“I’m Mike Leach, and this is my TED Talk.”

I come to you today in the hopes of starting a movement. A movement that should have occurred long ago.

If you’ve been living under a rock, TED Talks bring some of the most brilliant minds of our time to the stage to deliver 10-20 minute talks about various subjects. Speakers range from Tony Robbins all the way to Stephen Hawking. From whether or not schools kill creativity, to the science of procrastination, to how to get the most out of a Wii remote, it seems like there’s a TED Talk on everything. There are even TED Talks on sports, if that’s more your speed. My personal favorite is a talk on whether or not athletes are actually getting bigger, faster and stronger:

Interesting stuff, really makes you think. John Wooden, Martellus Bennett, and that one guy that does Sports Science are just some of the big names in sports that have given TED Talks. I mean, shit, even Ray Lewis somehow gave a TED Talk (probably just because he loves to hear himself talk). If you’ve never watched any of these, I recommend going to YouTube and watching some right now. Be careful though, if you’re like me, you’ll go down the infamous YouTube rabbit hole pretty quick.

Unfortunately, with all the TED Talks that have been given over the years, there is one man has never been given the platform he truly deserves. This is a man whose greatness is not recognized nearly enough in today’s society. He oozes class, intellect, and grace like no other. When he speaks, he bends time and space. I sometimes wish he was my father. The man I’m talking about, of course, is none other than Mike Leach, head football coach of the Washington State Cougars.

I realize I’ve already brought up Coach Leach in my first post, but I feel like I need to expand on why I sincerely love this man so much. To make it simple, I will break it down into seven indisputable points.

#1: He offers a simple yet eloquent explanation of why the College Football Playoff needs to be expanded.

#2: His wedding advice is truly second to none.

#3: He is a confirmed expert on both pirates and vikings, and isn’t shy about flexing his knowledge during press conferences.

#4: He doesn’t take kindly to distractions, no matter what or who they may be.

#5: His thoughts on Halloween costumes should be revisited every October.

#6: His many talents include being a weatherman.

#7: He pulls off the ‘stauche so well it makes most women (and men for that matter) weak in the knees.

All that’s missing is his Dos Equis commercial.

If it isn’t clear enough already, this man deserves a platform to speak. The inner workings of his mind are so breathtaking and awe-inspiring that the world needs to hear it, uncensored and uninterrupted. For this reason, I am proposing a grassroots movement to have Mike Leach give a TED Talk, at a time and location of his choosing. Topics of discussion: TBD, since he most likely won’t know either until he starts talking. I am convinced it would be the most thought-provoking TED Talk to date.

My body needs it. Yours does too, even if you don’t realize it yet. Please use the hashtag #MikeLeachTEDTalk to raise awareness. Let’s make it happen.

PS: Coach Leach, if you’re reading this, I’m your biggest fan.


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