Jurgen Klopp’s Excuse Train is in Full Steam

After a disappointing o-o draw in the Merseyside Derby against Everton, manager of Liverpool Jurgen Klopp came up with one of the greatest excuses of all time as to why his team didn’t play well. When asked about the 0-0 draw, he said: “Very diffficult game for different reasons. I know people don’t like it when I say it, but the wind came from all different directions, the ball was in the air a lot. It was really difficult to play any kind of football out there.”

I have played soccer almost my entire life, and for the past seven years, as a goalkeeper. In a 0-0 game with no goals that were contributed to the wind, that has to be one of the most insane excuses of all time. But amazingly, this is still not the worst Klopp excuse of all time.

Just last week, after drawing a game against Manchester United, a game in which United lost two of their attacking trio and burned all their substitutes in the first half, Klopp went on to say the all time great excuse of: “If we had carrried on like we started we could have won but we lost our rhythm with the injuries.”

Never before have I heard a coach make the excuse of, “the other team’s two best goal scoreres got injured in the first half, that is why we lost.” Truly, astonishing excuses here.

But it gets worse! After picking up another draw against Southampton in 2017 at Anfield, the Liverpool skipper came up with the brilliant excuse of blaming the grass. “Today, I know nobody wants to hear it but I’m brave enough to say it, the pitch was really dry.” What an excuse. Klopp also blamed the grass when Liverpool drew against Bury in 2018, and when they drew against West Brom as well the same year.

But maybe the greatest excuse of them all is when Klopp blamed the tevelsion broadcasters of Liverpool’s FA Cup tie against West Brom in 2018 as to why his team lost. Talking about BT Sport, Klopp said: “What I heard was that the actual extra time in the first half should have been 10 minutes. It was only four minutes. I heard television said that it’s not longer than four minutes.” Likely story, Jurgen.

Maybe if Klopp had players on his team that could finish simple chances in big games (I am looking at you Mo Salah, Mane and Firmino), then maybe he wouldn’t have to make as many excuses.

Long live Jurgen’s assinine excuses. (Also a huge thank you to Everton today for helping out in the “Anyone but Liverpool winning the title” movement. As a United fan, it is greatly appreciated.)

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