Besides our pop punk discussion done by our very own Josh Elsas we haven’t really covered a lot of music on this site. That being said I am giving you a dive into one of my favorite bands of all time; Slipknot. Oh yeah we are going into the dark and gritty for this one people. The nine member band was founded in 1995 in Des Moines Iowa and are known for thrashing and making havoc for all of their fans. The one thing that I will say that makes this band unique are their masks. Each member has their own solidified mask that they wear in the group to intensify their sound and influence their own scary mindset into the souls of their fans. They also have a number that is stitched into their attire going from 0 to 8. They may change the design and some of the members may have come and gone, but that feeling never goes away. After discussing and critiquing each record there will be a picture of the group with their masks, attire and what they do. Without further ado, let us dive into each of their albums and pick them apart.








Slipknot started things off hot and heavy with their self titled debut album. Released on June 29th 1999 this was everything metal heads were craving. The age of nu metal was upon us and Slipknot was happy to deliver their fans this head banging and body thrashing experience. It got to the point that other bands that were performing after them would ask them to head the show because no one wanted to follow up their performance. Fans would literally come for Slipknot and then leave. It is hard to argue why as they bring tracks that bring such power and aggression to the audience. Some of the band’s hottest tracks off this record are “(sic)”, “Eyeless”, “Surfacing”, “Spit it Out” and their best track off the album “Wait and Bleed” which became the band’s first single ever to sell. Needless to say it did well as it peaked #51 on the Billboard 200 and became certified double platinum in the United States. Definitely check this record out if you wanna just blow off steam, working out or even if you had a bad day at work.



Members (From Left to Right)

Jim Root (Guitar), Shawn Crahan (Percussion), Paul Gray (Bass), Joey Jordison (Drums), Craig Jones (Samples/Keyboards), Corey Taylor (Vocals), Sid Wilson (Turntables), Chris Fehn (Percussion), Mick Thompson (Guitar)








With fans craving more and more from this upcoming metal band Slipknot put out their second album Iowa on August 28th 2001. Taking inspiration from their home state of Iowa, Slipknot decided to turn up the intensity for this one. This one was very hard for the band to record and take in though as it was this period of time in the second album that was described as the darkest time in their young careers. Still this album delivered with songs such as “People=Shit”, “The Heretic Anthem”, “Disasterpiece”, “My Plague”, and my personal favorite from this album “Left Behind”. It didn’t quite deliver the same way that their first one did, but it still slaps to this day.



Members (Left to Right)

Craig Jones (Samples/Keyboards), Joey Jordison (Drums), Sid Wilson (Turntables), Paul Gray (Bass), Mick Thompson (Guitar), Corey Taylor (Vocals), Jim Root (Guitar), Chris Fehn (Percussion), Shawn Crahan (Percussion)




Volume III: The Subliminal Verses



With Iowa behind them Slipknot decided to take some time to develop. So what is the best way to do that? The answer is to live together in the so-called “Houdini” Mansion. I put that in quotes because no one really knows if Harry Houdini ever checked in there. Regardless it was a ten bedroom mansion that became the band’s next recording studio. This album presented new challenges as it was the time vocalist Corey Taylor got sober by quitting cold turkey. Tensions were very high with the creepy living conditions and personal conflicts, but the band released the album on May 25th 2004. This album took off hard as it peaked within the top ten in album sales across eleven countries and went platinum in the United States. Many great songs came off this one including “Duality” which Roadrunner Records listed as the best music video in their history and “Before I Forget” which gave the band the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.




Members (Left to Right)

Craig Jones (Samples/Keyboards), Jim Root (Guitar), Corey Taylor (Vocals), Shawn Crahan (Percussion), Mick Thompson (Guitar), Sid Wilson (Turntables), Joey Jordison (Drums), Chris Fehn (Percussion), Paul Gray (Bass)




All Hope Is Gone


8/10all hope is gone 

All Hope is Gone was probably considered one of Slipknot’s most popular albums by the media when it was released on August 20th 2008. The band however, will tell you a different story as they have gone on record saying it is their least favorite. After being crammed in a mansion for the last recording the band was very disconnected for this record. The band did not record this together or better wording for it was all nine of them couldn’t get together to record this record. Percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan went on record saying the following; “I just find it ironic that it was so hard to make and left such a bad taste in my mouth and it became number one on Billboard and it was such an evil joke that something you could barely give anything of yourself to becomes number one”. Still with this record having a bad taste the band had numerous tracks that excited fans from more soft and melodic songs like “Dead Memories” and “Snuff” to more heavier tracks like “Sulfur”, “All Hope Is Gone” and the ever popular track “Psychosocial”. Sadly, this would be the last ever album recorded by all original members as two years after it was released beloved bassist Paul Gray passed away on May 24th 2010 and drummer Joey Jordison left the group in 2013.




Members (Left to Right)

Shawn Crahan (Percussion), Sid Wilson (Turntables), Paul Gray (Bass), Chris Fehn (Percussion), Joey Jordison (Drums), Mick Thompson (Guitar), Corey Taylor (Vocals), Craig Jones (Samples/Keyboards), Jim Root (Guitar)




.5 The Gray Chapter




The band needed some time to heal after the tragic loss of bassist Paul Gray and they did just that. After six long years I was stunned to see that a new Slipknot song and video had dropped on Youtube entitled “The Devil In I”. I clicked on it and was blown away because Slipknot was officially back. With new masks and a new song up it was only a matter of time until a new album dropped and that it did. .5 The Gray Chapter had everything I wanted from the deranged metal group and was released on October 19th 2014. The title and some of the songs itself were dedicated to the memory of Paul Gray. You could just tell how much emotion, struggle and aggression was put into these tracks and for that reason it became my favorite record from the group. A lot of people did too apparently as it was nominated for Best Rock Album the following year. The album also produced six singles including my personal favorites “The Negative One”, “The Devil In I”, “Custer” and “Killpop”.  The group also found two new members who weren’t released to the public. The two members are now known as Alessandro Venturella on bass and Jay Weinberg on drums. To me this album was an absolute success.




Members (Left to Right)

Shawn Crahan (Percussion), Alessandro Venturella (Bass), Jim Root (Guitar), Corey Taylor (Vocals), Craig Jones (Samples/Keyboards), Jay Weinberg (Drums), Mick Thompson (Guitar), Chris Fehn (Percussion), Sid Wilson (Turntables)




We Are Not Your Kind



Three days ago, a new video from Slipknot showed up on Youtube and took the world by storm. Entitled “Unsainted” the video got massive publicity as it showed off new masks which meant of course a new album was coming. All of the fan’s prayers were answered as it was confirmed that the new album We Are Not Your Kind would be released August 9th 2019. There isn’t much to review here as “Unsainted” is the only known track released so far with “All Out Life” that dropped on Halloween reportedly not set to appear on the album. Mysteries are fun in the metal world especially since there is supposedly a new member with the group kicking out percussionist Chris Fehn due to financial disputes, but I am very excited to see where the group goes from here. The latest track can be found below.




Members (Left to Right)

Mick Thompson (Guitar), Alessandro Venturella (Bass), Jim Root (Guitar), Sid Wilson (Turntables), Corey Taylor (Vocals), Shawn Crahan (Percussion), Unknown (Percussion), Craig Jones (Samples/Keyboards), Jay Weinberg (Drums)