Beyond the Arc

by Ben Fiore


Yesterday, Zion Williamson of Duke declared for the NBA draft.  A few weeks ago, Zion said he would return to Duke to win a national championship, as I wrote in my previous article “What’s Next for Zion?”.  Thankfully Zion did what is ultimately best for his future by deciding to enter the NBA.  Last week, his Duke teammate RJ Barrett and Murray State star JA Morant both declared for the draft.  I think this was the main driving force for why Zion decided to follow suit.  Those three names are most likely the top 3 choices of NBA teams in the draft.  But RJ Barrett and JA Morant despite their talent, are clearly still behind Zion for the best talent in the draft altogether.  They are all very skilled, but Zion is just a freak of nature and is hands down going to be the #1 overall selection no matter who gets the first pick from the lottery.

Zion has a good heart, and I think that’s why he contemplated returning to college, but that kid only has one path in life and that’s basketball.  If it wasn’t for absurd rules in place, he wouldn’t have ever even gone to a college before immediately hitting the league.  Zion clearly has a lot of pressure on him for being quite possibly the most highly anticipated athlete in sports history, but I really think he’s up or the challenge.  Zion is an athletic, physical scoring machine with a heavily power focused skillset, though still having a shot on him and being a lock down defender.  He truly is the perfect specimen of a basketball player and might just be the future of the NBA.

Entering the league now was honestly the only option for him if you think about it.  When he sustained a scary injury this year, it made EVERYBODY nervous.  So if that happens again, at least he’ll be getting paid.  There’s no question that whatever team drafts him will give him the biggest rookie contract possible.  And on top of that, is undeniably destined for a record breaking shoe deal.  Zion’s talent is already at an NBA caliber, and I think he’s going to flourish immediately.  It obviously will be a new and more challenging test, but if there’s any young talent I believe in it’s him.  Very glad to see Zion looked out for himself.  Now with all the cards on the table, the league is ready for Zion and Zion is ready for the league.  So get your popcorn ready, because the show’s about to start.