The Top Ten NFL Comebacks In The Last 5 Years

Comeback: a return by a well known person, especially an entertainer or sports player, to the activity in which they have formally been successful. Throughout the NFL comebacks have occurred on several occasions. Keeping with the tradition of sticking with a certain amount of years I have chosen to do in the last five years this time instead of ten to add a little more challenge. So without further ado, from the time frame of 2014-2019 I give you the best comebacks that happened in the last five years of the NFL.


Washington Redskins vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2015/Week 7

In week seven of the 2015 season the Washington Redskins were hosting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Winston and the Bucs looked to stomp out Cousins and the Redskins early and made some pretty big plays in order to do that. Two touchdown pass from Winston to Mike Evans and Donteea Dye along with a Connor Barth field goal and a strip sack 43 yard fumble return by Howard Jones gave the Buccaneers a 24-0 lead over the Redskins before the first half ended. Cousins was able to get seven for his team though rushing in for a score with 4:26 left in the half. The third quarter gave promise to the Redskins as Kirk Cousins tossed two touchdowns to Jordan Reed and Ryan Grant. For much of the fourth quarter it was a battle of field goals though as Barth hit two to Hopkin’s one making the score 30-24 in favor of Tampa Bay. Then with twenty four seconds remaining Cousins found Reed again and sealed the fate of the Buccaneers with a score of 31-30.


Cleveland Browns vs Tennessee Titans

2014/Week 5

Thats right the Cleveland Browns are actually on this ranking. Thinking of them today from the 2018 season it wouldn’t have been much of a surprise, but the 2014 Cleveland Browns were a completely different team. For most of the first half the Titans were up by a huge majority 28-3. Kendall Wright caught one touchdown pass from Jake Locker and one from Charlie Whitehurst. Justin Hunter also caught a 75 yard touchdown pass from Whitehurst as well. Locker also got a rushing score in for 11 yards. The most Cleveland could muster was a field goal kick until the end of the first half when Jim Gray caught a 1 yard touchdown pass from Hoyer making it 28-10. The Titans would not score again for the entire game. What followed was a Cleveland comeback for the ages. One field goal, a safety and two Travis Benjamin touchdown receptions from Brain Hoyer sealed the deal and gave the city of Cleveland a huge win.


Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions

2015/Week 13

In the year 2015 divisional rivals Green Bay and Detroit met up in a classic week 13 matchup. Rodgers and the Packers were having difficulty getting things going against Stafford and the Lions early on. The Lions simply dominated up until the middle of the third quarter with Stafford tossing two touchdown passes to Calvin Johnson and Eric Ebron. Prater would help out with his leg kicking two field goals making it a 20-0 game. In the middle of the third quarter mistakes were made and an easy touchdown was given to Green Bay as Randall Cobb recovered the ball in the end zone. Adams also caught an eight yard touchdown pass to gain more points as they were just a touchdown away from tying the game. Prater however would kick another field goal and even with Aaron Rodgers rushing in for a 17 yard score, it still wasn’t enough. On the last play of the game Rodgers was sacked and supposedly the game was over. A flag for a face mask came in though as the Packers kept the ball alive for another play. That was all Rodgers needed as he threw a last ditch effort, a sixty one yard Hail Mary which landed in the hands of his tight end for the score. The Packers would be saved by a miracle throw and would go down as one of the best throws by Rodgers in his career.


Los Angeles Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs

2018/Week 15

These two teams put in the first game of the season but the drama and elevation was nothing compared to their December rematch.  This game saw the Chiefs take the lead the entire time until about four seconds left in the entire game. Touchdowns from Kansas City came off two Patrick Mahomes touchdowns in the first quarter: one to Demarcus Robinson and the other going to Darrel Williams. The Chargers would build some momentum as Rivers found Mike Williams for a touchdown making it 14-7. Then in the third, a touchdown by each team was scored as Damien Williams rushed in for two yards and Williams from the Chargers rushed in for seventeen yards a score for the bolts of lightning. Here now in the fourth quarter Damien Williams would score again bring the Chief’s lead over the Chargers to now two touchdowns. Then the Chargers did the unthinkable. They got the two touchdowns they needed in four minutes. They also converted a two-point conversion to make sure they would win with just four seconds remaining. It just goes to show that it’s not over until it’s over.


