Moorheads Power Rankings – Week 16


Arizona Cardinals


Previous Rank: 32


Yikes this team is not only in last place but they are just downright terrible. I pictured the Oakland Raiders being in their position but the Raiders look like gold compared to this piece of crap team. Josh Rosen continues to turn the ball over even on weak defenses like Atlanta throwing two interceptions. It got so bad they replaced him later in the game with back-up Mike Glennon who did throw a touchdown to Trent Sherfield for seven yards in the last three minutes of the game. Johnson got the rushing touchdown early scoring in the first, but the offense couldn’t build off that until the fourth. The defense gave up 40 points between that. That’s absolutely disgusting hence why last place calls their name again this week. This week they get the Rams. You don’t need me to tell you how ugly that is going to be.



Jacksonville Jaguars


Previous Rank: 26


Speaking of terrible teams, let’s talk about Jacksonville who find themselves at the #31 spot after losing to the Washington Redskins 16-13. This was ugly as the Jacksonville offense did not score a single touchdown against a team that gave up 40 points to the Giants last week. The kicker, Forbath got more than half of the team’s points (7) with two field goals and an extra point and the special teams got the only touchdown. Kessler threw for only 57 yards and a pick. If that isn’t bad enough he was also the lead rusher. Guess Fournette decided to not show up to this game at all. Overall, very pitiful on their part and they get Miami this week which they will most likely lose.



New York Jets


Previous Rank: 30


The Jets remain at the #30 spot after coming close to beating the Texans last Saturday. Honestly, not too much to say because this wasn’t a bad game at all by New York. Darnold threw for two touchdowns and 253 yards seemingly finding Robby Anderson a lot in this game. McGuire did decent as well against a heavy run defense getting 42 yards and a rushing score. This week they get Green Bay. This game could be very close actually so don’t assume a blow-out from Green Bay.


Washington Redskins


Previous Rank: 31


Interesting. The Redskins beat the Jaguars last week. Is this going to be the start of a win streak for Washington? Absolutely not. The Jacksonville defense is garbage so it is not surprise that anyone could do well against them; even Josh Jackson who tossed up 151 yards and touchdown to Jeremy Sprinkle. Again this game was terrible and I hated watching it but I love my football. Thursday night with the Titans are in the future of Washington and honestly so is a loss the way Derrick Henry has been running on teams lately.



Oakland Raiders


Previous Rank: 27


You can beat the Steelers, but you can’t beat the damn Bengals?! A lopsided affair is what I would describe this week for the Raiders. On one hand their offense was actually pretty good. Jordy Nelson saw a lot more action and Derek Carr did decent enough to try to keep them in the game. The defense was just awful in this game. Even though they intercepted Driskel and held him at 130 yards passing, it was the run game that killed them in this one. Joe Mixon did what he wanted when he wanted rushing for 129 yards and two touchdowns. This week Oakland meets up with Denver for Monday night and if they can fix the run defense it will be close, but if they don’t Lindsay and Freeman will eat them alive.



Cincinnati Bengals


Previous Rank: 29


Well I’ll be damned. Cincinnati actually won a game. Granted I guess a blind squirrel will find a nut every once in a while, but I digress. The offense did well enough to conquer one of the worst teams in the NFL and move up two spots because of it. Mixon was the star here becoming a rushing machine tearing down anyone that got in his path. However, they get the divisional Cleveland Browns this week. They got creamed by them the first time and honestly I expect a loss again especially being that the Browns are on a two game winning streak. That is so weird to say but it will be three wins after this week, but maybe a lot closer of a game than last time.



Carolina Panthers


Previous Rank: 22


The Carolina Panthers have officially hit rock bottom after a loss to the Saints last Monday night. If you did not think Christian McCaffrey did everything for that team you were mistaken as he go the only touchdown for the team running a trick play and tossing a 50 yarder to Chris Manhertz. He was also the lead rusher and leading receiver in this game. I’ve been saying it the last three or so weeks that without him there is no team. Cam Newton on the other hand played some ugly football and with his shoulder being worse than it was he will be sitting the last two remaining games of the season. This week Atlanta steps up and will most likely beat Carolina taking their losing streak to seven games.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Previous Rank: 23


The Bucs drop two spots after a dominating defeat suffered at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens. The stars of the day came in the form of Peyton Barber who rushed for 85 yards and a touchdown and Mike Evans who caught four receptions for 121 yards. That’s about it though. Winston didn’t play well and neither did the defense. Not much else to say honestly. They play the Dallas Cowboys this week and a win looks to be out of reach for these disintegrating pirates.



