Most of you might be looking into seeing some blockbuster movies this summer. Those movies may include Avengers Endgame, The Lion King, Aladdin, Toy Story 4, Godzilla King of the Monsters or Spiderman Far From Home. However, you are all missing what could be a huge film for comic book and horror movie fans alike. I am talking about Brightburn. Now of course if you aren’t into those two styles of movies then maybe this isn’t the article for you. The film is set to release in theaters on May 24th and is produced by Guardians of the Galaxy’s own James Gunn. I am going to tell you all right now why this is the movie you should see this summer.

This movie essentially has the plot of beloved comic book icon Superman. A boy crash lands on Earth from outer space. He is raised by a couple and tries to live out a normal life. Jackson A. Dunn plays the boy Brandon Breyer and Elizabeth Banks and David Denman play the parents who begin raising him. Seems nice right?

Brandon is teased and often picked on for being “different” than the other kids. He is a loner and doesn’t quite understand his purpose in the world. Until one day he realizes he has superpowers. He has your basic “Superman” abilities. He can fly, has super speed, super strength, heat beams, etc. This is the part where normally the person would use their powers for the greater good. That is where the story gets very interesting and dark.

Brandon decides to use the powers he had discovered not for good but seemingly for revenge and blood. He dawns a red cape equipped with a mask and goes to work. I am assuming he is calling himself Brightburn based on the title of the movie because he never really identifies himself with a name. He just leaves a drastic calling card of his work that is depicted in the following image;


Both of the trailers provided give a very eerie and disturbing vibe as you watch them and this offers probably one of the greatest questions in comics. What if Superman came to Earth and turned evil? This is the movie to see if you want the answer. This is definitely number two on my movies to see this summer behind Godzilla King of the Monsters. If anyone knows me I have every single Godzilla movie on DVD and am a huge fan of the King of the Monsters.

However, Brightburn looks to be the dark horse film to see. A killer Superman as an unstable child hell-bent on murder and destruction… James Gunn really has created an interesting premise here as we assume people with extraordinary abilities are meant to be looked up to and good-hearted. I am very excited about this film as should you all be. I encourage you that if you are a fan of horror movies and comic book films then you should definitely go see this movie as it looks to literally scare everyone in the theaters with blood and suspense.



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