Ranking All NFL Logos

Normally, when I do rankings of all things football related it has to actually deal with the competitive nature of the sport. Today I’d thought I’d try something a little different. Today I will be ranking all 32 NFL logos. Now you might be thinking Austin that’s a silly thing to rank. My response to that is “Don’t talk back to your Rank King like that you peasant”. Anyway, I thought this would be kind of “out of the box” and fun for me to do for you guys. These logos will be ranked on design as well as the creativity that was put into them. Also if you guys as readers have any ideas for what I should rank next leave a suggestion. Getting feedback from you guys is why I love doing this. Without further ado, here are all 32 NFL logos ranked!

#32 Cleveland Browns2D4F2F07-B211-4D2A-AD62-9D28C4151FB7

I’d say it’s pretty obvious as to why this is our last place logo. For a team that loves to get creative it sure seems like they forgot about their logo. There’s just not a lot go off of here. It’s simplicity really does hamper it down and having the dog back on to represent the dog pound would give it a plus, but oh well it’s our last place spot at #32.

#31 Washington Redskins


Well it’s actually pretty interesting how this logo hasn’t been changed yet. The Redskins have been under fire for years about their racisit looking logo and name. It’s not a good fit for the team in today’s PC society and it needs to be changed soon. For all the controversy and bad things that come along with this logo it lands at the #31 spot

#30 Chicago Bears


The Bears logo lands at the #30 spot. Nothing crazy here, but its the simplicity that gets this one to be so low on our list. The colors match fine, but honestly I preferred the actual bear because it brought a sense of fierceness to the team. Without it the logo seems bland and plain and doesn’t do anything for me so Bears at #30.

#29 San Francisco 49ers


The San Francisco 49ers land at the #29 spot on our ranking. The simplicity element comes in again here. The color scheme is well done, but it would honestly be higher but the logo to me are the two letters  the S and the F. The F is being covered by the S in this logo and to me that takes away part of it so that’s why it lands at the #29 spot.

#28 New York Jets


The Jets logo has a good color scheme and having the football on here does it well. However, that is about all that is good with this one. Again we run into the situation where one thing is front of the other this case being the the word Jets in front of the New York. To me again that is covering something up and taking away from the logo. Maybe a revamping of this one is in order but for now it takes the #28 spot.

#27 New York Giants


The Giants take the #27 spot in my logo ranking. The reason being is that I do not see a lot of imagination here. You can do so much more than the simple NY thrown together. Plus it might be just me but the fact that this isn’t capitalized bothers me a little bit. The color scheme is good here, but again the lack of imagination causes this one to fall down to #27.

#26 Cincinnati Bengals


The Bengals take the #26 spot with its logo. Now, in all fairness I do like what they did with the colors here. They made claw like marks on the B with the color black and made the B orange. That is where it ends with me. The simplicity factor gets this one as after you take away the cool design of the colors you are left with just a simple B. If they brought back the actual bengal tiger I would put it a lot higher. Sadly, some people just don’t have the imagination to do that and that’s why it lands low on the #26 spot.

#25 Tennessee Titans


The Tennessee Titans logo takes the #25 spot with it being the most unique one so far on the ranking. Now for me I guess why it is so low is that I just don’t get the design. Nothing about this fireball looking logo screams Titan to me and maybe that is being picky, but to me the logo kind of has to match the team name. That is where this one falls for me and it’s a shame because they could make a really cool logo relating to the Titan name.

#24 Indianapolis Colts


The Colts take the #24 spot on the ranking. The reason being is that I believe this logo would look a lot better if it was the actual colt being presented here instead of the horseshoe. Now I get it the horseshoe has been around for a long time, but just imagine it. A white horse head with blue eyes and a blue horseshoe turned to the side to make a blue C around it. For me that would look a lot more interesting and creative then just a simple horseshoe.

#23 Los Angeles Chargers


The Chargers try to make some energy happen as they take the #23 spot. For me this logo is unique in a sense, but just does not do a lot for me. The lightning bolt is interesting to put and there is not a lot you can do with this one which is also a reason it isn’t very high.  When a logo is hard to come up with alone and doesn’t have a lot to go on it becomes hard to like. Again, maybe I am just being picky but it just doesn’t do anything for me.

#22 Green Bay Packers


The Packers arrive on this ranking at #22 and seems to have the same problem as some of its predecessors. It is a very simple design. Simple designs do not cut it for me. The main reason why it is up so high is that i like what they did with the color arraignment. Having a white G with green coloring the outside and inside of the G is good and when you make the outline of the whole thing yellow it completes it. So, in summary a simple logo and color scheme make this one #22.

#21 New England Patriots


Now maybe I am being biased putting the Patriots logo this low, but I feel this is where they belong at #21. I actually preferred their old school logo of the actual patriot about to hike the football and to me that is why this logo lands so low. They had a good thing and traded it away for something simple and this simple one just bores me honestly. Colors are good and it is definitely better than the other ones that we have already covered. I can’t imagine it getting any higher on the rankings though.

