That’s right we are making another Godzilla article since Godzilla King of the Monster premiers tonight. This one is going to depict who I believe are the top ten monsters throughout all of Godzilla’s 31 films. To make it a little tougher I have decided not to put Godzilla on this list as that would be an easy copout to put him as the number one. So this list is going to show you the top ten monsters that I believe are in Godzilla’s universe. Let’s get started.








Rodan first appeared in his own solo film, but s since been a huge part of the Godzilla universe. He is mostly a defender of Earth, but at times can be depicted as a villain if the creativity is there. He is a essentially a giant pterodactyl that had lain dormant in a volcano. A mining operation woke him up and he laid waste to cities without ease. Overtime in the many appearances he has in Godzilla’s universe with exposure to radiation gains the ability to shoot a heat beam out of his mouth to cause even more destruction. He is a classic and deserves to be on this list, but just at the number ten spot.








If there is a monster that is involved more in Godzilla’s universe than Rodan it is Mothra. like Rodan, she started out in her own solo film before being moved into the Godzilla universe during the fourth film Godzilla vs Mothra. She starts off in her larva form and eventually like a butterfly creates a web and transforms into her final form which essentially has the abilities of a normal butterfly. Things do get added in though with lasers being fired from her atenas and poison being leaked off her wings. She started off as an enemy in her own film, but as been classified as an Earth defender ever since. She is also one of the only female kaiju in existence which is amazing as well.








Anguirus holds a soft spot in my heart mostly for the fact that he is the first monster that Godzilla ever fought. He first appeared in the second film Godzilla Raids Again and he like Mothra and Rodan has been an ally of the King of the Monsters ever since. Anguirus doesn’t really bring a strong offense, but he provides a very heavy defense. His spiked shell protects him foes and his sonic roar does damage to his opponents as well. He also has rolling and digging abilities that can also get him out of a tight jam if it is needed. Very cool monster design and the nostalgia he carries gives him the number eight spot on my list.








Orga is one of the most interesting monsters out there. As the main opponent to Godzilla in Godzilla 2000, it arrived as an alien saucer and began studying Godzilla and learning its every move. In essence it literally wanted to become Godzilla. So it absorbed enough cells for it to take a monster form and ditched the saucer look. After that we got an incredible design and one of the best monsters Godzilla has fought. It has a hole in its shoulder that can fire a laser and it also has the ability to regenerate very quickly. I literally put this into perspective with Dragon Ball Z that he is essentially a combination of Cell and Majin Buu. Very good monster.





Kiryu (MechaGodzilla III)



MechaGodzilla III or better known as Kiryu has one of the best backstories that can be offered in a kaiju. Kiryu was made from the using the bones of the old 1954 Godzilla as a base. After that they implied the finest technology around the base giving us an amazing and threatening design. The crazy thing about this is that the spirit of the first Godzilla lives inside Kiryu and can take control and leave the humans without any abilities at all. It is used as a weapon against Godzilla, but what happens when the monster inside the machine doesn’t want to fight. You can find him in Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla and Godzilla Tokyo S.O.S to find out.







There’s just something about the original though. The original MechaGodzilla was a threatening force controlled by spacemen to eliminate life on Earth and to kill Godzilla. Using various weapons at his disposal this titan lashed out and almost very successful in killing Godzilla. However, it couldn’t stand up to both Godzilla and King Caesar and because of that he was defeated. Come on though, flight, rocket fingers and toes, heat beams, etc. This monster had it all and delivered with a powerful to destroy humanity as we know it.







Biollante is one the biggest kaiju ever. You can tell by looking at the size comparison between herself and Godzilla. Yeah that’s right. Biollante is one of the only known female kaiju aside from Mothra. She was created using plant cells and Godzilla cells from scientists and also was known to carry the soul of the scientist’s daughters that perished in a crash caused by Godzilla. She can spew a radioactive sap from her massive crocodile like jaws and has plant vines with sharp teeth attached to her. She can also disintegrate into pollen if she needs to make a getaway. Considering this design came up from a winner in a contest, this was incredible.







Looking like the devil himself, Destroyah is the modern day oxygen destroyer. Starting off as a bunch of human sized crustaceans they formed together to create the monster you see before you. The design alone is terrifying enough, but he also managed to one thing no other monster did; kill Godzilla’s son. He has the ability to deplete the oxygen around him in a single ray from his mouth and can use his horn when charged up to cut anything down in his path. Plus he can reverse transform and turn into the many creatures used to create him in order to get the upper hand.





King Ghidorah

king ghidorah

Ghidorah is by far Godzilla’s most deadly foe. He is a three headed dragon that came from outer space. He is controlled by spacemen a lot and is used in all of their evil plots to take over the world. He can shoot electricity out of his three mouths and can fly at great speeds in order to evade his foes. Ghidorah has appeared in many variations of Godzilla films and I am hoping the new King of the Monsters version doesn’t disappoint. He is mostly a villain, but also has been used on the side good on one or two occasions. So if he isn’t number one then who is?







Gigan is my favorite Godzilla monster by far and one of his most deadly enemies. He first appeared in Godzilla vs Gigan and has been in other films in the Godzilla franchise. He has many abilities including a laser beam from his eye, a moving buzzsaw on his chest, scythes for hands (although they do get replaced with chainsaws which is more badass) and teleportation. This monster looks straight out of a more mature Power Rangers episode and because of that gives Godzilla many threats when facing him. I am hoping he comes back in time for later Godzilla films (if they are made), but honestly when it comes to monsters he is one of the greatest rivals to ever face Godzilla. That is why he deserves number one besides his crazy design.