With the NFL draft slowly approaching us, I thought we would take a look at last year’s draft once again. This time I thought I’d do the draft over again with the picks being chosen would be towards their needs as of this time. That means some of these picks will be similar and some of them are going to be a lot different. Without further ado, enjoy!


1.) Cleveland Browns – Baker Mayfield

Previous Pick – Baker Mayfield

No need to change this one boys and girls. Surprisingly, the Cleveland Browns got it right this time and found their franchise quarterback in the Oklahoma product Mayfield. He threw 27 touchdowns in his rookie season which is more than any other rookie in the history of the NFL. Good pick boys, especially since now he has Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry to throw the ball to.



2.) New York Giants – Sam Darnold

Previous Pick – Saquon Barkley

Let me first say that Saquon Barkley was a beast last year and deserves to be rookie of the year. That being said however, I firmly believe the Giants should have taken a quarterback when they had the chance. If you look at it now Eli is still garbage and because of that Odell left for Cleveland. You gotta figure with the future that Sam Darnold has maybe would have kept Beckham in New York. Sadly, we will never know.



3.) New York Jets – Josh Allen

Previous Pick – Sam Darnold

The Jets took their franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold with the third overall pick. Sadly, Darnold has now been taken by the Giants in this re-draft. Now they have to go with the next best option. In my mind that would be current Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. His speed and arm would have been great especially for a deep threat like Robby Anderson.



4.) Cleveland Browns – Saquon Barkley

Previous Pick – Denzel Ward

This in my mind would have been the best idle situation for Cleveland. Judging on how these teams were today, both the Giants and the Jets would have been in desperate need for a quarterback (despite of the Giants think of Manning). With those two out of the way Cleveland would have its second pick and nothing would have been more mouth watering than to see Barkley head to the Browns to be their starting running back with Baker Mayfield throwing passes to him out of the backfield.



5.) Denver Broncos – Bradley Chubb

Previous Pick – Bradley Chubb

Say what you want about John Elway possibly taking another quarterback in this re-draft, but I think the Denver Broncos picked the best player possible in Bradley Chubb. His speed, power and intelligence as a rookie made him a fine young pass rushing star to compliment Von Miller on the defensive side of the ball. No change here and a good pick to boot.



6.) Indianapolis Colts – Quenton Nelson

Previous Pick – Quenton Nelson

Another no change here as I still would have the Colts taking Nelson with the sixth pick. Kinda boring I know, but hear me out here. The Colt’s offensive line had been garbage in recent years. With it being garbage it led to Andrew Luck getting hurt and missing the entire last season. It was brilliant for the Colts to take Nelson with this pick because no one knew what Luck would come back and play like. Smart move on their part to take the best guard/offensive lineman in the draft with Nelson. No complaints here.



7.) Buffalo Bills – Josh Rosen

Previous Pick – Josh Allen

Buffalo moved up to this spot to take their franchise quarterback. Their former pick Josh Allen however was taken number three by the New York Jets so he is currently unavailable to take again in the re-draft. So they need to take the best quarterback possible and that would be none other than Josh Rosen. I am not sure why people are giving him a lot of crap after one year with a very shaky team, but I think Rosen with time can age like a fine wine and dominate the game. That being said with new receivers like Brown and Beasley to accompany him as well as LeSean McCoy at running back I think Rosen would flourish here.



8.) Chicago Bears – Calvin Ridley

Previous Pick – Roquan Smith

A few heads can be scratched here as some might wonder why Ridley so soon? The reason being that the defense for Chicago was already star studded and stacked. They didn’t really need to draft Roquan Smith with this pick. No disrespect to Smith as he had a very good rookie campaign for DA BEARS. Still in my mind Ridley would have done very well here catching balls from Trubisky. You would also have a target situation for the defense to work with. Is he throwing it to Gabriel? To Robinson? To Cohen out of the backfield? Or could he be throwing it to arguably the best wide receiver in the 2018 draft class?



9.) San Francisco 49ers – Darius Leonard

Previous Pick – Mike McGlinchy

If there was any time for the 49ers to take the best defensive player in the 2018 draft class then it is in this re-draft. In the actual draft they took offensive tackle Mike McGlinchy to protect Jimmy Garappolo. How’d that work out? Not saying McGlinchy is a bad player, but knowing what we know now this just seems like the ideal situation for the 49ers to do with this rookie leading everyone else on the defensive side of the ball in tackles with having seven sacks to boot.



10.) Arizona Cardinals – Lamar Jackson

Previous Pick – Josh Rosen

Five quarterbacks gone in the first the picks? Some might say I am crazy. However, Arizona like Buffalo traded up to the tenth spot to get their franchise quarterback. With all other options put aside, the Cardinals would have to go with then Louisville product Lamar Jackson. I think with players like Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson backing him up Jackson would have done a very good job. Plus a former Cardinal to the Arizona Cardinals come on guys that is just poetic.



