A Love Letter to the Pittsburgh Penguins

Dear Pittsburgh Penguins,

I am sorry.

For much of the season we were in turmoil. I wanted to fire the coach. I wanted to trade away every underperforming player. I wanted the GM to retire. I wanted blood.

But you never wavered. Like the steady hand he is Old JR asked for time. Sure enough with time you have found my heart again.

Matt Murray found his game and has returned to the Stanley Cup winning form he once had. I know it wasn’t easy but were glad The Wizard is back.

Mike Sullivan has found the pulse of the team and is pulling all the right strings. Assembling a third line that brings me back to a simpler time. Where Sesame Street was the best third line in hockey. Jordan Staal and his linemates Tyler Kennedy (Kennedy) and Matt Cooke wreaked havoc on the league. Scoring in bunches and causing chaos at every turn. Assembling Bjugstad, Hornqvist, and Simon was brilliant. I personally can’t wait to watch them single handedly win a series against the Islanders.

Phil Kessel found his smile and with it figured out where Evgeni Malkin has been all season. It was hard to imagine a period where our favorite fighting brothers where apart. But luckily they have re-united, and found a spark.

Let’s not forget what GM-JR did with that time.

When you traded Carl Hagelin I was hurt. Then when you traded the guy we got for Hagelin for some other dude who was a minus a billion. I strait lost my mind.

Yet last night as Erik Gudbranson slammed that piece of sh*t Tom Wilson to the ice I smiled. Images of Max Talbot shhhh-ing the Wells Fargo Center danced through my head. A true display of badassery that has not been seen since Gary Roberts took a penalty for simply being To Much Man. So for that Jimmy I am sorry.

I know I have questioned your decisions. I thought Daniel Sprong would be a thirty goal scorer in this league. But you were right, he is simple a curtain jerker doomed for the AHL. Instead you brought us the reincarnation of Rob Scuderi. Pettersson is truly gifted defender whose ability to enhance his D-Partner can only be compared to The Piece.

I know when you sent Derick Brassard to Florida it was for the better. But I thought you sent him there for Nick Bjugstad. Little did I know your true intention was Jared McCann. Who know McCann could and proved to us all he cCann.

I know times were rough this season. But I always had the hope you would figure it out and make hockey fun again.

Sure enough you were right, the Boys of Winter would blossom in the spring air, poised again for another cup run.


Johnny V.

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