Ranking The Super Bowls Over The Last Ten Years

The last ten years of football have brought us many memories of good and bad and it all comes down to one event after the regular season: The Super Bowl. Whether it was hoisting the Lombardi trophy and all its glory or crumbling in defeat, twenty two teams have competed in this great event. Now is the perfect time with the most recent Super Bowl ending to rank all of the Super Bowls in the last ten years. Yes this is from 2009 to 2019 so there will be eleven Super Bowls to go through so sit back and relive the memories one at a time.


Super Bowl LIII

New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams

We start off our rankings with the most recent Super Bowl: Super Bowl LIII. I am gonna be completely honest here. This was probably the worst Super Bowl I had ever seen and maybe the worst Super Bowl in history. I thought initially we were going to get a great offense verses an amazing defense especially since on the first passing play by the Patriots Brady was intercepted. Sadly this turned into not only the most boring Super Bowl in history but, it also proved that maybe the Rams were not ready for the next step of being Super Bowl champions. Even though it was the worst Super Bowl in my opinion it was probably the greatest defensive performance in Super Bowl history for Belichick and the Patriots as they made the Rams punt nine times with more yards coming from that (417) than the Rams offensive yards (260). A bright spot for the Rams though as the punter Hekker set the record for the longest punt in Super Bowl history at 65 yards. Other reasons why this one was terrible are as followed; Brady and Goff did not throw a single touchdown all game, Goff was held to a 50% completion rating, Sweet Victory wasn’t played, terrible third down conversion percentages and so on and so forth. Hands down the worst Super Bowl in my eyes and a snore fest for all watching and one we as fans (aside from New England) wish we could forget.


Super Bowl XLVIII

Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos

You know originally when watching this year’s Super Bowl all I could think was what a dominant performance by the New England defense. Then I remembered Super Bowl 48. From the first snap of the game and the quickest score in Super Bowl history we as fans were about to witness the biggest difference of points between two teams. The Seattle defense was just unstoppable in this game getting three turnovers (two Manning interceptions and a Demaryius Thomas fumble. Before you knew it the score was 22-0 heading into halftime. When the kickoff of the third quarter started it was now 29-0 from a Percy Harvin kickoff touchdown return. Wilson and the offense got some licks in as well and even with a Manning touchdown to Thomas the score was finalized at 43-8 with Seattle taking the dominant victory and the number ten spot on our list.


Super Bowl 50

Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers

The 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl. This contest was set between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers were on a hot streak going into the Super Bowl with a 15-1 record. Their only problem however was going up against the Broncos were 12-4 and had one of the best defenses in the NFL. It was shown right away as the Broncos were up 3-0 in the first quarter and Von Miller stripped the ball out of Newton’s hands and caused a defensive touchdown going now to 10-0. The final score would end up being 24-10. The reason this was so low on the list is because the offenses did not perform much in this game. Both quarterbacks threw an interception, did not throw a touchdown and were heavily pressured by the defense. I like more of an offensive standoff with defense coming in for clutch plays here and there. Not a bad game, it just wasn’t the best in my honest opinion.


Super Bowl XLIV

New Orleans Saints vs Indianapolis Colts

The Saints and Colts met for Super Bowl XLIV and what a showdown it was. The colts took the lead early off a field goal and a Pierre Garcon touchdown reception in the first quarter. The Saints needed to get something going and even though it wasn’t a lot they added six points off two field goals before the end of the half. Sean Payton and the Saints refused to accept that however as they came out with a surprise in the beginning of the third quarter. They proceeded to kick the first ever onside kick in Super Bowl history and better yet they recovered it. Using good ball management Brees dumped his pass of to Pierre Thomas for a Saints touchdown making the score 13-10. The Colts needed to strike back with points and they found pay dirt with a hand off touchdown to running back Joseph Addai making it a one point game. They would have had more points in the fourth quarter but Matt Stover missed a 51 yard field goal. The Saints would capitalize on this with Brees hitting Jeremy Shockey with a touchdown and a Lance Moore two-point conversion. Manning had a chance but ultimately threw a 74 yard pick six to Tracy Morgan which sealed the deal as Manning missed a touchdown pass which kept the score at 31-17 ending the game.