San Francisco 49ers


Previous Rank: 28


The 49ers finally did it. They beat Seattle in overtime 26-23 and snapped a ten game losing streak to the blue and green birds. Mullens is actually shaping up to being a decent quarterback over the last couple of weeks as he missed only nine total passes on the day, throwing for 275 yards and a touchdown to Garrett Celek. The special teams and Robbie Gould took care of the rest sending it to overtime and winning off of Gould’s 36 yard field goal. A very impressive win for the 49ers, but the future looks grim as they face the Chicago Bears this week. Pray for Mullens because he is going to need Jesus after the pressure he is going to get from Mack and that defense.



New York Giants


Previous Rank: 19


This was very disappointing. The Giants were shut out by the Titans last week and were eliminated from playoff contention. Manning and the offense just could not click in this game as Eli tossed one interception with no touchdowns to back it up. They once again under-utilized Saquon Barkley as he only carried the ball 14 times for 31 yards. Games were Saquon is not a factor in my mind are automatic losses as this is just stubborn to do. Eli should not have to pass the ball 44 times in a game ever. Beckham was out for the 2nd game which also did not help their cause. The defense is the real one to blame here though as they let Derrick Henry carry the Titans to victory with Mariota barely passing at all. This week they get a challenging task against the Colts in which they could redeem themselves, but it is very unlikely at this point.



Detroit Lions


Previous Rank: 21


The Lions drop down a spot after taking a loss to the Buffalo Bills. With this they are now eliminated from playoff contention. Stafford tossed a touchdown for the first time in a long time and 208 yards through the air. Most of these went to Golladay (146 to be exact) as they relied on passing when needed. Zach Zenner got his second rushing touchdown in two weeks. Other than that not to much to be impressed with them. They face the Vikings this week and it looks bleak for Detroit.



Buffalo Bills


Previous Rank: 25


The Bills jump up four spots after a win against the Lions last week. Josh Allen continues to impress me, but this week it was with his arm and not his legs. He threw a nice 42 yard touchdown to Robert Foster who is becoming Allen’s favorite target for long distance throwing. Also with this win the Bills were able to eliminate the Lions from playoff contention. The defense could have done better in this game letting Stafford get his first touchdown in a while and 146 yards in the air to Kenny Golladay. This week they get a very angry Patriots team who have now lost two in a row. Allen will be put to the test to try to give the Pats their third consecutive loss.



Atlanta Falcons


Previous Rank: 24


The Falcons finally won a game. Granted it was against the worst team in the NFL; the Cardinals, but a win is a win. Ryan played well tossing two touchdowns and 231 yards to Julio Jones and Justin Hardy. The defense stepped up as well picking off Rosen twice, one of those going back for a pick six. Tevin Coleman also had a very productive day rushing for 145 yards on 11 carries with a rushing score to boot. They take on the Panthers this week and it looks like the Falcons will be on a two game winning streak as long as they can stop Christian McCaffrey.



Miami Dolphins


Previous Rank: 18


The Dolphins got beat and got beat badly last week against Minnesota. The passing game was ineffective against their defense as Tannehill threw for only 108 yards. The surprise factor came in the form of Kalen Ballage who rushed for 123 yards with 75 of those yards coming on one run with a rushing score. Their defense although intercepting Cousins once failed to stop Dalvin Cook on the ground. It was an ugly day as they gave up 41 points to the Vikings. They might find bliss this holiday season though as they face Jacksonville this week which is shaping up to being a low scoring affair with the Dolphins coming out on top.



Denver Broncos


Previous Rank: 17


Denver once again came up short last week falling to the Cleveland Browns. Case Keenum threw two interceptions to the Browns defense and the run game was nowhere to be seen as Lindsay only rushed for 24 yards on 14 attempts. Two losses go into a huge factor for this Monday’s game against their divisional rival the Oakland Raiders. I see this game being very close in fact, I only have Denver beating the Raiders by a field goal. Who knows maybe these two losses will spark a fire in Denver that I have yet to see.


Green Bay Packers


Previous Rank: 16


Green Bay takes a step back on the rankings after falling to their divisional rival the Chicago Bears last week. Aaron Jones who has helped with the rushing game so much this season was injured early on in the game and has officially been placed on the injured reserve. With that happening they turned to Jamaal Williams who did rush in for a score. Rodger’s interception less streak did end however with Eddie Jackson picking him off. The defense could not stop the onslaught of Trubisky and the Bears and with that loss they look to avenge it against the New York Jets this week but I see this game being closer than most do.



