The Tanner Pearson Effect

Tanner Pearson has now played six games with the Metropolitan 6th place Pittsburgh Penguins. So let’s take a look at the Pearson effect from his first six games in black and gold.

First the Penguins record, 2-2-2 now its not great but that is six points and by comparison the six games before it only yielded two points. So this is a good start!

How about Tanner’s stats? Well in six games with the Guins he has three goals, an assist, totalling four points. He is a plus three, averaging fifteen minutes of ice time a night, and has seventeen hits. Oh and lets not forget the ten shots he has hurled on goal.

Now here comes the true test the dreaded Corsi numbers! He is at 44% corsi which puts him at the low end of the spectrum of the Penguins, but Corsi is a stat that is more telling with more games.

So lets be more specific, how about his Corsi during that big 4 to 2 win over Columbus. Well Tanner Pearson Corsi was a 4. Only Letange, Guentzel, and Crosby had a higher number. He was tied with Evgeni Malkin and a full point higher the Phil Kessel. He also generated about two minutes less then the Superstars. He also fired three shots on net with one of them finding the back of the cage.

So what do all these fancy numbers tell us? Regular stats suggest he is clicking immediately in this Penguins lineup. Corsi numbers would suggest he is helping the Malkin line maintain possession of the puck and generate good scoring chances. It also suggest that the change of scenery has done wonders for the winger.

I’m not saying that Carl Hagelin was a bad player or that he couldn’t produce at this rate along Malkin and Kessel. What I am suggesting is this. The departure of K(Ch)ris Kunitz left a hole that was never addressed, and perhaps that hole is bigger than the one a Carl Hagelin leaves.

Could it be that a new player wearing the once iconic number fourteen could be filling that hole for the Penguins? Could it be that Tanner Pearson’s arrival in Pittsburgh has solved a problem we didn’t even know we had? Maybe, just maybe Old Jim Rutherford is onto something.

Until next time keep your stick on the ice – Johnny V.

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