The Only Story That Matters on National Signing Day: Louis Hedley

On Monday, I put my Unofficial National Signing Day Guide up on the site and went through the some of the names to watch out for today. Darnell Wright and Jerrion Ealy were the only two unsigned players I brought up in the article, and I’ll be the first to admit I made a HUGE oversight. I missed the soon-to-be most important name in college football, Louis Hedley.

This Australian behemoth of a punter comes in at 6’4″ and 215 pounds, and just signed to play for the University of Miami. His announcement came last night, due to the time difference between the US and Australia, and took the internet by storm. He originally committed to the U back in November, but didn’t sign during the Early Signing Period due to Mark Richt’s departure. Hedley went the JuCo rout and is transferring from City College of San Francisco. While there, he had 45 punts for 1,736 yards, with a 59-yard high. These numbers come after only practicing punting with an American football for THREE MONTHS. Once arriving at Miami, he will still have three years of eligibility left. The U might actually be back, thanks to this man.

Wanna hear something else that’s crazy? Hedley spent “8 years working as a scaffolder in the Australian desert” before learning how to punt. You might be wondering, “Just how f*****g old is this Aussie?”. That’s a great question, because no one actually knows. USA Today is guessing that he’s in his mid-20’s, but that’s as specific as I’ve found. Either way, he reminds me of a tatted-up Charles Bronson.

I can guarantee Hedley will be ELECTRIC in college football. I mean, just imagine this guy Stone Cold-ing two Foster’s (Australian for beer) over his head before running out of the smoke-filled tunnel down at the U. It’d be the greatest entrance in the country, and would put Virginia Tech’s Enter Sandman entrance to shame. I need it, and so do you.

College football needs this guy, especially now that Mac Loudermilk is no longer at UCF. Long Live Loudermilk.

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