Super Bowl XLII

New York Giants vs New England Patriots

For the second time the Giants and the Patriots met in the Super Bowl and the Patriots were looking to get revenge on their former Super Bowl victors. So here we are in 2008 as the first points on the board come in a weird fashion for the Giants as the refs call intentional grounding on Brady resulting in a safety. The Giants added more points as Eli tossed a touchdown to Victor Cruz. We all know that Brady with a time though is a bad thing and sure enough with a field goal and a Danny Woodhead touchdown reception the Patriots were able to take the lead with eight seconds left in the half. Brady then attempted to shove it down the throats of the Giants with an Aaron Hernandez touchdown reception now putting up seventeen unanswered points. Too many mistakes however costed the Patriots as too many drops by receivers and the Giants defense made it hard for Brady. The Giants took advantage of this with two field goals and an Ahmad Bradshaw rushing touchdown the Giants finally took the lead with less than a minute to go. Normally, Brady with time is a bad thing right? However, two drops by Branch and Hernandez and a sack set up a fourth down. Brady did convert, but it was not enough as a failed Hail Mary was enough for the Giants to put the Patriots away for the second time.


Super Bowl XLV

Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers

In 2011, the Packers and the Steelers met in Super Bowl XLV for the chance to hoist the Lombardi trophy. After a couple of defensive stalemates on drives, Green Bay struck first with Rodgers tossing a touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson. Pittsburgh looked to get on the board but a costly Big Ben interception led to it being returned for a touchdown. The Steelers would get a field goal from Shaun Suisham, but the Steelers fell into a trap again as Ben tossed another interception and Rodgers capitalized on the turnover by tossing another touchdown this time to Greg Jennings. The Steelers though were able to get a touchdown though before the half ended as Ben tossed one to Hines Ward making the score 21-10. The third quarter began as the Steelers defense came alive forcing a three and out for Green Bay. The Steelers then drove down the field with a rushing score by Rashard Mendenhall. Sadly, after a missed 52 yard field goal by Suisham and another Green Bay three and out Mendenhall would fumble the ball later in the fourth quarter leading to another Rodgers-Jennings touchdown. Ben would respond though with a touchdown of his own to Mike Wallace and a Randel El two-point conversion. Green Bay would then go down and get a field goal making it a six point game. Unfortunately, Ben couldn’t convert on fourth down and the Packers took victory in this Super Bowl. High action, multiple injuries, high drama and a good Super Bowl to watch despite the result.


Super Bowl XLVII

Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers

Two teams. Two coaching brothers. One power outage. One victor. This game had it all as John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens took on his younger brother Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers in 2013. The Ravens would draw first blood with a touchdown pass from Flacco to Boldin. The 49ers would end up settling for a field goal and the next touchdown wouldn’t come until halfway through the second quarter with Flacco finding the tight end Pitta in the end zone. Baltimore would hit pay dirt again this time at the end of the first half as Flacco tossed a huge touchdown pass to Jacoby Jones. It wouldn’t be the first time Jones had success though as the third quarter started and he ran back all the way for a kickoff touchdown making it 28-6. Then something odd happened. A power outage occurred delaying the game for about a half an hour. Seemingly the energy that left the stadium was transferred to the 49ers as they struck for their first touchdown with Kaepernick hitting Crabtree for the score. The 49ers then scored again three-four minutes later with a Frank Gore rushing touchdown. In the fourth quarter we got to see field goal from the Ravens and a rushing touchdown by Kaepernick to make it a two point game. The Ravens would end it with a field goal and a purposeful safety they took to take the game to four seconds and the time would run out for the 49ers and sealing a Baltimore victory.


Super Bowl LII

Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots

This was probably the most unexpected Super Bowl I had witnessed. Going into the game I had my doubts about Nick Foles on the grandest stage of them all facing Brady and the Patriots. The Eagles were the clear underdogs in this matchup and were able to do the unthinkable: Beat the New England Patriots. At the end of the first half the Eagles were up 22-12 with touchdowns going to Alshon Jeffrey, LeGarrette Blount and Nick Foles himself off of the play of the Super Bowl: The Philly Special along with one field goal. New England would be limited to a James White rushing touchdown and two field goals. The third quarter saw the Patriots strike first as Brady threw one to Gronk making it a 22-19 ball game. Foles would fire back tossing one of his own to Corey Clement. So I guess Brady thought “Hold my beer” and threw another touchdown this time to Chris Hogan. With an Eagles field goal to start the fourth quarter, the Patriots took the lead for the first time in the game as Brady threw another touchdown pass to Gronkowski. Right around this time I was thinking my god please don’t let this happen again. Much to my delight Foles would find Ertz for a Jesse James like touchdown pass to put them up once again. With that the Patriots got the ball back and Brady was strip-sacked leading to a field goal by the Eagles. Brady tried to rally the troops in the final seconds, but he was unsuccessful on the Hail Mary attempt and the Eagles board to victory. At exactly 874 passing yards this game was something special to witness.