Philadelphia Eagles


Previous Rank: 20


The Eagles pulled it off and they did it without Carson Wentz at quarterback beating the Rams. Foles did decent throwing 270 yards but sadly throwing an interception. Alshon Jeffery thrived though catching his eight receptions for 160 of those 270 yards. Wendell Smallwood also did well rushing for two scores in this game. The defense was the real key though as they held Jared Goff without a touchdown pass and even though he scored two touchdowns held Gurley to only 48 yards rushing. Can we be seeing the a late run at the playoffs for the Eagles? Time will tell as they take on the Texans this week, but I see them taking a hard fought loss against Houston this week.



Cleveland Browns


Previous Rank: 15


The Browns came away with a close one point deciding victory over Denver. Baker threw two touchdown passes to both Breshad Perriman and Antonio Callaway although tossing one interception on 188 yards through the air. Nick Chubb proved very useful rushing for 100 yards on 20 carries exploiting the terrible rushing defense of the Broncos. The Browns look to try to claim a run at the playoffs with a hopeful win against the Bengals who they already slaughtered a few weeks ago. Granted I believe this game will be closer but the result will be the same with Cleveland taking the victory in this one.



Dallas Cowboys


Previous Rank: 7


This game was unacceptable. Before I begin I am not taking anything away from the Colts. They played a very good game against of the NFL’s best defenses. This however is a matter of Dallas being shut out and essentially having the life squeezed out of them with no remorse and just taking it. Everything just went wrong for them in this game. Prescott threw for 206 yards and a pick and Elliot ran for only 87 yards on 18 carries. Cooper was also shut down only catching four balls for 32 yards. He did produce an 11 yard run though which was interesting to see. The defense although was able to slow Luck’s passing was not able to stop Marlon Mack’s rushing onslaught as he rushed for 139 yards and two scores. They get a chance to step back into good graces as they face Tampa Bay this week.



Minnesota Vikings


Previous Rank: 14


The Vikings move up a spot after putting on a clinic against the Dolphins last week. The rushing attack was the weapon of choice as Dalvin Cook put out a heavy stat of two scores and 136 yards as well as catching some passes to go along with his good day. Cousins tossed two touchdowns and 215 yards through the air but again threw an interception. Overall, it was a very good day for Minnesota and good news looks to follow them as they get a matchup against the Lions this week.



Tennessee Titans


Previous Rank: 13


The Titans jump up one spot after shutting out the Giants last week. They knew as soon as they started playing what they were going to attack with and that was the ground game. Derrick ran 33 times for 170 yards on the ground and had two rushing touchdowns to go along with it. Mariota passed when he needed to only putting 88 yards through the air. The defense did amazing as well shutting down Barkley in the running game and intercepting Eli through the air. This week they take on the Redskins which they will most likely win and try to keep their playoff hopes in place.



Seattle Seahawks


Previous Rank: 9


The Seahawks drop out of the top ten after an overtime loss to their divisional opponent; the San Francisco 49ers. There was no excuse for this loss but Seattle fell victim to defeat this week. The offense played very well with Wilson throwing for 237 yards and two touchdowns to Doug Baldwin. Chris Carson again did well in the running game rushing for 119 yards and a rushing touchdown. It was the defense that choked on this one allowing the game to get away from them and sending it to overtime and then allowing the 49ers to get the winning field goal. It may only get worse as they have to attempt to knock off the Kansas City Chiefs this week in which I have a close score but still have them falling to the Chiefs 27-24.



Baltimore Ravens


Previous Rank: 12


The Ravens fly into the top ten after a victory against the Buccaneers last week. With the emergence of Lamar Jackson it remains to be seen if they honestly keep Joe Flacco around. Since Jackson’s start they have won four of their last five games with their only loss coming at the hands of the Chiefs. He did throw only 131 yards and a five yard touchdown against a terrible Bucs passing defense, but they hammered the running game again and it proved to be effective once again. Gus Edwards finally scored a rushing touchdown after multiple weeks without one and 104 yards on the ground. Jackson also rushed well going for 95 yards on 18 carries but coughed up a fumble. They get their toughest challenge yet this week as they face the Los Angeles Chargers this Saturday night. I have this game surprisingly at a one point difference at 24-23 but with the Chargers coming out on top.



