Moorheads Power Rankings – One Last Time


Arizona Cardinals


Previous Rank: 32

MVP: Larry Fitzgerald


The Cardinals finish in last place on our rankings and rightfully so. This team will now acquire the first round draft for the first time since 1958. Crazy how at one time this team showed promise and with the firing of Steve Wilks the team believes that their record fell on his shoulders. Do I agree? It’s hard to say considering they changed from Bruce’s coaching style so it was hard to adjust, but firing him after a year seems rather harsh to me. Hopefully Josh Rosen will improve with time as he threw more interceptions than touchdowns this season and who knows if we have seen the last of Larry Fitzgerald. The defense could also be in jeopardy as Patrick Peterson wants out. Only time will tell with this team what we will see.



Washington Redskins


Previous Rank: 31

MVP: Adrian Peterson


The Redskins should not have been this bad this season. They showed promise but once again the injuries piled up and overwhelmed this team. Derrius Guice was the first to fall in the preseason and soon Alex Smith joined him and although Guice will be on track to play next season, Alex Smith’s status is up in the air. From there Colt McCoy fell and soon they began to play the revolving quarterback wheel of misfortune. There are honestly too many injuries to count as this team struggled with that and the mismanagement of its franchise was another fault. When your stadium is overrun with Eagles fans instead of your own in a divisional rival matchup you start to question why the franchise is continuing to piss off their fanbase.



New York Jets


Previous Rank: 29

MVP: Sam Darnold


The Jets finish out another disappointing season with this being the last one for former head coach Todd Bowles. The Jets did finish out their season better than what they had produced at the beginning and middle portions of it. Say what you want about Sam Darnold but he improved so much by the end of the season (not counting the Patriots game). Robby Anderson became relevant again and we hopefully will see a better running game going forward to go with the pass attack.



Jacksonville Jaguars


Previous Rank: 30

MVP: Dede Westbrook


The only reason this team moved up was because they just had a better record than the Jets and they still have their head coach. It was a shameful year for the Jaguars as they found themselves going from being in the AFC championship game last year to being last in their division. Do I think they will come back? The answer is yes. The crutch of their defeats will be gone from the team next season; that being Blake Bortles. They need to go into the draft and get a quarterback and if not get one off free agency.



Cincinnati Bengals


Previous Rank: 28

MVP: Joe Mixon


The Bengals had a chance to stop the Steelers from cruising on to the playoffs. Sadly it didn’t happen. Granted the Steelers still didn’t make the playoffs but the Bengals didn’t pull their weight. Now that Marvin Lewis is gone he is planning on endorsing Hue Jackson. Let him do the Bengals will be worse but in my opinion they could start looking at quarterbacks because they are wasting away the years of a great receiver like A.J. Green.



Oakland Raiders


Previous Rank: 24

MVP: Jared Cook


The Raiders took a hard drop back to reality after almost essentially getting shut out by the Chiefs 35-3. This game was hard to watch after the Raiders almost beat the Chiefs the last time they face each other. Now the Raiders go into the new year trying to rebuild their whole team. Will they succeed or will Jon Gruden be the biggest bust to ever grace the Oakland Raiders.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Previous Rank: 26

MVP: Mike Evans


The Buccaneers don’t drop or go up after a hard nosed fight between them and the Atlanta Falcons. The Bucs are done with their coach as Dirk Koetter was fired and now they have the quarterback situation to contend with. Do they keep Winston, what do they do with Fitzpatrick? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z. No one knows what will happen but if the Bucs don’t keep him Jacksonville could find could use for Winston.



San Francisco 49ers


Previous Rank: 25

MVP: George Kittle


The 49ers don’t quite finish in the worst of the worst for this season but it wasn’t a great one for them either. Jimmy G will come back and do what Jimmy G does and hopefully Nick Mullens will find a spot as the backup or a starter for a team desperate for a quarterback. They will also look to get back

Jerick McKinnon back as their running back and hopefully George Kittle still brings the snap, crackle, and pop to this team.



Carolina Panthers


Previous Rank: 27

MVP: Christian McCaffrey


The Panthers move up three spots after a victory over the Saints last week. This victory did not mean much but it did show off back up quarterback Kyle Allen and what he could do and for the first time in a long time they won without using Christian McCaffrey. The Panthers look to come back with fire next season but for now it’s time for them to rest.



Miami Dolphins


Previous Rank: 21

MVP: Xavier Howard


The defense could have better on many occasions but the MVP went to the right person in Xavier Howard. He was tied for the NFL lead with seven interceptions and crazy enough leads all defenders with eight turnovers despite missing three games due to a knee injury. The offense was laughable this season as Tannehill proved to be less than productive. Do I believe he stays the quarterback? In my perfect world yes and that Joe Flacco becomes the new quarterback for the Dolphins.



