Joe Flacco Must Go…..But Who Needs Him?

It might look bad for a Steelers fan to tell the Ravens organization to trade their Super Bowl winning quarterback, but at this point the Ravens must move on from Flacco. Joe Flacco is not elite, let’s just start there. Flacco helped the team win Super Bowl XLVII and was the MVP in the notorious “Beyonce killed the lights” game against a Kaepernick led 49ers.

In case you live under a rock, the Ravens traded up in the 2018 NFL draft to select Louisville Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson as their future QB. With an injury to Flacco in the season, Jackson took over as the starting quarterback and has been 4-1 since being the starter, helping the Ravens achieve the number 2 rushing offense in the NFL behind Seattle.

If you’ve watched any Ravens games recently, the only negative to Lamar’s game is his shaky accuracy through his first five games. The kid wasn’t this inaccurate at Louisville, so you have to assume eventually he will get back to his throwing ways. The transition from college to the pros is nothing these players have ever seen before so give it some time.

Flacco has been a healthy scratch after coming back from a hip injury recently. The Ravens seem to believe that their present and future sits with the hot hand (or legs) of Jackson, so that leaves us with my favorite thing ever….a hypothetical.

Right now, if the Ravens were to trade Joe Flacco it would clear up $10 million against the cap. After the Super Bowl performance, the Ravens signed Flacco to a massive deal. The type of deal that cripples a team as we’ve seen time and time again. This 3 year, $66 mill deal came with a $40 mill signing bonus. Flacco would be a free agent in2022.

So the larger question is….who could use his services? In a previous article, I named Flacco as one of my quarterbacks to watch this offseason, including a few other backups I consider starter worthy. Here are a few realistic options for Flacco.

The Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars have had new quarterback speculation for seasons, despite Blake Bortles not being the worst quarterback ever last year. This year, he was benched for Cody Kessler but it seems highly unlikely that Kessler is their QB of the future. With a young franchise running back and a still powerful yet disappointing defense, it would make sense for them to sign Flacco and at least upgrade their Qb position, even if just slightly.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With the future of Jameis Winston in doubt, the Bucs are going to be looking for a quarterback this offseason. You can’t have your first overall pick quarterback get in trouble off the field AND play pathetically bad on the field. If your starter gets replaced with Fitzmagic, it might be time for a new starter. The team has a ton of young talent and a rising defense, so Flacco might be the bridge gap between the currentBucs mess and a potentially bright future.

The Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton is far from elite, despite having some positive years in Cincy. Dalton is not the quarterback that the Bengals need with all the talent that team has. No, Flacco is not light years ahead of Dalton on the talent scale, but an in division rival quarterback with a better arm might give the team new life especially with one of the top receivers in A.J. Green wasting away the depth chart. The Bengals let A.J. McCarron go this offseason, so quarterback is a suspiciously shallow position for this team.

The Washington Redskins

The Redskins let Kirk Cousins walk this offseason and signed Alex Smith to a cool four year $94 mill deal this offseason. The problem? Smith’s second season with the Redskins is in major jeopardy after a brutal spiral fracture in his leg that resulted in multiple surgeries and an infection. Personally, that’s some shady shit considering the Redskins rookie running back Guice is also in question to return due to a leg injury that got an infection. The Redskins wheeled out Colt McCoy after Smith went down, who broke his leg. The team signed Mark Sanchez, who was benched due to him being Mark Sanchez. I still can’t believe they thought this was a good idea. The team is currently using Josh Johnson, a quarterback who hasn’t seen an NFL field since 2013. If any franchise is looking for a quarterback to step in an instantly improve their team, it’s the Redskins.




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