Football is a sport of integrity, brotherhood and sportsmanship. However, some individuals start to forget the love of the game and start playing dirty. These players have done unspeakable things to disgrace themselves and the NFL. From brutally trying to injure their opponents, shouting insults to the referees or simply just being awful human beings these guys have done everything in their power to get on the wrong side of the NFL and its fans. Obviously there are many of these players out so before we get to our list I wanted to throw down a couple of honorable mentions.

They are as followed;

Lyle Alzado

Dick Lane

Terrell Suggs

Rodney Harrison

Ray Nitschke

T.J. Ward

Dick Butkus

Brandon Meriweather

Now that our long list of honorable mentions are done it is time to stroll down this road of degeneracy and violence with the dirtiest NFL players of all time.

#10 Albert Haynesworth

Haynesworth has gone from team to team trying to figure out his style of play. Sadly, he just couldn’t figure it out and hasn’t been with an NFL team since 2011. Some people might just have a smile on their face as they know why he just couldn’t cut it in the NFL. The former defensive tackle was just a dirty player and replaced his skill with different ways to hurt his opponents to get the edge over them. His most heinous act came when he was with the Tennessee Titans. During the end of a play Haynesworth took it upon himself to step on the head of Andre Gurode. No it was not the helmet, it was the unprotected skull which was stomped on by cleats. Haynesworh was tossed from the game and would serve a five game suspension without pay. Disugusting indeed, but not the worst on the list.

#9 James Harrison

You may think he think he deserves to be higher on this list, but I just don’t. Harrison has always been a very physical human being, but on the football field he was a bull that never settled. He made it a point to destroy whoever was in his way. At times maybe a few rules were broken, but some I think were just looked at in a sense of the kind of hits. Harrison hit low with his and head and because of it racked some serious money in fines totally about 150,000 dollars. It was made public after the league started cracking down on his style of hitting Harrison would stop being a headhunter and start going for the knees. He racked up this feat of distrust when he was on the Steelers, but he did play for a year for the Patriots before finally retiring. Maybe he is this low because of his years in Pittsburgh, or maybe because I feel he was more physical than dirty. Regardless, I believe there are others that are worse than him.

#8 Aqib Talib

Talib has done a number of things to get considered for this list. The most noteable came after coming into contact with receiver Michael Crabtree. During a game, Talib came over and snatched the golden chain Crabtree was wearing and took it off the field in a satisfied manner like he had accomplished something by stealing. Crabtree would take exception to this the next time they met. These two were lined up against each other in a new game and as soon they snapped the ball, Talib and Crabtree got tossed from the game for fighting in the first quarter. This apparently occurred when Talib grabbed another chain off of Crabtree’s neck. Besides this he has been constantly accused of illegal tackling, eye gouging and fighting with opposing. Seeing him and Steve Smith fight that one time was entertaining, but not in a good way and that is why he lands at number eight on this list.

#7 Dashon Goldson 

Some players learn their lessons and others kind of just brush it off. Dashon Goldson was a very prominent repeat offender of very dangerous and unnecessary hits on his opponents. He gained an infamous stat for his record as he had a total of 20 unecessary roughness penalties since the year of 2009. This didn’t stop him though as he continued to hunt heads in 2013 racking up a total of over 190,000 dollars on just three fines. When he refused to learn he was suspended for his actions. His most infamous moment in my mind however came with the hit on Darren Sproles. Still disgusts me to this day.

#6 Jack Tatum

When you’re nickname was “The Assassin” you shouldn’t be surprised to see yourself on a list like this. Tatum was a member of the Oakland Raiders being drafted in the 19th pick of the 1971 Draft. Tatum embraced the nickname he got by literally destroying people on the field. His most infamous moment came at a great cost for another player. Of course I am talking about the hit on wide receiver Darryl Stingley. The hit on Stingley paralyzed him and he had a to spend the remainder of his life in a wheelchair until he died in the year of 2007. Tatum of course felt remorse issuing a statement to Stingley’s family. However he has said that he will not apologize for the way he played in the NFL. Let’s just say that he probably wouldn’t fit into today’s league playing style.

