New Kansas Head Football Coach Les Miles is starring in a movie…?

Yes, you read that right. I’m going to keep this blog pretty short since I’m still a little confused.

Former LSU and current Kansas football coach Les Miles has a confirmed role in The Challenger Disaster, which was apparently released to the public today. This independent film tells the never-before-seen story of a NASA engineer’s desperate attempt to stop the infamous explosion in 1986.

Though Miles will be getting Kansas ready for National Signing Day on Feb. 6, a movie that he co-stars in is coming out in theaters today. Miles plays Nelson in “The Challenger Disaster,” the story behind the real life tragedy in 1986. 

Austin Nivison, 247 Sports

In case you haven’t seen the trailer (I mean, why would you have?):

I’m not exactly sure how big Miles’ role is in the movie, but I still didn’t know how to react to seeing this pop up on my phone today. I ended up clicking on the movie’s IMDb page just to see if ole Les is actually in the movie. He was, and was the FOURTH name listed. And I’m not sure if I’m just late to the party, but…

THIS MOTHERF****R IS ALREADY IN FIVE MOVIES. HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD ABOUT THIS? I have so many questions. Doesn’t this man have a program to build back in Lawrence, Kansas? Shouldn’t he be hot on the recruiting trail? How many Kansas recruits has he invited to his movie premier?

But there’s only one question that’s actually really bothering me…

Nothing against Les Miles, but how has the greatest football coach of our time, Mike Leach, not starred in a movie yet?

Now, it’s already well documented that I’m Coach Leach’s biggest fan. But as you can see below, Miles is the epitome of the phrase “vanilla”. Sure, he’s a legendary national championship winning coach, but how can you watch this guy and be like, “I want THIS guy in my movie”?

Meanwhile, there is no one else in sports that is quite as ELECTRIC as Coach Leach in front of a camera, and that’s a fact:

Just give him his starring role and ten Academy Awards now. He’s long overdue and, frankly, more deserving than Les Miles. I consider it one of the greatest travesties of our time, and it needs to change.

(PS: We have Mike Leach merch over at the Thoughts From The Bench store. Support the cause.)

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