Pittsburgh Steelers


Previous Rank: 11


As a Steeler fan this was such an amazing moment to witness as the Steelers in what seems like forever finally defeated the New England Patriots. It wasn’t by much though as the score was only 17-10. That is saying a lot though as a defense who has struggled constantly held Brady and the Pats to 10 points. Ben did toss two touchdowns and two picks but Jaylen Samuels ran for 142 yards and crucified the Pats defense. They snapped a three game losing streak and this week they get perhaps their toughest opponent yet in the Saints in the dome. Tho will be a stomach churning close game but will be a good one to watch at the same time.



Indianapolis Colts


Previous Rank: 10


The Colts jump up two spots after shutting out the Dallas Cowboys last week. This wasn’t the best day for the throwing of Andrew Luck as he just tossed 192 yards without a touchdown or interception. This game was strictly used for the run game as Marlon Mack had his highest rushing game of his entire career with 139 yards and two touchdowns. The defense played all out against the Cowboys allowing no points and intercepting Prescott once and holding Elliot to under 90 yards rushing. This week they get the Giants who were also shut out last week in which will hopefully be a good contest.



Houston Texans


Previous Rank: 8


The Texans move up a spot after a close but hard fought victory over the Jets. They would have moved up more but they gave the Jets a game that they actually thought they had a chance of winning. In fact that Jets we’re winning this game until about two minutes left in the game. Plus the running game for the Texans come again into question as Watson was once again the lead rusher for the team. I feel honestly like they played down to their competition this week and even with a win it’s a concern. They get the Eagles this week and they can’t afford for this game to get away from them.



New England Patriots


Previous Rank: 4


The Patriots slide down two spots in the rankings after their second consecutive loss, this one coming from the Steelers a team they were 11-2 with Tom Brady at quarterback. Tom Brady threw one touchdown and one pick in this game totaling out to 279 passing yards. The run game was bad here and could not get more than 60 yards rushing. This team seemed off this week but they get Buffalo this week and look to try to turn their bad luck around.



Los Angeles Rams


Previous Rank: 3


The Rams also drop two spots after a bad performance against the Eagles last week. The Rams offense and defense were both stunned as the Eagles running game dashed through their leaky defense and the offense was piss poor though the air and half decent on the ground. Goff threw 53 times and completed 35 of them for 339 yards and a pick. Gurley is now day to day after an injury scare kept him out of the game for a bit. He did return and had two rushing touchdowns with 48 yards and was also the leading receiver with 10 total catches. They almost came back but it was close but no cigar. They do get a very easy challenge against the Cardinals this week. They might even sit some of their starters who will probably still beat Arizona.



Chicago Bears


Previous Rank: 6


The Bears jump up two spots after claiming victory over the Packers last week. The offense and defense both excelled here in this contest with the defense getting a Rodgers interception and on the offensive side Trubisky tossed two touchdowns and 235 yards while only missing eight throws. Howard also hit redemption last week with 60 yards on the ground. This week Chicago gets a match with the 49ers so prepare for the defense to overwhelm Mullen’s completely.



Kansas City Chiefs


Previous Rank: 2


The Chiefs fall down one spot after falling to the Los Angeles Chargers in a high stakes matchup. The Chiefs had this game in the bag and all they had to do was play defensively or at least keep the ball away from them. Sadly in the last four seconds the Chargers took control and won the game. Machines threw for 243 yards and two touchdowns; one going to Darrel Williams and one went to Demarcus Robinson. Damien Williams also did well filling in running back rushing for 49 yards and two scores while also being the lead receiver beating out Kelce and Hill. They get the Seahawks this week which will shape up to be a challenging game.



Los Angeles Chargers


Previous Rank: 5


The Chargers finally did it. They moved out from the #5 spot and they moved all the way up to #2. They did this by pulling a last second victory over then Chiefs like literally in the last four seconds of the game. They did this without Gordon and they did it with Keenan Allen leaving the game with an injury. Mike Williams saw all of the work catching two touchdowns and rushing in for  another one. Rivers threw two touchdowns and two interceptions all on 313 yards through the air. This was a good game and now the Chargers get a huge defensive challenge in Baltimore but I have the final score being 24-23 Chargers.



New Orleans Saints


Previous Rank: 1


The Saints barely skated by in a low scoring and somewhat boring contest between the Saints and the Panthers. Both of these teams played poorly as Drew Brees tossed an interception with 200 yards. He also tossed a ball that went backwards for two points on a two point conversion. Kamara saved the team with a rushing touchdown and 67 yards on the ground. A challenge awaits them as they face the Steelers at home in what could turn out to be a brutal back and forth contest.

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