11.) Miami Dolphins – Derwin James

Previous Pick – Minkah Fitzpatrick

Assuming the Dolphins would be sticking to the defense here I maybe could argue to put Denzel Ward here, but James had a breakout season with the Chargers. I get the fact that Fitzpatrick was a safety and I am shoving a cornerback down your throat in this argument, but James is the better athlete when it comes to talking about the safety position and is way too valuable of a player to pass up at this point after seeing what he did the Los Angeles Chargers.



12.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Denzel Ward

Previous Pick – Vita Vea

Well now look at that we didn’t have to go too far from talking about Denzel Ward. In this re-draft I have him going with the Buccaneers who have had very large problems in their defense. After seeing how Ward climbed his way to the top of the defense ladder in Cleveland, I could definitely see him taking this Buccaneers defense to a whole new level. Plus the amount of turnovers he forced was incredible leading this defense with confidence to succeed.



13.) Washington Redskins – Jaire Alexander

Previous Pick – Da’Ron Payne

Let’s be honest it is going to be a while before I see this team drafting well with any positivity. I am shit on this organization’s management for how long, but since I am doing the drafting here and not them I will be taking Jaire Alexander with the 13th overall pick. Some might say why they have Josh Norman? He hasn’t been the same since he left Carolina and to me adding Alexander could either move him up to the top position or it could boost Norman into doing well. Either way the defense gets better and that’s fine with me.



14.) New Orleans Saints – Leighton Vander Esch

Previous Pick – Marcus Davenport

Normally when you move up a lot and give up a first round for next year you would think the pick would need to produce. Sadly, Davenport had a very rough first year and didn’t quite live up to expectation. Leighton Vander Esch however, stunned the world when he dominated the Dallas defense. It would be absolutely be criminal for the Saints to pass on a talent like him. They take him here.



15.) Oakland Raiders – Roquan Smith

Previous Pick – Kolton Miller

It is no secret that the Oakland Raider’s defense was god awful last year and went neck and neck with the Bengals for worst defense of 2018. The Raiders would be smart here to grab linebacker Roquan Smith to help them out. Their previous pick Kolton Miller did not perform well and shouldn’t have been a first round pick in my opinion. You’d make the argument that Smith would have vastly improved this god awful defense if they picked him instead of Miller.



16.) Buffalo Bills – Tremaine Edmunds

Previous Pick- Tremaine Edmunds

I have the Bills sticking with their guts and taking Tremaine Edmunds once again. Some might question that, but I firmly believe this product worked his butt off and made the Buffalo Bills defense even better. He had 121 combined tackles as well as two interceptions in his rookie year. To me, that shows hard work and dedication and exactly what Buffalo would do in a re-draft.



17.) Los Angeles Chargers – Rashaan Evans

Previous Pick – Derwin James

With Derwin James gone already in this re-draft, the Los Angeles Chargers will have to go with someone new. The best fit for them would probably be linebacker Rashaan Evans. If the game against the New England Patriots didn’t give you a clue that they needed help at the linebacker position then you need new eyes and a better understanding of the game of football. Evans was taken by the Titans in the first drafting of this class, so going a little earlier to the Chargers wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.



18.) Green Bay Packers – Courtland Sutton

Previous Pick – Jaire Alexander

The Green Bay Packers were such a disappointment last season going 6-9-1. A lot of it you could argue that it was because Aaron Rodgers virtually only had one main receiver in Davante Adams. Cobb was always hurt, Jimmy Graham didn’t live up to expectations and the rookie wide outs that came in didn’t do all that great. So now you take Courtland Sutton who had about 700 some receiving yards with Case Keenum as his quarterback. Imagine what he could have done with Aaron Rodgers leading the charge.



19.) Dallas Cowboys – Minkah Fitzpatrick

Previous Pick – Leighton Vander Esch

The Cowboys do lose out on their star defensive stud Leighton Vander Esch in this re-draft and it is hard to argue why because of how talented the kid was. The other position however, that I have seen them struggle in the 2018 season was the safety position. The best safety is already off the board in Derwin James, but they still have the second best in Minkah Fitzpatrick. He didn’t do a bad job for the Dolphins, but I firmly believe he would have done a much better job in Dallas then in Miami.



20.) Detroit Lions – Nick Chubb

Previous Pick – Frank Ragnow

The Lions have the 20th pick in the NFL Re-Draft for 2018 and firmly believe they would use it on running back Nick Chubb. Kerryon Johnson was a very good running back don’t get me wrong, but I feel Chubb could have provided them with better stats and maybe even a couple wins. I mean what do I know right? Chubb could have gone there and been terrible because Detroit for the last five-six years hasn’t been a run first offense. You could tell because Johnson was the first running back in that time frame to rush 100 yards. Crazy yes, but I hope that Chubb would do well here in the re-draft.



21.) Cincinnati Bengals – Donte Jackson

Previous Pick – Billy Price

The Bengals just didn’t have it this season once again and now if they need anybody it is on the defensive side of the ball and not offensive side. So goodbye injured center Billy Price and hello to former LSU cornerback Donte Jackson. He was a force to be reckoned with when he was drafted by Carolina and now will look to do damage and get this Bengals defense from under the dark cloud of despair it has been under.



