Arizona Cardinals


Previous Rank: 29


Simply put; you lose to the worst you become the worst. The cardinals fall victim to a last second loss over the Oakland Raiders. This game at times was very pointless to watch but I did see a couple of things while watching.  One, Josh Rosen is going further down the chain after throwing two picks to a horrible Raiders defense and two, stop David Johnson you stop this offense.



Oakland Raiders


Previous Rank: 32


Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. The Raiders actually won a game. Now I do want to point out that I actually had the Raiders winning this game. They achieved victory off a 35 yard field goal from Carlson. Carr did not play that bad but they did lose Brandon LaFell for the season who just started to make an impact in Oakland.



New York Jets


Previous Rank: 31


The Jets move up a spot in our rankings due to the Cardinals dropping and Raiders rising. They come off of their bye with a daunting task; they get the New England Patriots who are also coming off a bye. If they play the way they did last week we can see the Jets tumble down the rankings again.



San Francisco 49ers


Previous Rank: 30


As with the Jets, the 49ers move up due to changes in the bottom of our power rankings. They get the opportunity to potentially beat a vulnerable Buccaneers team has struggled defensively this season. Like I said before this team is riddled with injuries including Garoppolo who was their key piece of offense. Do not overlook George Kittle and Marquise Goodwin in this game. They will be the difference makers.



Buffalo Bills


Previous Rank: 28

The Buffalo Bills do not make any movement on the rankings coming off of their bye. Whether or not they start Allen or Barkley this week remains to be seen although if Allen logs a full practice he will most likely start. The problem is this; they get the Jaguars. After blowing a lead and a victory to the Pittsburgh Steelers expect this team to get hit hard from a very angry frustrated Jaguars team.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Previous Rank: 27


Some of you might be saying the Buccaneers lost why did they not move down. Truthly, they almost won this game. Fitzmagic is officially over after Fitzpatrick tossed three interceptions to the Giants. The Buccaneers had a shot when they benched him and put in Jameis Winston. With the constant changing of quarterbacks however it is hard to trust what the Buccaneers will be down the line as they get the 49ers this week.



Jacksonville Jaguars


Previous Rank: 25


The Jacksonville Jaguars have got to be kicking themselves for this one. They had this game but the Steelers pulled off a huge victory. This Jacksonville team has been angry and frustrated as they continue to lose the momentum they had from last year. They have now lost six in a row. The return of Fournette does offer to take some pressure off of Blake Bortles but Bortles passed for a total of 104 yards, got sacked six times and fumbled. They get the Bills this week and honestly it is really up in the air if the offense (aside from Fournette) comes and plays like this.



Philadelphia Eagles


Previous Rank: 21


Wow and we thought this team could not get any worse. They got blown out worse from the Saints then when the Saints played Cincinnati. This team did not show up to play this week. We saw the worst game virtually of Carson Wentz’s career as he threw for only 156 yards while also tossing three interceptions. It is fit to assume that them winning the Super Bowl last year was a fluke as the former champs continue  



New York Giants


Previous Rank: 26


Whew the Giants almost did not have this one. Luckily for them they have one of the best running backs in the league in Saquon Barkley. Three total touchdowns for that man including 142 yards on the ground. Another impressive stat. Eli Manning was 17 for 18 passing. This week the Giants get a shot at redemption against the struggling Eagles in a divisional matchup that I cannot wait to watch.



Cincinnati Bengals


Previous Rank: 24


The Bengals had every opportunity to capitalize on the first start of Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson. Sadly that just wasn’t the case. True he threw for only 150 yards and an interception but he also ran all over this defense with 117 yards on the ground. They rallied back and almost came up with a victory but just fell short. The Bengals couldn’t get the run game going which added more pressure for Andy Dalton who still against a good defense threw two touchdown passes. They get the Browns this week which looks to be an interesting matchup in the AFC North.



Miami Dolphins


Previous Rank: 23


I really did not want to move the Dolphins up this week but sadly I have to. Not much here to say than last week. They come off of their bye week and go up against the Colts this week which will not be anything good for the Dolphins as the Colts have been red hot lately.



Atlanta Falcons


Previous Rank: 19


What a fall from grace the Atlanta Falcons have been. They lose back to back weeks. Two weeks ago the Browns and now last week the Cowboys. We see now how the defense is causing problems for this team giving so many yards to teams per game. The Atlanta offense was alright this game. Matt Ryan threw for 291 yards one touchdown to Julio Jones and an interception. The other problem and I hate to say it is that Ryan goes too much to Jones and defenses realize it. He has found Austin Hooper recently but he needs to trust the rest of his team if they have any shot at knocking off the Saints this week.



