Degeneration X, The Bullet Club, The Nexus, Undisputed Era, Evolution, etc. These are some of the best and brightest of factions that have graced the squared ring. However, a group of men have gathered together to bring in a whole new era of pain to the wrestling world. Ladies, gentlemen and brothers of all ages I give you the greatest wrestling faction of the entire world; Thoughts From The Bench!




Nickname: Big Daddy Smalls

Weight Class: Light Heavyweight

Hometown: The Sandlot

Intro Song: Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

He’s a technician specialist and knows about every hold to get in and get out of. Being a light heavyweight, Smalls has the ability to have the speed, strength and skill set to get out of tough situations. His finisher; the Great Bambino is a huge uppercut punch that will be sure to knock your lights out. Sure wouldn’t want to be up on deck to face this guy especially when he gives you that uppercut punch. Imagine being hit with a baseball bat on the head. That’s how brutal it is.




Peter M. Krafcik

Nickname: The Mayor

Weight Class: Tree Branches

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio (Paradise)

Intro Song: Greedy Soul – Liam Gallagher

The Mayor Peter Krafcik looks to try to spread his rule over all of wrestling. Look no further than this man’s leadership methods to make his faction the best one there is. He isn’t above goofing around however as his class of tree branches sometimes makes people shake their heads. That’s okay because he shakes their bodies with his finisher; The Cleveland Crossface. He loves putting them into pain until they have no choice but to submit.



Greg MacAfee

Nickname: Money Mac

Weight Class: Heavyweight

Hometown: Home of the Table Breaking Bills Mafia

Intro Song: Big Poppa by Nortious B.I.G.

Hardcore is something we treasure and look no further than this heavyweight of a freak putting people through tables left and right. Drawing inspiration from the Dudley Boys this maniac puts people in constant pain with his finishing maneuver; the Buffalo Breaker. It is a power bomb off the top rope normally on a table, but he has managed quite fine without it as well. Just ask some of his opponents… Oh wait you can’t. Most of them have been hospitalized with internal injuries.



Andre Frye

Nickname: The Mobster

Weight Class: Heavyweight

Hometown: Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Intro Song: Hardball by Lil Bow Wow

Frye is no stranger to the ring as he grew up being a huge wrestling fan. With music and society taking their toll on the world Frye incorporated this into what he calls himself; The Mobster. Essentially taking a page out of the great Eddie Guerrero’s playbook, Frye lies, cheats and steals his way to countless victories and he does it with a smile on his face. When he goes hard like his song expect the Pittsburgh Plunge which is a pile driver putting the opponent’s head straight to the ground.




Ben Fiore

Nickname: Furious Funk

Weight Class: Heavyweight

Hometown: Outer Space

Intro Song: Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry

Up next is probably our most “far out” competitor in Ben Fiore. He goes by Furious Funk and it is hard to argue why with the moves he puts on his opponents. A real crowd pleaser and music lover, Ben loves playing to the crowd with all kinds of unique and crazy dance moves. His finisher, The Funk Forearm gives a whole meaning to the phrase headaches. He jumps from a distance hitting you square in the jaw knocking you out cold. Don’t cross this bad man groovy people.



Greg Malek

Nickname: OG Greg

Weight Class: Cruiserweight

Hometown: None of Your Business 

Intro Song: Blood//Water by Grandson

Greg is our next wrestler up in the squared ring. Known as somewhat of a machine, Greg breaks down his opponents in the form of how an assembly line does its work; piece by painful piece. He is a master technician and like Smalls can put you in holds you never knew existed. Watch out for his finisher; Grey Matter which will have you believe color is leaving your eyes as he locks on this version of a kimura lock essentially putting you out or making you tap out.



Austin Moorhead

Nickname: The Maniac

Weight Class: Light Heavyweight

Hometown: Hell’s Kitchen

Intro Song: Gasoline by I Previal

Probably one of the most unhinged and crazy competitors to ever step foot into a ring, The Maniac Austin Moorhead is a deadly pill to swallow. His unpredictability gives him an edge in competition as no one can really figure out his athleticism. He can do moves like the cruiser weights can while still have the strength of a heavyweight and the tenacity of a hardcore wrestler. He is a master of the superkicks, but his finisher comes in the form of a firemens carry power bomb. He calls it “Till Death”.



