Super Bowl 53 – The Johnny Hekker Show

Let me paint you a picture. In a land far, far away from Pittsburgh known as the Super Bowl Land, the Patriots and the Rams were being hyped up to be the greatest game we’ve ever seen. This is the big dance. The last call. The final play. The Kit and Cah Buh Tal (I know that’s wrong).

The old, seasoned veteran Brady and Belichick against the young savants Goff and McVay. The worlds most proficient team versus the guys who have no name brand players and completely wax all the highest paid players each year.

That game on its face, looked like the most boring sporting even in the history of time. 13-3 final score, showcasing only one touchdown scored by James White. The interception on Tom Brady during the opening drive looked to have a small inkling of hope towards a wild and crazy game, but after a quick three and out for the Rams nothing came from the blunder.

What isn’t being talked about enough is the complete blown coverage by the Patriots (which rarely happens to this team) being saved by McCourty. If Goff is able to get this throw off two seconds earlier, that’s a touchdown and a very different game. I love the McCourty story lines, twins playing with each other in a Super Bowl. But my lord, did he really have to save the Pats a bowl?

The part I’m most frustrating part about this entire game was the constant trial and error of the Rams offense. Todd Gurley is undoubtedly the best running back in the NFL. If there was some serious concern over a knee injury, it wasn’t quite showing outside of his lack of playing time. I’ve loved what C.J. Anderson has been able to do with his career, don’t get me wrong.

Aside from the obvious heartbreak the city of Pittsburgh feels this morning since our only grasp on the word “glory” anymore comes from the hopes that we will always have the most Super Bowls, there’s just an overall lacking of football sweeping the nation. Except Boston, or course.

Can we talk about the punting in this game though? MY LORD Johnny Hekker proved he could have been the Super Bowl MVP if the Rams would have won. Dude was ELECTRIC. I mean come on, shattering records, putting the ball within the ten yard line….twice? We saw a GOAT last night, that’s for sure.

The simple fact that you couldn’t vote for Hekker as the Super Bowl MVP was just a sin in itself. This dude was the best part of the Super Bowl and I don’t personally think it was even close. MAYBE Aaron Donald throwing Thomas to the ground, but now that just makes me more sad that they won.

Whatever…..lets do some mock drafts.

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