#20 Kansas City Chiefs


The Chiefs take the #20 spot on this ranking. The main thing I like about this logo is that they didn’t just slap the KC on there and call it a day. They decided to add an arrowhead around the letters representing the Arrowhead Stadium they compete in and that is cool to me that they would take a step in including that. They also made it almost wavy or jagged-like which is a plus as well representing an arrowhead and not just an arrow. It falls though as the K covers the C and we all know how I feel about coverings of symbols.

#19 Dallas Cowboys


How bout’ them Cowboys taking the #19 spot on the ranking. Now the star is very iconic and many of you Cowboy fans out there are probably shaking your head as to why this is so low on the list. I get what this logo is trying to come across with but to me it lacks that something special that brings me any hope of putting it higher. Again my opinion, not yours, but it just doesn’t bring anything to the table for me that it brings a lot of fans out there. Sorry Cowboys, but #19 is where you are staying.

#18 Philadelphia Eagles


The Eagles take the #18 spot on the rankings and the lowest of all the “bird” teams in the NFL. I do like the color scheme of this making a white bird head with a gray beak, green eyes and a green outline, but I believe there could be more to this one. If they kept the head but added a body to it with talons I feel like it could add a more fierce persona to an already mean looking logo.

#17 Miami Dolphins


The Miami Dolphins swim their way into the #17 spot. This one to me is unique since it is the only water based animal logo out of all the NFL teams. That being said I enjoy this one, but I enjoyed the old logo more. True, it may have been a little cartoony in some eyes but the dolphin looked mean and ready to rumble which is not how the dolphins team has been when they actually compete. However, the color scheme again here is good making a green dolphin and having it front of an orange sun. This is one of the few logos that I’ll allow something being in front of something else because it just makes sense here.

#16 Oakland Raiders


The Oakland Raiders make their presence felt at the #16 spot. This is by far the most unique one we have covered on the rankings. The swords and raider on the logo make it look like they are a team that shouldn’t be trifled with. Two things about this that I would like to change though. I feel they don’t need the name of the team on this logo. It is common sense that if you’ve been a fan of this organization you know who this team is. The second thing is that they could make this logo a bit meaner. This organization is known for being gritty and in your face and somehow this logo doesn’t do that for me.

#15 Arizona Cardinals


Arizona flys into the #15 spot on my ranking. The Cardinals have a very simple yet fierce looking logo. This Cardinal head looks very angry and ready to rumble. The Cardinal is truly a magnificent bird and to me stands out as a better “bird” team logo than the Eagles logo. The colors just stand out a bit more to me and looks a little bit more fierce than the Eagles logo. A very good logo for a recently mediocre team.

#14 New Orleans Saints


The Saints land a spot at the #14 spot. I can say originally when I started following football I had no idea what this symbol was. When I found out I thought it was one of the most intriguing team logos I had seen. The logo represents the fleur-de-lis. The fleur-de-lis is a type of lily. This lily is used as a decorative design. So they took this and incorporated it with their name; The Saints. Many Catholic Saints in France are depicted with this particular lily. The one that comes to mind is St. Joseph. I love a story to a logo and this is why this logo is so high on the ranking at #14.

#13 Jacksonville Jaguars


The Jaguars pounce onto the #13 spot on the ranking. It is very weird to see this team so high on the list since I put them really low on my NFL rankings. However, this is based on the logo and not the performance. The Jaguars logo improved a great deal from its last logo. The last one looked very bad and not as intimidating. The new one chewed up and spit out the old one adapting and became a very threatening logo to reckon with. The color scheme is good as they incorporate all their colors. They use the black for the filling of the mouth and the outline, gold and white for the face of the jaguar and green for the eyes, nose and tongue. A vast improvement and it deserves the #13 spot.

#12 Pittsburgh Steelers


Being a Steelers fan, it is really hard to not put the Steelers in the top ten of everything I write about. Sadly, the logo for how good it looks is not as good as others and that upsets me. However, this logo is still a very good logo because of its story. You’ll notice that it includes multiple colors that aren’t the typical black and gold Steelers colors. They are yellow, orange (even though it looks red) and blue. They all represent the different attributes for steel. The yellow lightens your work, the orange brightens your leisure and the blue widens your world. This seemed very cool to me as fan. Now, it could use some revamping down the road but for now its a very cool logo with a story to it.

#11 Buffalo Bills


The Buffalo Bills land at the #11 spot on this ranking. The Bills have a logo that is very headstrong in my opinion. This logo’s color scheme is very well done, but it is the actual buffalo that takes the cake here. It is very well done. The Buffalo is jumping forward using its head presumingly to bash the head of the animal it is attacking. For me this is used for defense against predators and if there is one thing that is constantly improving on the Bills team it is the defense. Very powerful, very colorful, very interesting and very appropriate for the #11 spot.

