It is the summer of 1994. The number one album in the country is Cracked Rear View. As you tune into MTV to check out the newest music video for Hootie and The Blowfish you are treated to this gem.

The music video for “Only Wana Be With You” is jammed full of sports icons from that era. Tho the premise is not clear, basically ESPN Cornerstones Keith Olbermann, Dan Patrick, Mike Tirico, Charley Steiner and Chris Berman, are reporting about how bad the band is at sports.

Intertwined with the SportsCenter Broadcast are clips of the band playing football with Dan Marino, golfing with Fred Couples, and a game of pick up with NBA stars Alonzo Mourning, Muggsy Bogues, Alex English, Walt Williams, and Charles Smith.

This video is literally just Darius Rucker and the gang using the video as an excuse to meet all our idols. Let’s be honest if you were a diehard sports fan and your band was the hottest thing in the country you would do the same thing.

So enjoy this Friday Flashback to a simpler time.