Yesterday, Magic Johnson stepped down as President of the Los Angeles Lakers organization. The world was a bit surprised when Magic took this job. For a little background information why Magic probably should never have taken this job, let’s see what the Magic of Magic is all about.

Magic Johnson is arguably the greatest point guard of all time, and has cemented his place among the GOAT candidates. Johnson, a Michigan State Alum, played for the Lakers during one of the most fruitful eras in NBA history. Averaging 52% from the floor, 11.2 assists per game, an NCAA Championship, 5 NBA Championships and a member of the 50th Anniversary All-Time Team, what was left for Magic after basketball? This is arguably the BEST EVER, and the dude just keeps going.

Magic Johnson also retired prematurely due to AIDS, which is a well known aspect of his story. His advocacy for the HIV community is amazing, mainly due to his foundation the Magic Johnson Foundation that combats HIV. This dude LIT UP THE ALL STAR GAME WITH HIV.

Magic Johnson owns the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Los Angeles Sparks AND LAFC, LA’s newest MLS team. This man has made every possible correct move that a human can make and beyond all of his accolades, is universally loved across the board.

When Magic took the job as the Lakers new President, hopes were high. I really believed that Magic had what it took to train a young Lonzo Ball into an NBA all star caliber player. I was positive top tier players would swarm to be a part of the Lake Show with an OG member.

But it just never hit. It never connected. The only big signing (which is big, don’t get me wrong) was that of Lebron James, who had been rumored to the Lakers for years.

The Anthony Davis Saga was a disaster. The entire young core being told by the trade talks they aren’t worth much. Missing the playoffs. Having the same record while adding Lebron in back to back years. THE EFFING CLIPPERS MADE THE PLAYOFFS.

All in all, I have one take on this entire situation…Magic Johnson is really, really good at being Magic Johnson. He isn’t the type of dude to fly half way across the country to some shit town in Idaho to watch a may-be type prospect play. He wants to shake hands and kiss babies, and that’s dope. When it comes to the President of one of the most prestigious sports franchises in history though….I want a guy willing to take on the tough decisions.

A lot of this turmoil comes from the Luke Walton situation. Magic has said that he was given all the power by Jeanie Buss, but just didn’t want to make those types of decisions. It seems the tough parts of the job (trades, cuts, firing, travel) just weren’t the fun parts for Magic, and that’s OK (ESPN).

Let’s let Magic be Magic…..and hopefully, the Lakers bring in someone that can turn this shit show around.