Oh yeah we are back with more Godzilla talk guys. With the new movie Godzilla King of the Monsters being released today in theaters I thought I would dive into my collection of films and rank the top ten Godzilla films. This was kind of easy for me to do since I well own all of them. Plots will be a little weird and they might not make sense all the way, but that is what Godzilla is people. Collecting all these films in the last 16 years has led up to this moment. Time to stomp down some facts people so lets get to it.





Godzilla vs Mothra


Year: 1964

Kaiju Involved: Godzilla, Mothra

We start off this ranking with a great film in Godzilla vs Mothra. This film was released in 1964 and has become a cult classic to the kaiju (monster) franchise. At this point both have starred in their own previous solo films so it only makes sense for them to come together for the fourth film in the Godzilla movie franchise. The story depicts a giant egg that washes ashore. Now you figure something scientific would be done about it, but instead a greedy business man buys it and puts it on display for the world to see. When trying to build around the egg by drilling into the ground, the humans accidentally release Godzilla who proceeds to destroy everything and tries to eat the egg. Enter Mothra, who fights Godzilla. You would be surprised to how amazing these fight scenes were. Plus the human characters were pretty well done as well so give it a look because a 90% on rotten tomatoes can’t be wrong.





King Kong vs Godzilla


Year: 1962

Kaiju Involved: King Kong, Godzilla

We turn back to the third film for my ninth selection in this ranking. This movie while a bit strange in story delivers one of my favorite monster fights as well as my favorite cross over between two well known kaiju. The story depicts a pharmaceutical company goes to an island to collect berries to be used and studied in an experimental drug and uncovers the island’s god; King Kong. For some reason, the drug company proceeds to take Kong back to Japan. At that time Godzilla who had been frozen in ice thaws out and decides to head back to his old stomping grounds; Japan. It is there the two monsters collide and create some of the best monster action for that time period. This movie is good so bizarre plot and weird human characters aside please so give this one a look.







Year: 2014

Kaiju Involved: Godzilla, M.U.T.O.S.

At our number eight slot, we have the film that started Legendary Picture’s Monsterverse; Godzilla. The film was set to be the first American Godzilla film since the crappy 1998 version we got with Matthew Broderick. So fans were a little scared to see if the Americans could get it right this time and stay true to the source material. Our minds were blown away as finally we had an American Godzilla film we could all be proud of. A lot of people gave this film a lot of heat though because Godzilla probably only had about 10-15 minutes of actual screen time. Here is my opinion. Many of you have seen JAWS and you all know that the shark isn’t actually seen in about 3/4th of the movie yet it was a monstrous success. The same can be said for this film as the anticipation builds and builds until the end when you finally get the monster fight between Godzilla and the MUTOS which are essentially new monsters he has to face off. The acting is kind of poor for me, but it is the first American Godzilla film to succeed and it started something incredible with a monster universe so please give it a look.





Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla 


Year: 1974

Kaiju Involved: Godzilla, MechaGodzilla, King Caesar, Anguirus

This movie was very well done. The plot centers around a group of people trying to figure out a prophecy uncovered in ancient ruins. The first part of the prophecy says that a monster will rise and destroy the Earth. They were very surprised to find out that the monster was Godzilla… or so it seemed. When Godzilla is destroying a harbor, another Godzilla appears and starts battling the other one. When the new Godzilla is found out to be the original good one, the first Godzilla sheds its disguise and shows its true form to the world; MechaGodzilla. The mechanical creature is being controlled by spacemen who aim to take the world. The only hope the humans have now is fulfilling the prophecy which includes releasing another defender of Earth; King Caesar. Can the two titans stop MechaGodzilla? Give it a watch and see.





Godzilla Final Wars


Year: 2004

Kaiju Involved:

Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Anguirus, Zilla, King Caesar, Kamacuras, Kumonga, Manda, Ebirah, Minilla, Hedorah, Gigan, Monster X, Keizer Ghidorah

Toho, the company that makes these Japanese Godzilla films decided to deliver for Godzilla’s 50th anniversary with an all out monster brawl. The plot centers around aliens who invade the Earth and gain control of a bunch of Godzilla’s past allies and enemies and set them loose on the Earth. The humans then have no choice, but to release Godzilla to defend them. What follows next is crazy as you see Godzilla knock over these monsters like dominos including the 1998 American Godzilla happily renamed Zilla. That was so satisfying to see you have no idea. His big enemies in this include Gigan and Monster X who then becomes Keizer Ghidorah. Mothra lends a hand and soon you have a monster tag team fight which leads to a huge one on one battle. A lot of action between humans and monsters makes this my number six. Very well done.





