On Monday, the University of Pittsburgh revealed a new color scheme, new jersey’s and a new logo for all of the University’s sports teams. Let’s take a deeper look at the new era of the Pitt Panthers.

The Colors

The new color scheme of Royal Blue and Athletic Gold, plays off of Pitt’s old school colors and is sure to be a fan favorite. The blue and yellow color scheme was present during the Pitt Football Powerhouse days of the 70’s and 80’s. Believe it or not they won a National Championship during that, and they looked good doing it. Here’s to hoping they do it again! And oh yeah…the best thing about the new color scheme is the Athletic Gold will match perfectly with the yellow seats at Heinz Field, so every game will look like a sellout 😉


The Jerseys

The jerseys are similar to the retro jerseys the team has worn for the past few seasons. The biggest difference is the jersey number font. The new look numbers have a more rounded look to them to symbolize the arches of the Cathedral on campus. I personally enjoy the new look numbers, because this subtle change adds a personal feel to the jersey, separating the school from other Universities. The new font style and jerseys will be worn by all of Pitt’s Athletic teams.


The Logo

Over the past few years, Pitt has experimented with different logo designs.

The University and it’s fanbase decided the “Pitt Script” was the right way to go. The new primary logo has stayed true to the “Script”, with only a few minor tweaks. However, the University has included a new secondary logo. The secondary logo has gotten mixed reviews on social media, which isn’t surprising in today’s world. I honestly didn’t like the logo at first, because I thought it looked like a generic Panther logo from any EA Sports video game. However, after doing some research and learning more about the design, it has grown on me. The panther logo is modeled after the panther head at the fountain of the Cathedral of Learning, and all of the panther statues located around Pitt’s campus, which is pretty cool in my opinion. The secondary logo will appear on the jerseys, while Pitt Script will remain on the helmets.

Hail To Pitt

As a Pitt fan, I love the new look the University came up with. The jerseys are stylish, and the color scheme is absolutely beautiful. The new look design has it’s own story that Panther fans new and old can cherish for years to come. Now that Pitt has their original colors, there is only one thing left to do… build a football stadium on campus (wishful thinking) #H2P