The NFL has recently just released every team’s schedule. What I will be doing might be hard to comprehend, but I will trying to predict every team’s record by the end of the 2019 season. Here is the schedule for all to see;



Now that is up for you all to see it is time to try to give my very early predictions for these records based on their schedules listed above.


Arizona Cardinals


The Cardinals are in bad shape, bad enough to acquire the first pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. If things go the way they want, Murray will be their new quarterback and Rosen will be out to find another team. It is purely a stupid decision on their part, but it is most likely what they will do. That won’t help them and they will almost be in the same spot they were now.



Atlanta Falcons


Atlanta should be on their way back to a successful season after getting back most of their defense that was injured. I see them having a very good placing second in their division and possibly making it to the playoffs. Matt Ryan will have all his weapons back and the defense should much better. Look for Atlanta to rebound well here for the 2019 season.



Baltimore Ravens


The Ravens enjoyed a nice glass of success winning the AFC North division last year. That won’t happen this year. It took the Chargers two games to figure out quarterback Lamar Jackson’s scheme for the Ravens. Now with each team having a year of film under their belts it will be a lot harder for Jackson and Baltimore to find success. Look for them to tumble down the ladder here.



Buffalo Bills


The Buffalo Bills do alright this season and finish with a record of 6 and 10. It’s not that they will be bad, but there are a lot of good teams on their schedule this year. Josh Allen should do well especially since he has better receivers. The defense should do fine as well maybe even better depending on how they do in the draft.



Carolina Panthers


This will literally all depend on if Cam Newton plays this season or not. I am going out on a limb and saying that he will play which results in a 7-9 record. The offense revolved around Christian McCaffrey last year and teams will figure that out and cover him more. It will be interesting if Carolina can come up with a different scheme to ruin other teams’ days.



Chicago Bears


The Bears proved to be one of the most dominant of teams in the 2018 season. Look for this dominance to continue as they win 11 of their games, win the division and go to the playoffs again. Whether they do well or not depends on who they face in the playoffs as I cannot comprehend that information yet.



Cincinnati Bengals


Sorry, but if you know me well enough you will know I do not have the Bengals doing much here this season. The rebuilding has started whether they want to admit it or not. Andy Dalton is very mediocre and could be used somewhere else. The only things they have going for them are a star but injury prone wide receiver and young workhorse running back. Other than that their defense is garbage and so is their offensive line. Look for them to come in last for the AFC North Division.



Cleveland Browns


The era of picking on the Browns is over ladies and gentlemen. They have found their franchise quarterback, two number one wide receivers, two incredible running backs, a monster tight end and a very tough and hard pressed defense. The Browns might actually win the division this year and that scares me being a Steelers fan, but I will tell you this; The Browns are going to be a fun team to watch in 2019.



Dallas Cowboys


The Cowboys find a way to do it every single year. They will win the division and have a mediocre record to show for it being that their competition is the Eagles, Redskins and Giants. Somehow though, I feel Prescott might be hurting more than benefiting this season, but too early for that. All I can say is well done again for eventually making the playoffs boys you are officially the Patriots of the NFC.



Denver Broncos


I’m not quite sure what is wrong with John Elway, but he is a delusional idiot. If you really believe that Joe Flacco is in his “prime” and can win you games good luck with that because he was replaced halfway through the season by his rookie counterpart Lamar Jackson. There is just no stopping Elway from making an idiot out of himself, but this team will still win some games with help from the defense.



Detroit Lions


The Lions have a couple of things this year that they didn’t have last year. Spoiler alert it is a lot of Patriot influence. With Patricia bringing in some of his people to work and play for the Lions we might see a different side of the Lions this year. I still believe that it will be a so-so season with them winning six games maybe seven if they are lucky. It is just because of their schedule and not because of the team this year. Hopefully, Stafford can impress me, but honestly I doubt it.



Green Bay Packers


The Packers should have a massive rebounding season in 2019 after that 2018 disaster. They went 6-9-1 last year and I have a hunch they’ll find golden promises on the other side this year with a record of 9-7. Think about it. Their defense has improved greatly and I suspect in the draft that they will pick up two very powerful offensive weapons for Rodgers to throw to. It will be interesting as the spotlight will be all on Rodgers this year and not the coach. Can’t wait to see what happens.



Houston Texans


The Texans will cool off this season going 8 and 8. I firmly believe this will happen unless Watson gets some protective help for the offensive line in the draft. I still see this team having somewhat success and probably finishing second in the division. Don’t sleep behind them by any means, the Texans will try to fight to the very last breath being one of the best teams when it comes to garbage time.



Indianapolis Colts


The Colts find themselves winning the division by the thread of a needle. Like last year the Colts and Texans are going to be very close when trying to take the division. Look for the same dominance that was shown last year with Andrew Luck and the this powerful Colts defense to take charge of the field.



Jacksonville Jaguars


The Jaguars have a new quarterback in Nicke Foles. Other than that there is nothing special to look at when it comes to this team. Hopefully, the defense finds its groove again because Jalen Ramsey looked very foolish with his comments last year especially with Josh Allen.



Kansas City Chiefs


The Chiefs should get back on track here but won’t be as successful if they don’t improve their defense. Their defense took a massive hit with the loss of some huge veteran players. The defense wasn’t that great before so they will certainly need to improve upon that in the draft. Their offense however is spectacular and should thrive once again.



Los Angeles Chargers


The Chargers will look again to thrive under the conditions of the AFC. They will come in second place in their division behind the Chiefs. The offense and defense should only get better and they will look to try to make the playoffs once again.



Los Angeles Rams


The Rams made it to the Super Bowl last year. While I doubt this happens once again they should have a good chance at repeating history. The defense lost some key players, but also gained some in the form of Clay Matthews and Eric Weddle. The offense will come back with Goff, Gurley, Woods, etc and they should continue to do well as long as they don’t play the Patriots again.



