As wrestling fans we know that when the brand split came back in 2016 we were expecting a recreation of the WWE Draft. In 2016, we were not disappointed as superstars were drafted to their designed locations. After that WWE came up with a simple way to minimize the Draft by creating what is known as the Superstar Shakeup. Certain stars would be moved from Raw or Smackdown or even were moved from NXT to either the red or blue brand. This year gave us some spicy and also some sour selections so let us dive into the details starting with Monday Night Raw.






Unknown: How will Eric Young and Cedric Alexander Make Their Mark?

The two unknown factors that come into play fall under the names of Eric Young and Cedric Alexander. I couldn’t give either of these two a best or worst because I really don’t know what to expect out of them. Young is coming without Sanity apparently which is odd because he has been given this pack leader mentality. It will be hard to see where WWE can put him in this high rostered space. As for Alexander, he is a former Cruiserweight Champion and has been on 205 since he came to WWE. Now he gets a shot on one of the main brands and I couldn’t be happier for him. He should be considered a threat to the Intercontinental picture and could easily make himself a name as it’s champion. Time will only tell how WWE uses him in this scenario.




Worst: The Viking Experience???wweraiders

Don’t get me wrong I am very happy the NXT Tag Team Champions were brought to RAW, but why in the world did we change their name. The War Raiders as they were once called dominated the NXT tag division as baby faced monsters bent on destruction. Now they have a name change and tagged with the Revival which means they might be brought up to RAW as heels. An interesting take, but the name change to The Viking Experience proves my point that Vince couldn’t give a crap about the tag team division.



Best: The Usos and Naomi Make A Splash on the Red Brandusosn

The Usos have made RAW their new home and I couldn’t be happier. Finally we get a tag team on RAW that can carry the tag team division. I was very confused originally why these two just seemingly dropped the Smackdown Tag Team titles to the Hardy Boyz and now I see why. I am looking forward to watching these two thrive. As for Naomi, she now has a huge chance to make a name for herself on RAW with so much of the women’s talent being on Smackdown. Let’s hope she can make the best of it.



Worst: EC3 The Next Jobber?ec3wwe

RAW brought us one of the best talents I have seen in Impact Wrestling and eventually NXT. What does he do on RAW after he is moved there? He gets squashed by Braun Strowman. Not the best thing to look forward to when it comes to EC3.



Best: The Dutch Destroyer And The One And Only Go Redblackricochet

The final tag team to grace RAW is the amazing duo of Aleister Black and Ricochet. These two have been appearing on both RAW and Smackdown and time was only a distant thought as to when these two would appear permanently on one of the brands. Along with the Usos these two teams should bring creativity, style and enjoyment to the red brand when it comes to the tag team division.



Worst: Mysterio and Andrade Feud Will Probably Continuemaz  

Don’t get me wrong here. I enjoy all of these wrestlers individually, but I feel with moving them all to RAW that we are going to get the same script with them. The same match over and over again being shoved down the throats on fans everywhere. Their matches are good, but the same thing over and over again can get sickening. I mean you wouldn’t have a piece of cake for your meal overtime even though it was good. Just a thought.



Best: RAW Gets Sassy and Southernle

The Sassy Southern Belle makes her home on the red brand. Finally, after so many times of her coming out and leaving with no results, the night after Wrestlemania Evans came out and slugged “The Man” Becky Lynch in the jaw. The week after she came out and defeated Natalya earning herself a shot at Lynch’s Raw Women’s Championship. If things were looking up for the Women’s division they are certainly are now being southern and sassy.



Worst: So The Miz and Shane Are Done??mizshane

The Miz and Shane McMahon put on one masterful Wrestlemania match in their Falls Count Anywhere contest. However, where does that now leave The Miz? Shane is still with Smackdown so are we going to be pushing him towards another Intercontinental title reign or are we finally gonna give him a shot at the Universal Championship. Whatever the case it seems the feud between Miz and Shane was a one time thing and that kind of disappoints me as a fan.



Best: RAW Gets Phenomenal!ajraw

RAW gets probably the biggest acquisition from Smackdown in the form of the Phenomenal A.J. Styles. Styles who had made a huge name for himself on the blue brand goes red here with a chance to run to the Universal Championship. Now we get to see him have matches with the likes of Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Aleister Black and Ricochet. The sky is the limit for the soccer mom haired warrior as he looks to make RAW his house.







