Pulisic is not our savior 

When it comes to American soccer these days everyone is in love with Christian Pulisic. Granted he is playing well for Borussia Dortmund. That said, the club has had plenty of young players turn out to be busts at other clubs. For example Kagawa and Gotze who were once revered as the next best in the world.

As exciting as Pulisic is for American soccer potential, he is nowhere close to our best hope moving forward. In fact the best chance lies with the less known products such as Timothy Weah and Josh Sergeant Both of theses prospects have things that Pulisic has yet to achieve or possess. In particular Timothy Weah. He is the son of a former legend and currently in the ranks of PSG. He may not be playing nearly as much first team football as Pulisic, but his team is far better. It’s important to note Neymar, Mbappe, and Cavani are all in front of him.

Having said all of that, PSG is a far better club to develop at for future stars. Ronaldinho is a former player who began taking Europe by storm at the club. In addition, the club is full of world class talent unlike many of the European clubs other Americans find themselves at. That alone allows a young talent to develop and learn from the world’s best. The likes of Neymar and Cavani provide a potential future star with plenty of wisdom. Imagine Neymar’s skill with Cavani’s work ethic…… that would be a terrifying product for opposing defenses.

However by being at a great club, there is a chance that Weah will never see significant first team football for years to come. Pulisic on the other hand is playing significant first team football, but faces a major road block if the transfer rumors to the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool are true.

As wonderful as it would be to see an American playing for some of the world’s most famous clubs, he faces similar circumstances to Clint Dempsey who transferred from Fulham to Spurs. Dempsey at the time was one of the best strikers in England, but after the transfer he found himself on the bench without any chance of significant time to prove himself. A similar outcome will happen to Pulisic due to him not being ready to compete for time over the likes of Hazard or Willian at Chelsea or Salah or Mane at Liverpool.

Moving forward, Americans should still be excited about Pulisic and our potential in the 2022 and 2026 World Cups. However, they should not look to Pulisic as our savior or hope for him to be transferred to a major club. He is in a perfect scenario where he will continue to develop. That said, keep your eyes on Weah. He is a young player getting time at a major club like PSG and the son of a former football legend – that seems to be a recipe for a player with great potential.

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