Let me start off by saying this film will be something special for anything that has cared for this character. Todd Phillips, director of the Hangover movie franchise brings us such a surprise in this movie. The “teaser” trailer for this film dropped on Wednesday and now I cannot wait until October comes around for me to see it. Let me just count the ways as to why this film puts a smile on my face.



The casting for this film is unique and just out of this world. Joaquin Phoenix was literally born to play this role. The creepiness that vibes off him in this trailer makes you cringe and wince and that’s what I want. I don’t want any cartoony appeal to this. Robert De Niro also stars as what appears to be a television host. It will be interesting to see what is character will represent in this film. Next you have two stars from the hit show Atlanta. Brian Tyree Henry aka Paper Boy and Zazie Beetz. We also have a young boy Bruce Wayne, a Thomas Wayne, Alfred and Joker’s mother.



The the plot is one of the trickiest things to pull off in a film like this. I love the way Todd Phillips is portraying this however. Phoenix’s character is named Arthur Fleck who is a struggling comedian, part time clown and appears to be a daycare consultant for his mother. We don’t know why she needs him, but in the trailer we see him bathing her. It is most likely put into place that she suffers from either a physical or mental disability. Somehow Arthur might suffer that as well as we then get a glimpse of his handwriting which is very big and sloppy. He says his message is from his mother and it is to bring joy and laughter to the world.



We then get a glimpse of how cruel Gotham really can be as a bunch of kids steal the sign he was twirling. He runs after them only for him to be tricked into it being smashed across his face. This along with other things not mentioned will start to boil over until he cracks like an egg. From then on we are teased by virtually every scene as he see just how crazy Phenoix’s Joker can get.



It is a wild and devious ride that I cannot wait to see this film. A lot of people are even scepticle of how they can do this without Batman. My answer is this; The Joker can be brought up in his own film if it is done correctly. What Todd Phillips is doing is exactly the right thing to do. This origin story doesn’t need Batman as he is not based on the comic book side of things, but in a twist focuses on the derailing of the human of mind of Arthur Fleck. Everyone’s favorite Joker is always going to be Heath Ledger, but in my mind Joaquin Phoenix’a Joker is going to give the late great actor a run for his money. Don’t take my word for it though check out the trailer down below and see if you are ready to smile in anticipation.