New York Giants


Previous Rank: 22

MVP: Saquon Barkley


The Giants dip a spot after losing to the Colts in the final week of the season. This team was really disappointing this season with all the talent they have. Barkley, Beckham, Shepard, Engram, etc. The one piece that doesn’t belong in that equation is Eli Manning. Sorry, but his time has come and gone and if the Giants don’t get a quarterback in the draft they are foolish and will fall again next season.



Detroit Lions


Previous Rank: 23

MVP: Kerryon Johnson


The Lions didn’t have the best first season with Matt Patricia as their head coach. They did get a running back though in the form of Kerryon Johnson who finally gave them hope when he rushed for over 100 yards in a single game. The running struggle will not plague this team as long as he stays healthy. Stafford didn’t look good this season though and hopefully he’ll look to return better next season.



Denver Broncos


Previous Rank: 19

MVP:  Philip Lindsay


The Broncos drop a spot after taking a hard loss to the Chargers 23-9. Vance Joseph is no longer the head coach and I believe this will help them develop better down the road. Case Keenum looks to be a Bronco yet again next year but he has to be better as this year he looked like a former shell of himself. Philip Lindsay was the unexpected MVP this season as the undrafted rookie made headlines week in and week out with his running and catching ability.


Buffalo Bills


Previous Rank: 20

MVP: Josh Allen


This was an honest surprise. I did not think this team was going to be good at all this year. They traded McCarron and started “Pick Six” Peterman and when that obviously didn’t work they did the right thing and started Josh Allen… and then he got hurt. When he came back though he brought an unseen energy that hadn’t been seen since they played the Vikings; his running ability. He broke the once great Michael Vick’s rushing record for three games which is saying something. After that Allen incorporated his rushing with his passing and became the MVP for Buffalo (in my opinion of course).



Green Bay Packers


Previous Rank: 16

MVP: Aaron Rodgers


Disappointing is the word I would describe for the Green Bay Packers this season. McCarthy’s days of being the head coach for here are over as he was fired in the middle of the season. He will find work elsewhere though. Rodgers got hurt once again during last week’s game against the Lions so they brought in Kizer who didn’t do much and the Packers were shut out by the Lions. Hopefully Green Bay fans will get a coach that can once again take them to the promised land.



Atlanta Falcons


Previous Rank: 18

MVP: Julio Jones


The Falcons move up one spot after just barely beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This was an odd season for a once great team but there is one positive thing that came out of this. Julio Jones found the end zone once again. Matt Ryan played alright but it wasn’t his best year. The running attack was odd as well as Freeman went down with an injury and they relied on Coleman and Smith. The defense suffered the most though losing a lot of their starting unit at the beginning of the season. Hopefully, they can make a comeback for next season.



Cleveland Browns


Previous Rank: 17

MVP: Baker Mayfield


They almost pulled it off. They almost beat the Ravens twice and got Pittsburgh into the playoffs. Sadly, Mayfield was picked off in a last second effort and lost the game. However, it wasn’t a bad throw and just a good defensive play by Baltimore. This season the Browns should have won a couple more games but in my mind they had a fantastic season compared to their 0-16 season last year. Baker is the real deal and with the right coach and playmaking this team can become a real threat to the AFC North next season.



Minnesota Vikings


Previous Rank: 14

MVP: Adam Thielen


What happened here? This team looked in their prime to take their division and it kind of all just fell apart. Kirk Cousins at the beginning of the season looked to avenge last year’s NFC championship loss but later in the season he kind of just lost his mojo. Dalvin Cook returned and helped out with their run game but it helped to no avail. The Vikings lost against the Bears again with Cousins throwing less than 150 yards. Their defense was a shock to see as this year as they crumbled under the pressure of opposing offenses. Can they make a comeback next season? Time will tell.



Tennessee Titans


Previous Rank: 12

MVP: Derrick Henry


The Titans dropped two spots after a loss against the Colts that booted them from the AFC playoffs. Gabbert got the start again with Mariota being injured and at this point Mariota is an alright quarterback but with all the injuries he sustained this season it might be wise for them to search elsewhere for a new quarterback. Derrick Henry came alive near the end of the season dominating on the run and will look to do it again next season.



Philadelphia Eagles


Previous Rank: 15

MVP: Zach Ertz


This team once again looks to make history as they face off against the Bears in a NFC Wild Card game this week. Can they do it? Who knows at this point but what a comeback season it has been for the birds. The crazy thing now to consider is this: Is Foles the better quarterback or is it Wentz. Maybe the Eagles will answer that in the off-season depending on what happens. Ertz has also been fantastic passing up Jason Witten’s catch record to make it his own. It all comes down to this game people.