#10 Baltimore Ravens


The Baltimore Ravens soar into the top ten hitting #10 on the ranking. The Raven on this logo looks like it is about to scavenge for its food in a very evil manner. The color scheme to this very well done. The purple and black shows well here including a gold outline to it. The red eye adds again a certain evil and intimidating factor to this logo. The B on the raven also does very well since it is not really covered up and shown to represent the city of Baltimore. It is a really well done logo out of the “bird” teams, but it still isn’t the best one.

#9 Seattle Seahawks


The Seattle Seahawks fly past the ravens to hit perch on the #9 spot. The fourth bird logo on this list is probably the most bolded out one. The colors and design are very up and front and show off sort of a sense of power to it. Again, the colors are represented well in this logo with green eye and blue head of the bird. The scowl of this logo is also very well done giving off a “we’re here to mess you up” or an “all business look”. Very good at deserving the #9 spot.

#8 Houston Texans


The Texans steam roll over the previous competition to land at the #8 spot. I love this logo for a couple of reasons. The color scheme is really well done capturing the red, blue and white perfectly. The main thing though is the star on the eye. To me it sort of symbolizes the spirit of the bull that is being presented in the logo. Honestly, when I think of this logo I think of J.J. Watt. Like a bull, Watt uses brute force to knock over the competition. Very well done indeed Texans.

#7 Denver Broncos


The Denver Broncos stampede into the #7 spot in the ranking. Call me crazy but there seems something majestic about this logo. From the fierce look in the eyes of the bronco to the muscles sticking out in the neck and jawbones and finally the long flowing hair or mane of the bronco. The color scheme works very well as you have orange in the eyes and mane, and the white and blue in the design of the bronco. Looks very good and fierce which is good enough for me.

#6 Detroit Lions


The Lions finally do some good in one of my rankings coming in at #6. A lion in the wild is known as the king of the jungle. Now obviously the Lions aren’t the king of the so called NFL jungle but they do come close for their logo. First, I would like to say I am happy they didn’t use the typical head of the animal and used the full body. It shows the complete strength and fierceness of a lion in the wild. Standing on its hind legs ready to strike it shows you this team isn’t one to mess with. The color scheme works well with the blue in the lion and the white/silver outlining it. Very well done.

#5 Carolina Panthers


Hard to believe if you guys ever read my weekly football rankings you could ever imagine me putting the Carolina Panthers in the top five of any list. They fall at the #5 spot on our ranking. The Panther head incorporates all the colors of black, blue and silver/white. The reason this is so high is because this is probably the fiercest looking logo out of all 32 teams. The Panther head with the open mouth looking like it is going take a bite out of the competition gets a plus. The eyes being completely white is what gets me though. It gives off an Undertaker vibe which helps since I am also a wrestling fan. The Panthers take #5 for their intimidating logo.

#4 Minnesota Vikings


The Minnesota Vikings take the #4 spot on my ranking. The Vikings in my mind is probably the most unique logo of all the teams. I mean a Viking, how cool is that to see as your logo. The colors work well as the yellow is incorporated into the top part of the helmet and the hair, mustache and eyebrow of the Viking. The purple is in the bottom of the helmet and finally the white was in the horns of the helmet. Like I said, this is probably the most unique designed logo and for that it lands at #4.

#3 Los Angeles Rams


The Rams barge their way into the #3 spot on my rankings and rightfully so. This logo captures the animal perfectly. The animal normally only attacks unless it feels threatened. So what does it do? It chargers at you. This signifies two things for me. One. Todd Gurley charging down the field “ramming” into the defense and scoring. Two, the defense “ramming” over the offensive line and destroying the quarterback. The colors are represented well. The eyes and snarl of the ram also gives off a destructive vibe. This was a good logo to review.

#2 Atlanta Falcons


I now reveal to you the best of the “bird” team logos for the NFL. Not only that, but the Atlanta Falcons take the #2 spot in my NFL logo ranking list. There is a lot to love here as this logo screams intimidation to me. From the wing being sharp enough to cut glass to the talons that are sharp as well. The glaring white eyes with no pupil gives you the impression that this is a bird that is very dangerous. Plus I don’t know about you guys but black and red combined with anything makes it look more badass. As good as this one is however, there is one that is even better.

#1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers


I can imagine not a lot of you saw this coming but yes in my opinion the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the best logo in the NFL. There are a lot of reasons why this logo is the best so let us count the ways. One, the ripped pirate flag is badass. Two, the skull with the two swords instead of cross bones was an amazing design feature. Plus you have the football in the middle of it to symbolize the sport. Finally, the flag being held up by a pirate sword was very clever to throw in there. The colors fit well as the red and silver is being shown in all parts of the logo. There you have it guys the Buccaneers achieve victory in this ranking.

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