Cincinnati Bengals vs Baltimore Ravens

2017/Week 17

Okay let me be clear. If you see me writing anything concerning the city of Cincinnati you would normally think it would be all negative. However, this game was too much of  a good one to leave off of this list. This is actually a couple of comebacks all wrapped neatly and tightly in a little package. It was a comeback for the Bengals as they went on to beat this Ravens team 31-27 because they were literally last in all things offense for that season ranking at 32. Since they beat the Ravens they also gave another comeback to a team in need. The Buffalo Bills needed the Ravens to lose that game to get into the playoffs and sure enough that is what happened. Dalton finished the day with three touchdowns; two to Tyler Kroft and one to Tyler Boyd. The other points came off a Bullock field goal and a pick six. Baltimore didn’t do bad here, but there defense did choke hard on the final plays. Their scoring plays came off of two Justin Tucker field goals, two touchdown receptions from Flacco to Moore and Wallace, and an Alex Collins rushing touchdown. Still Andy Dalton held his own for once and with forty four seconds left in the game the Bengals took the last change of score and the win.


Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens

2016/Week 16

This was such a nail biter of a game to tune into between these two division rivals. Pittsburgh would win the AFC North with a victory here. By the time the first half was over that was the case, but it wasn’t by much being 7-6. By the time the third quarter was over Baltimore now had the lead 17-10. By the near end of the fourth quarter the score was 27-24 with Baltimore scoring with 1:18 left in the game. The Steelers then pulled one out their hat almost like Super Bowl 43. Big Ben tossed a pass to Antonio Brown in the middle and he reached his hand over the goal line with nine seconds left in the game. Finally, the Steelers put the game on their backs and took the win achieving victory as well as the AFC North.


Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs

2017/Week 7

Okay this was the game that would never end. The Raiders and Chiefs met up in October for a chilly meeting of the minds. The first quarter saw points come on both ends as a Butker kick and a Kelce touchdown catch were given to the Chiefs and two Amari Cooper touchdown catches gave the Raider 14 points and the lead. The second quarter belonged to Kansas City though as they added another field goal and a Tyreek Hill touchdown catch giving the Chiefs the lead by six. The third quarter was split between both teams as Washington scored for Oakland and Wilson and Butker gave Kansas City ten more points. The fourth quarter however, would run into of the nuttiest endings I had seen in a long long time. Oakland would get a field goal off of Tavecchio being down now by only six points. With sixteen seconds left Carr had thought to have passed a touchdown to Jared Cook but it was ruled down by the ground before going into the end zone. They tried to keep the game alive but a Crabtree penalty back them up a little bit. Then Oakland had three failed chances to convert, but three flags for the Kansas City defense gave the Raiders the one they needed as Carr threw a pass to Crabtree scoring as the game concluded. A comeback in my mind for all the opportunities and how the record of the Chiefs compared to the record of the Raiders.


Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots

2018/Week 14

This was probably one of the biggest shocks I had ever seen in a game as I never expected the Dolphins to put up such a fight against the Patriots. Yet, they matched them touchdown for touchdown, field goal to field goal, and points for points. The Patriots finally took the lead with sixteen seconds left. Points for the Dolphins came in the form of two Tannehill passing touchdowns to Stills and Butler. Bolden got some licks in as well as gashed his former team for two rushing touchdowns. The points from the Patriots were established by a Develin rushing touchdown and three touchdown passes to Edelman, Patterson and Gronkowski, and two Gostkowski field goals. Then the Dolphins did some backyard football moves and somehow returned a kickoff for a touchdown to win the game 34-33. It was by far the craziest finish to a game in 2018.


Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints

2017/NFC Divisional Playoff

Here we go boys and girls the Minnesota Miracle in its entirety. The game was purely dominated by Minnesota as they shut out the Saints for the entire first half 17-0. When the second half started the first touchdown for the Saints wasn’t scored until the end of the third quarter; almost like a minute left in it. The fourth quarter is what brought in a lot of points from both sides. Minnesota got two more field goals and New Orleans got two touchdowns and a field goal taking the lead with twenty five seconds left in the game. Then the Minnesota Miracle occurred and Keenum tossed a pass that should have been intercepted but it was caught by DIggs and the Vikings won the game as time expired. It was one of the most shocking plays in a championship game and in my mind was a crazy comeback win for the Vikings to get them to number two on this list.


New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

2017/Super Bowl LI

Did anyone really believe this wouldn’t be number one. Cause if you thought that it wasn’t going to be then there is something very wrong with you as a football fan. Let me spell it out for you. Brady and the Patriots were being dominated by Ryan and the Falcons 28-3. By the time the third was about to end the Patriots got their first touchdown. When the fourth quarter began there was nothing any of us as fans could do but watch in terror as Brady tossed two touchdowns with two two-point conversions and a field goal. It was the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history as now the game went into overtime with the scoring standing at 28-28. Brady and the Patriots were awarded the coin toss and they chose to keep the ball and scored off a James White. Matt Ryan and the Falcons never saw the ball and they completely choked on would have been an incredible Super Bowl for the city of Atlanta. Sadly, it went to the Patriots and Brady getting his fifth Super Bowl ring to boot with the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

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