Mike Leach is going to be a Washington State University professor

You read that correctly. This might be the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

According to the Associated Press, Washington State head football coach (and the man who might be my real dad) Mike Leach is trying to teach a collegiate class this spring. The class will reportedly be open to 40 current WSU students, but will not count as credits towards a student’s degree. What’s this course going to be called? “Insurgent Warfare and Football”.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to transfer to Washington State as soon as humanly possible, because that is vintage Mike Leach. We all know he’s an expert on both football and various types of warriors throughout history.

Apparently, the course is officially billed as a “non-credit seminar” according to Coach Leach’s official Twitter account. It’s a five-part class, with the last session being an online lecture for all Washington State students. It will be held in the football facility on campus, and will cover a wide array of topics:

Get this: in order to be admitted into the class, the students need to write two 200-word essays (Coach Leach doesn’t have time for your long ass essays) on topics that are clearly VERY relevant to the course material.

  • Can the British strategy in the Malaya insurgency be used today?
  • Is the wishbone a viable offense for the NFL? Why or why not?

Simply amazing. Personally, I need to hear Coach Leach’s own opinion on the wishbone offense. And if he somehow ties the wishbone offense into historic British military strategies, that would be the greatest and most stimulating content known to man. Just his “fake script” tactic in the 1999 Red River Rivalry game alone shows how he’s a generational military mind.

I’ve already written about why Coach Leach needs to have his own TED Talk, and this WSU course will only confirm my take. I mean, the pure genius that this man possesses to come up with a class that incorporates both football strategy and insurgent warfare is incredible. I’m not joking, I actually would love to see how he ties them together. It would be both intriguing and inspiring. He needs to be given an even larger platform to expand on his military and football intellect once this course has been taught. A TED Talk is the next logical step for the world to witness the most interesting man in sports in his own element: gridiron policy and military schemes.

I’m seriously considering starting a GoFundMe to pay my Washington State tuition, just so I can immediately transfer to enroll in this course. Dad, I’m coming to Pullman.

Speaking of Coach Leach, it’s shameless plug time. Go get some merch.

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