That’s right, motherf*****s, you read that title right. The man who I’ve been backing since the moment I started writing for Thoughts From The Bench got drafted with the 197th overall pick by the Baltimore Ravens.

What a moment for McSorley and his family. After months of speculation and all the doubt that he’d even get drafted, my guy gets taken in the sixth round. The only thing I don’t love is the fact that he’ll be in the same division as the Steelers. But you know what? I think it’s the perfect situation for him. The Ravens will be running a run-heavy system with Lamar Jackson at the helm, which McSorley could thrive in.

There’s also one other QB on the Ravens roster not named Lamar Jackson. It’s Robert Griffin III, who is yet another mobile quarterback who can throw on the move. Overall, I believe it was a smart move for the Ravens to draft Trace. If Jackson were to get hurt (or if my dream scenario were to occur and McSorley wins the job outright, which definitely won’t happen), it’d be an easy transition for the backup QB. They wouldn’t have to change the scheme a ton for Trace, and with how run-heavy that offense is with Lamar, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the starting quarterback go down with an injury.

Don’t just take my word for it. Ravens HC John Harbaugh had this to say about the winningest QB in Penn State history:

“I told him six weeks ago, ‘You’re going to be a quarterback.’ That’s where it begins,” Harbaugh said. “But it shouldn’t be limited to that. … You want players with roles, and he’s a guy who has a chance to have big role for us.”


I don’t necessarily think the Ravens would use McSorley the same way the Saints use Taysom Hill. McSorley isn’t nearly as big as Hill, so it’ll be interesting to see his role in Baltimore.

It’s been well-documented that I’ve been all aboard the Trace Train from the start (see “It’s Not The Size Of The Dog In The Fight, It’s The Size Of The Fight In The Dog”, Trace McSorley is Making Noise Ahead of The Draft, Two Beers Deep “My Guy” Episode). It’s been tough listening to fools like Two Beers Deep host Greg Malek ignorantly say McSorley would go undrafted. But I guess I’ll get the last laugh on this one. VINDICATION, BABY.

I also wanted to congratulate Benny Buckets, a fellow Bencher, on being right about “his guy” Qadree Ollison, the Pitt running back who got picked by the Falcons in the fifth round. He got this one right, and I can’t say I’m that surprised. Although Ollison went earlier than I thought he would, I can’t say it was a bad pick.

To all the haters, of which there were many (some of whom are fellow Benchers): I told you so. Trace McSorley is an NFL Quarterback.

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