This has nothing to do with sports but everything to do with the culture. If you have a pulse, then you’ve read or heard about Fyre Festival. The dream festival on an oasis island with all of the best talent, super models and Instagram influences.

If you truly haven’t heard of the festival, go bum your cousins Netflix or Hulu and enjoy watching kids over pay for a disaster two day music festival with no music. This thing was run worse than the New York Knicks organization and even had the backing of rapper Ja Rule. But this blog isn’t about the Fyre Festival. It’s about something that recently happened because of the disaterous event.

For context, check out the Fyre Festical promo here.

Amazing, right? Well Shutterstock, a popular company used for buying stock images and video footage for commercials, dropped a commercial today that is basically a shot for shot of the Fyre Festival promo.

Absolutely amazing. I don’t exactly know when I’ll need stock footage, but you bet your life I’m using Shutterstock. Awesome. For a company to capitalize on this in a way to promo their own business is expected, but this type of advertising is the perfect combination or real time and wow factor. Hat is off to you, stock footage gathering and distributing company.