WWE’s Newest Title

Monday night the Hard Core Legend, WWE Hall of Famer, Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy, Mic F***ing Foley was on RAW. Dressed in his best pair of sweatpants, flannel and tie dye shirt the god himself introduced a new title. The 24/7 title.. That’s right the HARD CORE LEGEND introduced a title that simply borrows a stipulation of the once brilliant Hard Core title in an attempt to spike ratings in the third hour of RAW.

Immediately there was a scramble match to decide the inaugural champion when Titus World WIIIIDDDEEEE! Managed to snatch up the title only to get beaten on a roll up by Robert (Bobby) Roode. After a brief chase scene Robert found someone to help him hide form the competition. The always loveable R-Truth, Truth to his credit was one step ahead of the champion as he was hiding an official in his car allowing him to score a quick pinfall becoming the new 24/7 Champion, and taking the 24/7 championship to SmackDown.

When Foley announced the title on Monday there was a boo from the crowd. I believe a large number of them were hoping for a Hard Core Title and for a returning Dean Ambrose aka Jon Moxley to be the first to claim that title. However it wasn’t meant to be.

What this belt effectively does is create a lower card belt. To give some of the fan favorites a chance for some TV time and a small spotlight. R-Truth, Robert Roode, and Titus all being perfect examples of the type of people the title will help out.

It also brings back the “elements” of the hardcore title that made it exciting. Falls count anywhere and anything goes. The other thing that this title will do is travel across all WWE brands, RAW, SmackDown, 205 Live, NXT, and NXT UK are all eligible for the championship.

This wrinkle alone can give us some amazing opportunities. Imagine Johnny Gargano showing up on SmackDown to challenge Daniel Bryan. Or Walter challenging Braun Strowman. These possibilities leave us salivating. This also opens the doorway for former NXT legends to return to the Yellow brand. Imagine a returning Sami Zayn showing up at Full Sail to challenge the Velveteen Dream for the 24/7 Title?

These possibilities unlock a series of dream matchups and ways to introduce NXT talent like never before. It harkens back to John Cena’s US Open Challenge, but add a touch of chaos. I imagine for the first month or so it will stay strictly on the touring brands, then maybe as the gimmick starts to wear off you have an NXT Superstar make a run at it.

It’s a neat tool if they use it correctly. Hopefully they do and it garners the type of love the Hard Core Title use too. Hopefully the 24/7 title becomes a way to link all five brands. Hopefully the WWE doesn’t eff up the best idea they have had in awhile.

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