Miami Dolphins


The Dolphins will probably be one of the worst if not the worst team in the NFL for the 2019 season. They have made it very clear they are rebuilding this season and honestly with the signing of Ryan Fitzpatrick we shouldn’t expect too much out of this team this year. Look for them to probably get the first pick in the draft next year.



Minnesota Vikings


The Vikings had a hard glance at reality last year with Kirk Cousins. Now they are stuck with him and will need to help him out if they want to succeed. However, I have them going 8 and 8 this year which is very close to their record last year. Here is hoping the defense can buckle down and Kirk can find his rhythm.



New England Patriots


The Patriots come off of another Super Bowl victory and I want to put their record lower with the loss of Rob Gronkowski and the aging of Tom Brady, but somehow Belichick will surprise me again and win more games. They acquired wide receiver Demaryius Thomas  and that should help out Brady quite a bit. I don’t seem them doing anything, but winning their division yet again and making it to the playoffs for another shot at the Super Bowl unfortunately.



New Orleans Saints


The Saints look to right the wrong of defeat this year and I have them winning their division going 12 and 4. The defense was good, but not crazy good. Look for that to change with the offense pounding the ball down the field with Brees still at quarterback. They also still have Kamara and Thomas and have also acquired Murray at running back and Cook at tight end. Here we go Saints.



New York Giants


The Giants are sticking with Manning. Today, I just heard they could possibly get another three years out of him. This can stop as they are beyond delusional if they think Manning will do any better than what he has provided them in the last couple of seasons. They still have Barkley, but they lost a huge star in Beckham and this will affect them down the road with Sterling Shepard and Golden Tate trying to pick up the pieces.



New York Jets


The Jets will do significantly better this season, but it won’t be by much as I have them going 7 and 9. With the acquisitions of both Bell and Crowder on offense helping Sam Darnold out they should do much better moving the ball down the field. As for the defense, they acquired C.J. Mosley and that is huge for a struggling defense that needs leadership and skill. look for the Jets to try to come second in their division and maybe earn a wild card spot if they do it right.



Oakland Raiders


The Raiders seem to believe that with all the talent they have collected that they will do so much better. Here is the thing. You can put all the talent you want on a team, but if you don’t utilize it properly it will turn sour. Brown is a prime example. He gets frustrated when he doesn’t get the ball. So you think he is going to do better with Derek Carr then Big Ben. I’m not sure they realize what a headaches he is going to be, but he should have a decent season in Oakland. It will take a huge amount of coaching skills and time to turn this coal into a diamond and honestly I’m not sure Gruden has what it takes to do that.



Philadelphia Eagles


The Eagles soar into the new season looking to prove that they can do it once again. Now that Foles is gone they have to go with starter Carson Wentz. I am concerned with the injury history here, but if they succeed in protecting them they could give the Cowboys a run for their money. I see them taking second in the division and maybe a wild card spot if they do it right.



Pittsburgh Steelers


As much as Steelers fans think we are in trouble I don’t think it will be as bad as people think. The Steelers lost Brown and Bell, but made some serious offseason acquisitions in Donte Moncrief, Steven Nelson and Mark Baron. I think Tomlin will be under the hot seat this year and maybe that is a good thing to try to light the spark back into the city of black and gold. Honestly, I can say if we are looking to take the Super Bowl this year would be the best and most satisfying year to do it because Big Ben isn’t getting any younger. I see us taking second in the division behind a game from Cleveland and us getting into the playoffs in a wildcard spot.



Seattle Seahawks


The Seahawks come into this season with money looted towards their quarterback Russell Wilson. He is now the highest paid player in the NFL. Sometimes big money makes things a little nervous for some players. I see Wilson handling it alright taking the Seahawks to an 8 and 8 record. They won’t take the first or second place in the division unfortunately though so don’t expect something “big” for Seattle unless they play their cards differently.



San Francisco 49ers


The 49ers are my dark horse team for the 2019 season. Garappolo and McKinnon are coming back from injury and should thrive this season. Plus their defense got impressively good with the additions of Ford and Alexander and eventually maybe even Bosa in the draft. Look for the 49ers to stun everyone in the NFL taking second place in the division and possibly making the playoffs especially if Jimmy can keep up the good numbers with his running backs, receivers and star tight end George Kittle.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers


The Buccaneers hired retired coach Bruce Arians and he will look to fix the problems of Jameis Winston. Do I think he will be able to do it? Unfortunately, it is hard to say because every quarterback has done very well under his leadership, but I just don’t think Jameis can do it. Plus they lost wideout Adam Humphries who was critical player on the offense. Jameis might crumble under the pressure and we could possibly see this being the last season we see him in a Buccaneers uniform.



Tennessee Titans


The Titans as you all know are the hardest team to try to predict things just because of my lack of knowledge. However, they added Humphries as a wideout and that should help Mariota as he finally has a target to throw to other than tight end Delanie Walker. Derrick Henry should continue his “beast mode” impression running over the defense. Sadly, I have them finishing third in the division behind the Texans and Colts as they will lose to the Texans putting the Titans behind them.



Washington Redskins


The Redskins have gotten a quarterback in the form of Case Keenum. Keen has had success in the past, but I think they will run into the same scenario that he faced in Denver especially because he doesn’t really have anyone to throw to other than Jordan Reed and Josh Doctson. At least in Denver he had people to throw the ball to. The deciding factor could be Derrius Guice who will make his NFL debut after suffering a torn ACL and not playing a single game last season and also Adrian Peterson who is showing no sign of aging in the run game. They will most likely place third above the Giants though.









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