Derrik Whiten

Nickname: High Ho Deker

Weight Class: Cruiserweight

Hometown: The Badlands

Intro Song: Old Town Road by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus

The founding father of this great wrestling faction. Deker even with being the size of a cruiserweight has gone up against some of the baddest that have ever stepped into a ring. He quickly learned that it helps to be stronger in numbers and formed the faction Thoughts From The Bench which has never been stronger than ever. Time will tell how long you last in the ring against this man and oh by the way time is not on your side. He also in an interview said he hates his step dad Rick and drives most of his anger in the ring with thoughts of him. Yee haw partners!!



Josh Elsass

Nickname: The Enforcer

Weight Class: Heavyweight

Hometown: The Belly of the Beast

Intro Song: Ladies and Gentleman by Saliva

The manager of this great organization is trusted to the great Josh Elsass who has seen more wrestling action than any of us have. We have gotten great advice from this man and his old wise tales. He never fails to get involved though as he has distracted multiple opponents and have costed them the matches. He also loves to still fight and his dreaded elbow drop off the top rope will crush anybody’s windpipe in an instance. If that doesn’t do it then his rear naked choke definitely will break it and put you to sleep.



Mike Geiselhart

Nickname: The Politician

Weight Class: Heavyweight

Hometown: Washington D.C.

Intro Song: Courtesy of the Red White and Blue by Toby Keith

Think of Jack Swagger with a dream of the Oval Office. This man is our best strategist and he can lure people in with simply his words. However, he has not problem using his fists if necessary. The Politician has a very technical background and loves using moves like the Ankle Lock modified after his American wrestling heroes like Kurt Angle and Jack Swagger. When it comes to his finisher though Mike surprisingly has two. He has the famous leg drop and has the gut-wrench power bomb to make his opponents suffer to the utmost effect.



Ryan Vojtash

Nickname: VO Daddy

Weight Class: Cruiserweight

Hometown: Your Mother’s Basement

Intro Song: Shadow Boxing by Parkway Drive

Vo Daddy loves to joke around by saying he comes from your mother’s basement but this man is Ravishing Rick Rude, Shawn Michaels and “Dashing Cody Rhodes” all wrapped up into one perfect package. When he isn’t wooing the ladies with his charm he is slamming the competition both physically and mentally. Vojtash is best known for his mind games he loves to play with his opponent. He is as charismatic as he is deadly though. Like the RKO, Vojtash has perfected a similar move which he calls “The Beauty Sleep” putting his opponents out with a wrench of the neck down to the floor smacking their face off of it and putting them out cold. He brings a narcissistic kind of play to the group, but it sure brings in the fans that love him so very much.



Johnny Violence

Nickname: The Destroyer

Weight Class: Super Heavyweight

Hometown: Parts Unknown

Intro Song: Waking the Demon by Bullet For My Valentine

Ever see Kane wear a hockey jersey. That is what you’re getting from this monster. The only super heavy weight of the group stands at 6’8 and weighs a monstrous 350 pounds of muscle. Most people when they face him don’t come out the same again. He originally had a rivalry with the Austin “The Maniac” Moorhead, but the two have come together in tag team matches and even winning tag team gold once. A crazy pairing indeed. Johnny didn’t have the best childhood and grew up monstrous in nature. He would watch the monsters of WWE plague the rest of the roster like The Undertaker, Kane, The Great Khali, Bray Wyatt, Big Daddy V and the Boogeyman. It was that time that Johnny put on the Hockey mask and decided to show his aggression to the world in the form of wrestling.



Alright guys what did you think? Ever imagine yourself as a WWE superstar? Most of these guys didn’t and it was fun to bring our little faction to life. However, Thoughts From The Bench will forever be the most dominant faction ever in wrestling. If you ever wanna get in the ring with us, it will be your worst nightmare.