Is the NFL season ever over? Even with the AAF in full force, we still need the NFL. It’s basically like watching the Marvel shows (now being cancelled) on Netflix just waiting for Captain Marvel to drop. Yeah, we get our fix but it just isn’t enough.

Although Mock Drafts have been at the forefront of almost every NFL news article since the Super Bowl, I wanted to touch a bit on some key free agents this off season. A lot of these guys will probably end up either being franchised tagged or accepting an offer with their current team, but what’s a Tuesday morning without some speculation?

Jadeveon Clowney

The first big name in the free agent pool is Houston Texans Jadeveon Clowney. Clowney has been one of the biggest youtube stars the draft has had (Yup, even bigger than Laremy Tunsil!) after this hit in the Outback bowl. Yikes.

This was the year before Clowney entered the draft, and although he hasn’t hit his full potential in the NFL he has been a true force next to J.J. Watt. In all honesty I would be surprised if Clowney didn’t get the franchise tag from the Texans for a “prove it” type of year before getting a long term contract the following season.

Demarcus Lawrence

This guy is the real deal. It makes me laugh though, because you’d think that the Cowboys would tell Dak Prescott “Hey man, uhh….yeah we’re gonna pay the guys that make you look good more money than you make because they make you look good” but THAT would be too logical for the Cowboys. Last year he has 10.5 sacks and 42 solo tackles. The big reason I’ll be surprised is he isn’t signed long term is because this defense is the real thing. Between Lawrence, Lee, Smith and LVE this is a real defensive threat to any opposing offense.

Landon Collins

Personally, I would love almost nothing more than for Collins to somehow find his way to the Steelers. I’m aware Landon Collins is coming off a disappointing year that fall slightly short due to shoulder surgery in week 13. Collins hard hitting style is overlooked in todays NFL with defensive flags flying lately, but this soon to be former G-Man is just a year removed from a 100 tackle (combined) season. Collins still has some gas in the tank and the Giants should most likely move him for draft assets to invest in the potential Haskins led future. Also, at the :45 mark, anyone who stands up Lev like that deserves his respect.

Earl Thomas

I love Earl Thomas. The vocal leader of the “Legion of Boom”, he found a way to make almost every play imaginable throughout his career. Thomas has been vocal in his career about where he wants to end up, but for now the soon to be former Seattle Seahawk is open for business. I know there’s baggage with Thomas; he was carted off this past year in week 4, but I’ll take a seasoned veteran for a Super Bowl run over a rookie learning to grow for a few teams in the NFL – Cowboys included.

C.J. Mosley

In all honesty, I would be largely surprised if Mosley goes anywhere other than right back to Baltimore. Watching his tape the first word I think of is smart. This guy can do it all and it’s so impressive considering I absolutely hate Baltimore. C.J. can cover, sack, strip, intercept, and almost every other defensive word in the book. Although inside guys traditionally don’t get the big money, Baltimore could be looking to spend heavy in places untraditional with a rookie contract on their new franchise QB.

Tyrann Mathieu

HONEY BADGER FANS STAND UP! I LOVE Mathieu. Sadly, Badger didn’t get himself the last big contract he deserved and this DB free agency pool is pretty deep. Mathieu might have to take some sort of veterans discount if he wants to have a shot at a Super Bowl. His one year deal with the Texans is now done though, so a large deal at a young team willing to spend could come after watching his tape from last season. In the first game he played for Houston against the Patriots, Honey Badger had an interception, a fumble revery and five tackles. Woof.

Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater will get a minicamp / preseason starting job chance this offseason, and I’m putting my stamp on that. He proved he can still ball out this past preseason with the New Orleans Saints, and teams took notice. Bridgewater is the peoples champion after getting the starting job in Minnesota and losing it due to one of the freakiest injuries I have ever heard of. His knee looks good, and someone will bring the kid on and give the Louisville Alum a chance.