#5 Richie Incognito

This scum bag comes in at number five on the list. He was a dirty player, but he mostly earns a spot on this list for his awful bullying methods and loud mouth that continues to get him in trouble even to this day. He was recently just in the news for saying he wanted to cut off the head of his dead father at his funeral. Crazy stuff, but it doesn’t stop there as he was named a bully by then Miami Dolphins teammate Jonathan Martin who claimed that he was bullied by Incognito and two others until he was eventually traded. When he went public with the information, Incognito went even further down the dirt status by sending death threats, racial slurs and comments about Martin’s mother and sister. This is nothing but a disgusting example of how cruel people can be and because of it Incognito was suspended for his actions. He was a cheap shot artist and loved doing things to rack up these horrible stories. Again a dirty player can be more than just physical damage especially if they are rotten to the core like Richie still is.

#4 Conrad Dobler

The former offensive tackle for the Arizona Cardinals made himself out to be a very bad man indeed. A huge incident with him occurred when he punched Mean Joe Green in the face. His method of disorienting his opponents was another weird and especially dirty one. He would wait until they got close to him and then Dobler would spit in the face of his opponents. With them unable to see he would then hit, punch or kick them underneath their pads. He claim that he was never dirty and that he always played in the grey area of things, but there is no arguing when I tell you Dobler was one of the meanest and dirtiest players to ever play the game. No wonder Sports Illustrated at one time named him the dirtiest player in football.

#3 Vontaze Burfict

You have no idea how much I wanted to just put him at number one, but even with all of the horrible things he has done in his career there are two more that are worse and we will get to them later. For now, Burfict has been heavily criticized for his style of playing. His main enemies of course would be the Pittsburgh Steelers who he always loves to hurt including Bell, Roethlisberger and of course the huge Antonio Brown hit that sparked a huge debate on Burfict’s playing ethics.He had many other targets during his career and is commonly associated with being the dirtiest player in the NFL today. He has hit Martellus Bennet and Ryan Taylor below the belt to try to draw fines, twisting the ankles of Cam Newton, starting fights with his own teammates and anything he has ever done to the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is crazy enough to believe in his short career he has about 786,549 dollars in fines to his name. The math may be correct or off, but the one thing that is correct is that Burfict is a dirty and cheap player. I was so happy when JuJu took it upon himself to send Burfict a message putting him on the ground.

#2 Bill Romanowski

Big Bad Bill comes in at the number two spot. I was meaning to put Romanowski at number one, however due to a lot of his anger being caused by steroids I thought that if he played without them he would not have been as aggressive in nature. Sadly he still did a lot to classify himself as a dirty player. He broke the jaw of then Carolina Panthers quarterback Kerry Collins. The crazy thing is that it was in the preseason and there was no reason that should have happened. Bill also broke the finger of running back Dave Meggett. He claimed it sounded like a chicken bone breaking in half and he enjoyed doing it at the time. Let us not forget when he spit in the face of wide receiver J.J. Stokes during a live game against San Francisco. Spitting in the face of anybody is the ultimate sense of disrespect and I’ll never understand why people do it. He even went as far as to hit one of his Oakland Raiders teammates Marcus Williams in the eye shattering his eye socket. Williams was forced to retire after suffering from his double vision, memory loss and giving him depression. This was sad to hear since he had to retire in the prime of his career. He was an angry man and later came to terms with his anger announcing his steroid usage to the world on live television. He remains one of the angriest and dirtiest players in NFL history.

#1 Ndamukong Suh

A lot of people probably expected Suh to be number one and I can understand why. He’s a total freight train of destruction and cheap shots. He has done many of these cheap shots and has been criticized immensely for his actions of play. Quarterbacks were in trouble when they saw Suh. Just ask quarterbacks Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers how they feel about Suh. I believe the year was 2014 when Suh nearly broke the leg of Aaron Rodgers by standing on it too long. He received a massive fine of 100,000 dollars. His response was his feet were numb and he couldn’t tell the difference between Aaron’s leg and the ground. It’s very obvious as he didn’t care for the people who he inflicted pain on because there were so many more of them. He also kicked Ryan Fitzpatrick in the head, kicked Matt Schaub and Ben Roethlisberger in the testicles, punching Jay Cutler in the head with a forearm shot as well and a late hit on Chad Henne. Quarterbacks weren’t the only players that felt his wrath though as he even kicked offensive linemen Evan Dietrich Smith in the arm and stomach, and he also kicked running back Alfred Morris in the head. He has racked up an infamous number total of 611,169 dollars so far as well as a two game suspension. Will he ever be able to learn his lesson? Probably not.