Godzilla vs Biollante


Year: 1989

Kaiju Involved: Godzilla, Biollante

This film was my baby growing up when I had a VHS recorded copy of it. Everything about this was amazing. The plot centers around a team trying to stop a terrorist organization from releasing Godzilla from a volcano on the world. In order to do that they need to provide them with the samples of Godzilla’s cells they contain. They need them in order to create an antinuclear energy bacteria to be used as a weapon. Naturally, science gets in the way and a scientist accidentally creates a monster using Godzilla’s cells and plant cells in order to preserve stages of plant life. This creates Biollante which is essentially half Godzilla and half plant. Godzilla is released and then the two dash it out monster fighting style. This movie gives a lot of character development with the humans and the creation of Biollante is amazing since the design was sent in for a contest by a dentist. Absolutely creative and awesome.





Godzilla vs Destroyah


Year: 1995

Kaiju Involved: Godzilla, Destroyah, Godzilla Junior

This movie was a meltdown…in a good way. The plot centers around a task force trying to stop Godzilla from melting down and destroying everything they know. Let me explain. Godzilla has absorbed so much radiation that he will eventually cause a meltdown and release all of the radiation exposing and destroying the world. They decided the only way to kill Godzilla is what killed the first one in 1954; the oxygen destroyer. It isn’t that simple however. When preparing this, scientists accidentally mutate a small crustacean like organism and cause it to transform into one of Godzilla’s most powerful foes to date; Destroyah. Godzilla’s son now fully grown is used as a pawn to try to lure the two titans together for an epic conflict which involves amazing character work, nuclear disaster, incredible monster action and a plot twist that left me speechless.





Godzilla vs King Ghidorah


Year: 1991

Kaiju Involved: Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Mecha King Ghidorah

This movie is probably the most unique in my opinion because it involves time travel. That’s right time travel. Aliens arrive on Earth and claim that Godzilla will destroy them and the only way to stop it is use their spaceship to travel back to WWII where it was created with the atomic bomb. After removing the dinosaur from the island the team travels back to their time period only to discover that the aliens tricked them. They placed three small dragon like creatures in Godzilla’s place and with that created King Ghidorah. However, the radiation still created a smaller Godzilla and by hitting it with even more they essentially re-created Godzilla to kill Ghidorah. After Godzilla dispatches of Ghidorah however it sets to destroy Tokyo. Ironically enough the team then travels to the future to make Ghidorah a robot they can use to defeat it. A lot of confusion is in order I know, but the plot, characters and monsters makes this movie amazing. Give it a shot.







Year: 1954

Kaiju Involved: Godzilla

Hard to believe I know, but the original is only my number two on this list. It is still one of the best monster movies I have seen though. This movie is used as a message of nuclear disaster and what it can cause if it fought back. After the atomic bomb was dropped it created Godzilla and what the Japanese called him; Gojira. This is a straight forward movie of a monster destroying everything in his path. Very well done and very terrifying to watch. Nothing much else to say here other than that this is a classic and even if you aren’t a huge Godzilla fan I can say with confidence that you will enjoy this movie.





Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack


Year: 2001

Kaiju Involved: Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, Baragon

This movie was incredible and it deserves the number one spot on my list. The plot depicts a prophecy saying that three Guardian monsters will rise up to the protect the Earth against Godzilla. Godzilla is the antagonist in this one if you couldn’t guess. The crazy thing however is that the souls of the men who were killed in WWII by the Japanese military possess the remains of the 1954 Godzilla and resurrect him and make him more terrifying and brutal. The thing I really enjoyed in this film was the fact that made Ghidorah a good monster with the fact that they made him a old dragon instead of a space monster. Disagree if you will, but this film brings something that almost everyone will enjoy; action, horror, comedy, etc. It is by far my favorite, but don’t take my word for it go watch it yourself and decide.