of the goals were blatantly Karius’ fault, with the third being one of the best bicycle kicks of all time.

2018 Champions League Final Highlights

That day, the ball didn’t bounce Liverpool’s way. This past Saturday however, the ball didn’t just bounce Liverpool’s way, it was tossed in their direction time and time again. In the first 30 seconds, Sane tossed up a cross going nowhere, which bounced off the chest, then the arm of the Tottenham defender. Complete horse shit penalty, especially considering at the 1:50 mark, Tottenham was now down in the biggest final on the planet.

The problem with this penalty is that the rule is “Handling Of The Ball”, not a “hand ball” as it is commonly referred to as. This means that the player has to use their arms to move the ball in a way that gives an unfair advantage to them or their teammates. In this situation, the ball bounces down and back towards the Tottenham goalkeeper, so there is an argument to be made that this was an “unfair advantage”.

I can’t believe they reviewed the penalty and let it stand in all honesty. I know the game ended 2-0, and both teams seemed determined to not score, but it’s impossible to say the game then would have finished 1-0 simply due to how early the first goal came. Pathetic.

Let’s get one thing straight. As much as I would have rather seen Tottenham hoist the trophy, Mo Salah deserves this almost as much as Klopp does. This team, as much as I despise them 95% of the time, is full of amazing humans and athletes with unbelievable stories. Even if they do suck.

All in all, this was one of the worst finals we might ever see, not just because of a pathetic penalty call in the first minute, but just due to the sheer lack of interesting play. We didn’t get to see the attacking power this Liverpool defense brings to the table, or the magical midfield that Tottenham has rode all the way to the final. I mean shoes, Lucas Moura didn’t even score a hat trick.

If we’re going to sign a petition to redo something, it’s this match or game of thrones, and I’m signing twice to replay this game. S/O Chipper.