Detroit Lions


Previous Rank: 24


The Lions move up four spots after sliding away with a victory over the Carolina Panthers. However, the Lions have lost a crucial player in the sensational Kerryon Johnson. There is no time table for when he will back which means we now rely on Matt Stafford and like I said last week I just do not have enough faith in him. He did throw a touchdown pass to Kenny Golladay but only 220 yards which might seem like a good amount but the arm of Stafford has been known to throw for a lot more than that. They get the Bears this week in what is shaping up to be a good Thanksgiving matchup.



Washington Redskins


Previous Rank: 14


If you did not see the horrible injury Alex Smith suffered in this game I would advise you to stay away from watching it if you are squeamish cause it was awful to watch. And just like it is game over for Alex Smith this season it is the final knife in the coffin of the Washington Redskins. Injuries have plagued this team since the beginning and now with the loss of their starting quarterback they now have to rely on Colt McCoy and the newly acquired backup Mark Sanchez. No thank you.



Cleveland Browns


Previous Rank: 18


The Browns remain intact at the #18 spot following their bye week. They come off now with a matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals. If the Browns win they have a good shot at actually of getting out of last place in the AFC North division for the first time in a long time. If Baker and Chubb play like they did against the Falcons than they should have no problem of sweeping the Bengals this week.



Tennessee Titans


Previous Week: 13


I don’t even know what to do with this team. One week they can be on top of the world beating and embarrassing one of the greatest teams in the NFL in the Patriots and this week just get completely blown out by the Colts. It all hangs on Mariota who had to leave the game with the same elbow injury that bothered in the beginning of the season. If he stays out or in going forward with that injury it’s going to be rough for the Titans.



Denver Broncos


Previous Week: 20


I made a prediction that the Denver Broncos would upset the Chargers and they would win by a point. Maybe I should just do this for a living. The game in my mind was kind of ugly honestly. Keenum didn’t get intercepted but he also didn’t get a touchdown either. He did make some key throws when needed to and with Freeman back they relied heavy on the running offense with both himself and Lindsay. The defense also helped out by repeatedly sacking Rivers and intercepting him twice. For these accomplishments the Broncos move up four spots.



Dallas Cowboys


Previous Rank: 16


Give the Cowboys some credit here. They managed to beat the Falcons which was a clear cut drag em out brawl. For a lot of this game we saw both teams trade field goals back and forth until the Cowboys got Elliot going in the running game. He straight up gashed this defense with almost 5 yards per carry. Although Prescott did not make a passing touchdown in this game, he rushed in for a score himself and didn’t turn the ball over. It’s scary to think how this upcoming week the Cowboys could be leading the division with a win over Washington.



Green Bay Packers


Previous Rank: 11


I am done with this Packers team. There I said it. The confusing ways in which this team loses continue to puzzle me. This week coach Mike McCarthy decided to give the Seahawks back the ball with about 4 minutes left in the game and they never saw the ball again. Let Rodgers take control. He himself is not escaping criticism as he has developed the Matt Ryan syndrome which is throwing the ball to the same receiver over and over again. Besides running the ball with Jones and throwing it to Jones on screens. Rodgers threw ten receptions to Adams which made it predictable. He does not trust any of his other receivers and that’s bad and they also lost Graham to a broken thumb which doesn’t help.



Seattle Seahawks


Previous Rank: 15


As Derrik says the Seahawks give him headaches. Well this week they were giving their hometown something to cheer for as they knocked off the Packers this week. Russell Wilson and the running power in this game was too much for the Packers to handle as they move up while the Packers slide down.



Indianapolis Colts


Previous Rank: 17


The Colts move up five spots on our rankings this week and it is not hard to see why. By absolutely obliterating the Titans we see that the Colts are finally being recognized as a team to be threatened by. Since he came back Andrew Luck has put this team on his back and carried them through the year. It is also very nice to see T.Y. Hilton at his best again with Luck behind the command. This week they get the Dolphins which should be a no brain win if they do it right.



Houston Texans


Previous Rank: 10


Okay I can hear you saying the following to me; Austin the Texans won so why are they down a spot. Very simple boys and girls this game was close and it shouldn’t have been. Alex Smith got injured and they let Colt McCoy come in and throw a touchdown on their defense. Watson also threw two interceptions to go along with this touchdown. When I said wait and see how good they are against good teams I meant that. What we got was playing down to the level of competition.