Pittsburgh Steelers


Previous Rank: 11

MVP: Ben Roethlisberger


The Steelers drop a spot despite their win against Cincinnati since they did not make the playoffs thanks to Baltimore. This season was very disappointing to be a Steelers fan as you look at the talent they have and figured they should have won more games. Sadly they lost to teams like Cleveland, (yes I’m counting the tie as a loss) Denver and Oakland. JuJu stepped up as the number one receiver as Brown continues to complain about his status instead of the team’s status. Conner had big shoes to fill in the absence of Bell and he filled them and more. It was just sad to see him go down with an injury that kept him out of a couple games. This year the Steelers unit has been filled with drama and that is something that needs to change going into the offseason.



Dallas Cowboys


Previous Rank: 13

MVP: Ezekiel Elliott

The Cowboys move up two spots after narrowly squeezing by with a win against the Giants. They now move on to take on the Seattle Seahawks to decide who goes on. Dallas need to utilize Elliot, Cooper and it couldn’t hurt to throw guys like Jarwin and Gallup in there as well after their performances last week against New York. Elliot takes the MVP but it was a hard choice as players like Sean Lee and Leighton Vander Esch were a close choice to put in as well.



Seattle Seahawks


Previous Rank: 9

MVP: Russell Wilson


The Seahawks drop a spot despite their narrow win over the Cardinals. Nothing to hate on them here it was a just a close game when it shouldn’t have been. They now face the Dallas Cowboys and if this team keeps pounding the run game with Carson and Wilson keeps throwing and scrambling when he needs to this victory will go to Seattle. The defense just has to play its part though.



Houston Texans


Previous Week: 10

MVP: Deshaun Watson


The Texans jump up a spot after their easy victory over Jacksonville. Watson didn’t throw a touchdown but did run for one and have twelve receptions to Hopkins for 147 yards in this game. Now they contend with the very hot Colts team in the wild card this Saturday. I’d see the Colts winning here just because I can see the Colts going further down in the race for the title. It will be a tightly contested game though.



Indianapolis Colts


Previous Rank: 8

MVP: Andrew Luck


Luck and the Colts stay at eight after a win over Tennessee last week. Luck was stunning this season returning after many thought he would never throw a ball again. They contend with the Texans this week and as long as no mistakes are made the Colts should come away with this one.



Los Angeles Chargers


Previous Rank: 6

MVP: Melvin Gordon

The Chargers drop a spot despite their win over Denver. The case made is that Rivers threw under 200 yards one touchdown and two picks. River’s throwing has gone down as of late and that’s not good when you now have a revenge matchup ahead with the Ravens. Melvin Gordon was incredible this season but honestly the MVP award could have been awarded to either Philip Rivers, Keenan Allen or Derwin James.



Baltimore Ravens


Previous Rank: 5

MVP: Lamar Jackson


This team drops a spot after barely besting the Cleveland Browns last week. It’s not secret that Jackson gets this MVP turning the offense into a weapon that defenses just have a hard time defending. The Ravens will face the Chargers again this week and it should be a more contested matchup if Rivers just simply plays a better game. Can the defense and run game hold up?



New England Patriots


Previous Rank: 7

MVP: Tom Brady


The Patriots sealed the deal with a first round bye after clubbing what was left of the Jets to death. Just when I say that Brady will need to rely on the run game more he goes out and throws four touchdowns. This team will now sit back and face whoever the winner of the Chargers-Ravens game or Colts-Texans game. It will be interesting to see what happens.



Los Angeles Rams


Previous Rank: 3

MVP: Todd Gurley


The Rams won their match with the 49ers and sealed a first round bye with it. This game got a little out of hand though as the 49ers marked a decent comeback but the result was still a Rams victory. Gurley was the MVP choice but it could have also gone to Aaron Donald on the defense who played a spectacular season as well. Who will they face going forward? Time will tell.



Kansas City Chiefs


Previous Rank: 4

MVP: Patrick Mahomes


What season it was for the quarterback. He threw 50 touchdowns. Just an unbelievable and incredible season it was for Patrick Mahomes even though he did sign with Huntz and not Heinz Ketchup. It’s an easy thing to get over though as he gave this team life and excitement. They now have a first round bye and looking forward it’s gonna be a good game no matter who they face.



Chicago Bears


Previous Rank: 2

MVP: Khalil Mack


This team has gone above and beyond to make me a believer in the Bears and what they brought to this season. The offense commanded by and made Trubisky a really good quarterback this season. The defense is where it is and the MVP title goes to Mack who in his first game made an impact and just didn’t stop. Now they have a task in taking down the Eagles this week and then they face either the Rams or the Saints. What an exciting year for this Bears team.



New Orleans Saints


Previous Rank: 1

MVP: Drew Brees

Yes I know this team lost. They also didn’t start a majority of their players so don’t give me crap keeping them at one. Bridgewater played well for his first start for the Saints and maybe going forward if the Saints won the SuperBowl and Drew Brees retires, this could be the era of Bridgewater. They have a first round bye and will look to who they will face down the road in the NFC and good luck to any team that has to face the Saints at home.




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