It has finally come to the point where the NBA is more interesting off the court, than it is on the court. And this week was a prime example of it.

First, Anthony Davis requested a trade from the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday. Then, a report was leaked that Kristaps Porzingis was worried about the direction of the New York Knicks franchise and was seamlessly traded to the Dallas Mavericks a few hours later.

And finally, Kyrie Irving not only said he would be interested in playing with LeBron James again but also came out and said he wasn’t fully committed to the Boston Celtics beyond this season after saying he would love to re-sign in Boston, oh I don’t know four months ago.

Alongside all of that, LeBron James returned from his hamstring injury last night, dropped a near triple-double in a three-point win over the Los Angeles Clippers and you barely heard about it.

The last week or so has been madness in the NBA has been madness because of everything off the court.

At times, the news, speculations and rumors off the court, are outweighing the actual play on the court. I mean, I saw about 10-15 different articles about Kristaps and Anthony Davis this morning and only saw maybe one about LeBron’s near triple-double.

But, I believe that has made the NBA more interesting in recent years, at least in the regular season. Over the past three to four seasons, everyone could make an easy guess at who the final four teams remaining would be. It seems like no one pays attention to an entire 82-game season because of that fact. So, the players, media, and organizations have somehow made the off-the-court happenings, the center point of the league.

Thank you Woj.

For example, it is highly unlikely that Anthony Davis gets traded in the next five days. The Pelicans have stated they are going to exercise patience on that front in hopes of hearing the best possible offers in the offseason. But then Davis comes out and states that he isn’t willing to sign a deal anywhere other than the Lakers, basically making him a rental until the summer of 2020. Who would want to give up a King’s Ransom for a possible rental.

Grab your popcorn because you never know what could happen with “The Brow” this season.

Then you have this whole Kristaps situation. First Woj leaks a report that Kristaps is unhappy with the direction of the Knicks franchise, then BOOM, just like that the Lithuanian Unicorn is a Dallas Maverick teaming up with Luka Doncic and the Knickerbockers open up two max-contract spots for two all-star caliber players. (Kevin Durant…cough…cough)

I mean talk about pandemonium.

The talk, the speculation, the rumors, is all fun and games, but the greatest things that come out of all this news are the conspiracy theories and there are two that I’ve seen or heard that have intrigued me.

Like this first one. Let’s go back to the summer of 2017. The Cavaliers had just lost to the Golden State Warriors for the second time in three years. Kyrie would force his way out of Cleveland, claiming he wanted a new challenge as a leader on his own team and didn’t want to operate under the scope of LeBron.

In hindsight, now that he has come out and said he would be interested in playing with LeBron again in LA, what if they planned this all along. Kyrie leaving Cleveland would give LeBron the perfect excuse to leave and then they could team back up in LA when Kyrie became a free agent this summer in a bigger market, with more opportunities. I mean it’s funny to think about and LeBron James has always been one to not just think one move ahead but more like four, five or six moves ahead.

Then you have the Porzingis conspiracy theory. What if Porzingis purposely forced his way out of New York to open up cap space for the two max contracts, signed his qualifying offer from the Mavs, turning him into an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2020 just to re-sign with the Knicks.

These are the things that I love when it comes to the NBA. The speculation, the rumors, the conspiracy theories. Mix that with some great post season basketball.

It’s fun.