Baltimore Ravens


Previous Rank: 12


The Ravens surprised me a little bit last week. The fact that a quarterback carried the ball 27 times and got 117 rushing yards baffles me. I knew when Lamar Jackson started we were going to get a different type of offense but it’s almost like I didn’t see a pass until the 2nd quarter from them. It worked though as they put up over 200 yards on the ground and 150 some yards through the air against the Bengals. The rookie gets the victory and could again this week against the vulnerable Oakland Raiders.



Minnesota Vikings


Previous Rank: 8

The Vikings slide down a spot in the rankings and it was easy to see why. Kirk Cousins wasn’t very good out there. In the first half he only had thrown for about 40-50 passing yards and an interception. He then threw another one to start the 2nd half and only rallied at the end of the game. Cool didn’t rush well and Bears peered into the soul of this Vikings team and ripped their hearts out.



Carolina Panthers


Previous Rank: 7


The Carolina Panthers lose a heartbreaker here to the Detroit Lions. It is there own fault though as they aimed to go for the win instead of sending it into overtime. Cam Newton also avoided what looked like to be a horrible injury and came back to the game. They also finally seemed to discover the usage of D.J. Moore who was stunning in this game. They get the Seahawks this week which looks to be an interesting matchup.



Chicago Bears


Previous Rank: 9


The Bears are the real deal. I don’t care what you say. This game was all about defensive domination as Mack was on a complete roll. The defense intercepted Cousins twice and sacked him a good bit as well. The offense struggled in this game near the end as Trubisky was intercepted twice as well but look for the Bears to keep rolling against the Lions.



New England Patriots


Previous Rank: 6


The Patriots keep their same spot as they emerge from their bye week. Tom Brady hasn’t been the great goat he’s been made out to be this season but hey get a nice matchup in the New York Jets this week. Normally these matches are pretty close but the way the Jets are playing, I predict a completely one sided affair in favor of the Patriots.



Los Angeles Chargers


Previous Rank: 4

Last week I was raving that the Chargers were the dark horse team to beat. You have to see how divisional games work though as I predicted this game to the brim and Rivers just did not play well in this game throwing two picks to go along with the touchdowns he threw. His experience should have played a vital part in this game but sadly this was not the case. They do get an easy matchup with the Cardinals this week so maybe the team can redeem themselves.



Pittsburgh Steelers


Previous Rank: 5


The Steelers just love to give you a heart attack. Through most of this game Ben was struggling throwing 3 interceptions and just struggling to find receivers as well as forcing the ball to Antonio Brown. Then out of nowhere Ben threw two touchdowns as well as running one in to steal the game away from the Jaguars. The Steelers have now won six games straight and now get the Denver Broncos this week which I will watch and document in great detail as I believe the running game for the Steelers gets a lot better this game.



Kansas City Chiefs


Previous Rank: 2

This game was absolutely one for the ages and Kansas City did not disappoint. Patrick Mahoney set career highs for himself throwing six touchdowns and over 470 passing yards. The offense played lights out as the stars shined in this game from Hill to Hunt to Kelce to Conley. They all played spectacularly. Even the defense stepped up and got points for the Chiefs as well. Where this game differed however was the carelessness with the ball by Mahomes. The last two interceptions he threw where thrown in the air with no target in mind and he fumbled twice. This team in my mind should have won this game.



Los Angeles Rams


Previous Rank: 3


Well I’ll admit it. I had the Chiefs in this game and they surprised me. 54-51 as the final score. Just an incredible sight to see. The defense was the real MVP of this game particularly Aaron Donald and Marcus Peters. 3 interceptions on the day and two fumble recoveries two of those five turnovers going back for scores. Goff also played very well in this game throwing for four touchdowns and over 400 yards. The two things that I would comment on would be the under usage of Todd Gurley and the questionable playing calling at times by Sean McVay.



New Orleans Saints


Previous Rank: 1


Well I thought the Saints couldn’t get any better and then just like that they completely spank the former Super Bowl champs by 41 points. This team is unbeatable at the moment and honestly without any bias attached I firmly believe that this year the Super Bowl will be the Saints vs the Steelers (I also predicted that last year). There’s not much to say honestly Brees is incredible, the running and receiving game is amazing and the defense is stepping up. Good luck to anyone that thinks they can overthrow them. Sorry Falcons but I doubt it is you this week.