22.) Tennessee Titans – Mark Andrews

Previous Pick – Rashaan Evans

I always find myself in a weird place while trying to rate, rank, grade or predict anything on the Tennessee Titans just because they are the team I know the least about. A big reason would probably because they don’t have a select play maker other than Derrick Henry. they did get Humphries so it will be interesting to see what happens. I have them taking tight end prospect Mark Andrews here as in the 2018 season Delanie Walker got hurt and didn’t return all season. Having this tight end to eventually replace him probably would have been a great idea just throwing that out there Tennessee.



23.) New England Patriots – Sony Michel

Previous Pick – Isaiah Wynn

While it is true that the New England Patriots picked Sony Michel later, it would probably be in their best interest to take him early in the first round with the 23rd overall pick. Michel actually brought a decent run game to the Patriots that had not been seen since the days of Blount. His speed and power mimicked that and led him to being a touchdown machine for the Pats. Not a bad pick by any means ladies and gentlemen.



24.) Carolina Panthers – Mike McGlinchy

Previous Pick – D.J. Moore

Say what you want I thought Moore did very well for his rookie campaign with the Panthers. However, Cam Newton got demolished this year and because of that he might not even play in the 2019 season opting for sort of an Andrew Luck rebuilding program. If they wanted to avoid this current issue then they should take Mike McGlinchy in this re-draft. It may not make a lot of sense for you guys to see that because Garappolo still got hurt. My argument to that is he was on the run and it was a bad coincidence. It just would be a good fit I’d think.



25.) Baltimore Ravens – Daron Payne

Previous Pick –  Hayden Hurst

Now that their tight end selection is gone for this draft, the Ravens will need to upgrade their defense since we now know they will mostly all be leaving at the end of the season. Fresh faces are going to need to be brought in and Daron Payne would be an amazing add to an already elite Ravens defense.



26.) Atlanta Falcons – D.J. Moore

Previous Pick – Calvin Ridley

The Falcons would be stupid to try to pass on D.J. Moore at this point especially since in this draft they can’t take Ridley because he was taken in Chicago. Now we look as to which receiver they would take now. Moore should go to them in this re-draft with flying colors. It remains to be seen if he would excel better in Atlanta than in Carolina, but i think he would do just fine with Matt Ryan as his quarterback and Julio Jones as a mentor figure.



27.) Seattle Seahawks – Christian Kirk

Previous Pick – Rashaad Penny

With the now very lucrative new deal made by Seattle, they made Russell Wilson the highest paid player in the NFL with a four-year 140 million dollar extension that includes a 65 million dollar signing bonus. With that much money being thrown in his face, Wilson will need to find play makers to throw the ball to. He has Baldwin and Lockett as his wideouts, but I feel he could use one more. Christian Kirk would be my best best here as I believe with his knowledge and speed he could dominate for Seattle.



28.) Pittsburgh Steelers – Josh Jackson

Previous Pick – Terrell Edmunds

The Steelers hugely disappointed me in 2018. Honestly, they didn’t have a bad pick here when picking Edmunds, but it was just so unknown and unexpected. It also took a little while for Edmunds to get the hang of things. I firmly believe now that Artie Burns was a sloppy pick by us. So drafting Josh Jackson would suffice as a good replacement pick and would hopefully help the defense out tremendously in the 2018 season.



29.) Jacksonville Jaguars – Michael Gallup

Previous Pick – Taven Bryan

The Jaguars were very bad this season and it was mostly due to the fact that Bortles was trash and he didn’t have any play makers to throw to. Taven Bryan was alright, but I thought they could have made a better selection. That brings us to wideout Michael Gallup. His speed helped him a lot when he was drafted in Dallas with Dak Prescott. I see no reason why he couldn’t have helped Bortles out when he was still in Jacksonville.



30.) Minnesota Vikings – James Daniels

Previous Pick – Mike Hughes

If we are talking about the guard position than there is no player that can probably protect Kirk Cousins than now Chicago guard James Daniels. He did wonders protecting Trubisky from oncoming dangers. Since Cousins would have done a lot better in the games if he was pressured less, this re-draft selection is a no-brainer solution.



31.) New England Patriots – Dallas Goedert

Previous Pick- Sony Michel

Gronk is retired. At the beginning of the 2018 season though, he isn’t and then need to start thinking about his successor. If they had the opportunity New England should have looked at tight end prospect Dallas Goedert. He played a decent amount of time on the Philadelphia offense and it remains to be seen what force he could exert with Brady throwing to him and Belichick coaching him.



32.) Philadelphia Eagles – Mike Hughes

Previous Pick – None

This one is tricky because Baltimore traded up to get Jackson, but since Jackson and no other quarterbacks are there the Ravens wouldn’t have traded up to take the last spot in the draft. Therefore Philly is on the board and with the last pick I have them taking cornerback Mike Hughes. Hughes is good and showed it when he was with Minnesota, so it should be a no brainer of why he goes to Philadelphia.