Unknown: More Bodies For Smackdown Live

An unknown series comes in the form of these four superstars. I’m assuming they’ll find something for these four. Maybe Crews and Gable will make a run for the United States Championship or Intercontinental Championship. James might make a run for the Smackdown Women’s title. Plus I really hope Elias gets to wrestle finally and prove himself on Smackdown, but all in all there isn’t much to go on which is why it is unknown at this point.



Unknown: Lars Sullivan Is Herelswwe

The big bad brute finally has come and he has chosen Smackdown as his ring of personal destruction. We really weren’t sure where he would end both with attacks on both RAW and Smackdown, but now Lars is a part of the blue brand. It is unknown what WWE will do with Lars, but making him the big bad boy of Smackdown sure sounds like a start. look for Lars to go on a big undefeated streak and be very dominant in his walk down the path of brutality.



Worst: The Riott Squad No More??lmwwe

With Liv Morgan coming to Smackdown are we seeing the end of the Riott Squad? Or is it simply putting Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott in the tag team picture? Not sure, but all I can say is this; Liv Morgan won’t stack up with the women on the blue brand especially since the blue brand is becoming a huge host to the Women’s tag team division.



Best: The War Goddess and The Pirate Princess Come to Smackdown

Both Ember Moon and Kari Sane arrived on the blue brand on Tuesday and I couldn’t be happier. Moon somewhat struggled on RAW, but now with a fresh roster and a better women’s division she can finally make a name for herself possibly towards the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Kari Sane sailed in from NXT. While I would prefer her to be singles competition she comes as the tag team partner of Asuka. This could lead them to huge tag team success and possibly the Women’s Tag Team Championships.



Best: The Blue Brand Gets Heavyhmwwe 

Speaking of tag teams we come to the newest duo of Smackdown; Heavy Machinery. Otis and Tucker can now call the blue brand their new home. After the Usos left, we were looking for a tag team to fill the void. They could definitely have success with teams like The Bar, Sanity, The New Day, The Good Brothers, etc. One thing is for sure Heavy Machinery should thrive on Smackdown.



Worst: Bayley To Smackdown…Why?!bwwe

For so long I thought we were going to get a reuniting of the feud between Bayley and Sasha. WWE has trolled us on numerous occasions. From having these two start as friends to pitting them against each other in a scale that was supposed to push them into the brink of violence, but instead we got them as a friendship filled tag team. They did become the first ever Women’s Tag Team Champions so that I really thought when they lost the tag team titles at Wrestlemania that they would blame one another for the loss. Instead Bayley was sent to Smackdown. Why?! What was the purpose?!



Best: Buddy Murphy Flys To Smackdownbmwwe

The former Cruiserweight Champion makes Smackdown his new home soar. Murphy is a dominant wrestler and has one of the best finishers in the WWE to boot. It really isn’t clear what WWE will do with his talents, but I am sure they will make good use of them. Maybe he’ll get involved in a rivalry with a major star or make a run for the United States Championship. I mean if he has a segment on Smackdown where he has to tell people he was going to be on Smackdown then it is a big deal especially to me. Look for him to make his mark on the blue brand.



Worst: Smackdown Is Now His Yardrrwwe 

Roman Reigns now can call Smackdown his yard. Does that make his status any different now that he is on the blue brand. Not one bit. I really want to like Roman Reigns, but it is just so hard. WWE is and has always been keen on making Reigns the next big guy of the company, the next Cena, Stone Cold, Rock, etc. To me he is not there. Sure he isn’t a mid card guy, but he is a powerful star. He isn’t “the guy” however. Try as they may, WWE will most likely put him into the WWE Title picture and we will have to live with him as champion.



Best: The “Blue” Demonfbwwe

The new Intercontinental Champion makes his way to the blue brand and finally he will be able to show the world what we can finally do. Balor may lose his championship here soon so RAW can have a mid card championship, but the bigger picture is the WWE Championship. Balor can finally go back to the big leagues with this Smackdown push. Here is hoping WWE can get this right.