Super Bowl LI

New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

We now turn from the biggest underdog win to the biggest choke in Super Bowl history or greatest comeback depending on your point of view. Of course I am talking about how the Falcons managed to blow a huge 25 point lead to the Patriots. The first points of the game weren’t scored until the second quarter as Freeman scored with a rushing touchdown. Less than four minutes later Matt Ryan found Austin Hooper in the end zone for a score making it 14-0. About six minutes later Brady tossed a pick six giving the Falcons seven more points with the extra point. The Patriots though were able to achieve minimum success getting a field goal. The third quarter had Matt Ryan toss a touchdown pass to Tevin Coleman bringing the score now to 28-3. Then the nightmare began, hell froze over, the planets aligned, etc. The Falcons would not score again in the entire game. Normally, you think okay whatever just don’t let the Patriots score. Dear god did this thing happen exactly not once, not twice, not three times, but four damn times. Three touchdowns, two two-point conversions and a field goal. The game now being tied went to overtime and the Patriots won the toss and kept the ball. Somehow the Patriots scored off of a James White rushing touchdown and won the Super Bowl. A crazy game indeed and just a dumbfounding thing to witness as Brady won his fifth Super Bowl ring. This game in fact would have been number two, but I was so disappointed in the Falcons for this game I thought this was the spot they deserved.


Super Bowl XLIX

New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks

We have talked about the most unexpected win in a Super Bowl. We have talked about the biggest choke in the Super Bowl. Now we move onto the biggest head scratcher in the Super Bowl. Ladies and gentlemen we now turn back the clock to the year 2015: Super Bowl XLIX: The Patriots versus the Seahawks: Brady against the best defense in the NFL at the time. Scoring didn’t occur until the second quarter as Brady and the Pats struck first hitting Brandon LaFell with a touchdown. Seattle would then retaliate with a touchdown of their own in the form of Marshawn Lynch. With thirty six seconds left in the first half Brady would find Gronkowski for the touchdown catch. Now Seattle had to score big and oh boy did they. With just six seconds left Russell Wilson would find Chris Matthews for the late touchdown grab and would tie the game heading to the second half. The third quarter would bring ten unanswered points by Seattle with a field goal and a Doug Baldwin touchdown catch making it now 24-14. The fourth quarter however saw the Patriots rise again in the lead with two touchdown catches by Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman. Now it was up to the Seahawks to try to snuff out this comeback by the Patriots. With 1:15 left in the fourth Wilson fired a pass which would become one of the most breath taking catches of the Super Bowl. It would bounce off the hands, then the knees and back into the hands of Jermaine Kearse. Now in the red zone you would figure they would run it with Lynch to seal the deal right? They did once being stopped at the goal line. Now they just have to run it aga…. Oh so Wilson threw it only to get picked off by Malcolm Butler. Not only did a brawl occur after but a lot of heads were being scratched thinking why with Lynch in the backfield was that the call they went with.


Super Bowl XLIII

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Arizona Cardinals

There is not a single Super Bowl that will ever be able to top this one. What a feeling this was in the year of 2009. With so many crazy moments in this game let us not waste any time getting to why this is the best. The first touchdown wasn’t scored until the second quarter although the Steelers did get three points off a Jeff Reed field goal in the first. The touchdown came from a Gary Russell rushing score and the Steelers found themselves up 10-0. Kurt Warner and the Cardinals looked to capitalize though as Warner found Ben Patrick in the end zone for a one yard touchdown score. Then one of the craziest things happened that I ever witnessed as a football fan. With eighteen seconds left in the half Warner tossed an interception to James Harrison and he returned it 100 yards for a pick six to end the half. You literally thought this play was going to last forever as he would just not go down. In the third quarter the only points came from another Jeff Reed field goal putting the Steelers up now 20-7. Then the fourth quarter happened. The fourth quarter saw Warner connect with Larry Fitzgerald for not one but two touchdowns as well as a holding call in the end zone when the Steelers had the ball resulting in a safety. Now with 2:37 left in the game the Cardinals were up for the first time in the game 23-20. Enter Santonio Holmes. Four passes were caught by him with seventy three yards to go with them as well as a touchdown with thirty five seconds left in the game. It was one of the greatest things to witness as Holmes caught the ball and planted his toes into the end zone for the catch and score. Warner tried to rally the troops but ultimately got stripped of the ball by the defense and the game was done. The Steelers had won their sixth Super Bowl. They would have the most until New England joined them with six as well. I literally almost threw up saying that but nothing will compare to the incredible feeling that was Super Bowl XLIII.

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